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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
28.04.2010 New Era for Namibian Dirt Bike Riders
After a very positive general meeting at the club on Friday night, those present agreed unanimously to incorporate an EnduroX class at the next MX and QX championship meeting to be held at Gallina on the 22nd of May 2010.
This decision was made on a proposal put forward by ‘Vinnige’ Fanie in an attempt to increase the number of riders at MX events.
A special EnduroX section with obstacles will be added to Gallina MX track. Riders will start from the MX starting gates and follow a short section of the MX track and then onto the enduro section. All racing will take place within the confines of the Gallina MX Park.
A practice heat followed by 2 heats of 15 minutes each will be worked into the daily pro- gram.
The WMCC committee are therefore pleased to invite all interested enduro riders to come and enjoy a day of EX, MX and QX with us. This will be a first and as it is an untested format there may be some growing pains, but depending on the success of the event we would like to see it established into the general program of all future championship events.
Another proposal was also put forward and if possible we would like to hold a RelayX event at Astra Park later in the year. Basically what was discussed was teams made up from a rider of each class – MX1, MX2, MXLites, Quads and so on - drawn randomly from a hat will be given one transponder per team and each rider will race/ride the course laid out for the day. Once he/she crosses the finish line, the transponder must be handed over to the next rider in the team. And so on.
More details about this fun event will be forthcoming at a later stage.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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