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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
19.05.2010 3rd Motocross Championships-race in Windhoek - Preview
Hold onto your seats ladies and gentleman , on Saturday the 22nd of May 2010 the Windhoek Motocross Club will host the third leg of the championship at the Gallina Motocross Park., you may think this is just another day in the dirt but take it from me, this dirt bike stuff is amazing.
These guys and girls are fearless. They’ll ride the wheels off of anything, if the wheels are on the ground long enough. Bikes or quads, makes no difference, if its got wheels it gets ridden if it hasn’t got wheels they’ll nail wheels to it. You won’t believe it until you see it. Super 14 wah, it’s for sissies. Dirt bikes that’s where the real action is.
As if the Xtreme entertainment that the normal motocross and quadcross classes provided at Swakopmund last month wasn’t enough, they’ve added even more spice to the event by including Endurocross. These oaks are going to entertain you by first completing an obstacle course on their bikes and quads, then flying around the motocross track at break neck speeds, then disappearing into the bush for a while only to scare the living daylights out of you by reappearing and doing it all over again. It will be spectacular.
Please come and join us on Saturday for this death defying action at the Gallina Motocross Park 20 kilometres north of Windhoek on the Okahandja road. A TV will be available for those of you that can’t handle the tense action and need to calm their nerves by watching some Super 14 or Oprah, whichever you prefer. Food and drinks will also be available at the beer garden, with DJ CoCo’s music blasting you late into the night.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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