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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
21.04.2010 2nd Motocross Championships-race in Swakopmund - Results
When I heard that Obeco and Southey were combining to host the 2nd leg of the MotoX and QuadX championship I knew I’d better go and check it out. I’m glad I did because it turned out to be a Dirt Bike Bonanza of note.
When I got there I couldn’t believe my eyes. Rudi Brand and his team from the coast had designed an incredible track. They had a jump there that was only slightly smaller than Dune 7. And the rest of the track was way out there. I mean Xtreme radical.
Because of the very technical nature of the track only the very best available quad riders in Namibia were invited to participate. Immediately you can see why these riders are considered the best. In the men’s class there were only five riders but they lap so fast, it seemed like there were fifty. After the bar bashing, fender bending action was over, it was Kirsten Spangenberg who won followed by Billy Heigan and Zirk Jansen.
The King of the Quads was closely fought with Ronnie Adams winning, Kirsten second and Billy third.
Then there were the chicks. Wait for it. Chicks on quads. Can you believe it? And these girls fly. If you think the Super 14 is exciting you’re wrong. If you think watching two chicks dressed in bikinis and covered in oil wrestling each other is exciting you’re wrong. Nothing compares to chicks on quads. Believe me.
They have a rhythm section in the track with a lot of ramps built next to each other. The chicks are supposed to ride over this section. But not these chicks. Nah ah. They take off the first ramp and gap it right over to the next. It’s awesome. You must see it to believe it. I wish I could show it to you, but I got so excited I forgot to take photos. I always thought a double was something they served with coke at the bar after the race, but these chicks use a double to get from one end of the rhythm section to the other without hardly touching the ground. Anneke Steenkamp won followed by Maike Bochert and Celene Adams.
It was fantastic to watch young Zaanman Niemand cruise to a victory in her class.
Then there’s the ‘lighties’ on their ‘bonies’. You won’t believe what you’re reading but these oakies fly right over that dune 7 ramp with their little bikes. Take it from me; while these kids are around the future of the Namibian nation is in good hands. These boys have got big kahoonas. There’s one little oak there, Lehan Mostert, he’s so small when he’s finished racing, I think his mom has to take him off the bike and put him back in his pram. And he came third. Tristen Muller won this class, closely followed by Pauli Loots and Lehan.
Unfortunately Mathew Nederlof fell and broke his collar bone in the first heat and Joshua Texeirra broke his arm in the third heat so they couldn’t finish the races. But relax The EMed boys are in town. Before you can say “Band Aid”, the Medical Team had those ‘lighties’ strapped up, stable and sorted. Incredible!
The clubman’s class is for any rider who is mental enough to try this sport. There are big guys and small guys, tall and short, old and young. And they all race together. Hundreds of them. One oakie, Morne Jacobs is so small and his bike is so big his feet don’t touch the ground. Another rider is an old warhorse, ‘Commando’. He’s a lunatic on a bike. He says after all the dangers he faced during the war nothing compares to the adrenaline trip he gets on his bike. Schalk Louw won the clubmans, followed by Commando and Mark Ratheiser in third.
King of the Dirt Björn Bierbauer
King of the Dirt Björn Bierbauer
The last race of the day is between the MX1 (450cc) and MX2 (250cc) class. These are the big boys. They look like a squadron of Sputniks when they attack that track. One oak is ‘Animal’. He looks like a man but rides like an animal. Another oak Richard Reid is Scottish can you believe it. He must be related to William Wallace, you know that other Scotty that ‘klapped’ all those Englishmen, because he also has a brave heart. But I think he was a little home sick because when he hit dune 7, I thought he was trying to fly home without going through passport control. Unbelievable!
Animal Wise won the MX2 class followed by Jaco Loots and Henry O’Kennedy. Bjorn Bierbauer won the MX1 class followed by Tommi Gous and Frank Klosta. The King of the Dirt is Bjorn, second was Animal and Tommi came in third.
Next time you hear the names Obeco and Southey together in one sentence pay attention or you might miss out on the best adrenaline action available.
To the quad riders who unfortunately missed the cut and weren’t invited, don’t be too despondent. Practice hard and I’m sure you’ll also get good enough to be invited to the next Obeco/Southey Dirt Bike Bonanza.
I can die a happy man . . . Gooses on quads. Awesome man I’m telling you, just awesome.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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