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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
26.05.2010 3rd Motocross Championships-race in Windhoek - Results

Warning!!! Dirt Bike Action is Addictive.

On Saturday the 22nd of May 2010, SternBau and Bothma Roads sponsored the first ever MEQcross championship at the Gallina Motocross Park. I have never seen such death defying, nerve tingling action before in my life. If you think you’re an adrenaline junkie then this is the sport for you. The Motocross and Quadcross action was spectacular as per usual and then they added Endurocross to spice it up even more.
Now I’m not sure where these riders get licenses to participate in this combination of high speed riding and low level flying sport, either at NATIS or Eros airport, one thing I am sure of however is you must have a high degree of insanity to do what they do.
I think they should change the name of the park from Gallina to Ballina, because you definitely need a huge pair to do what these riders do. It is incredible.
What is also incredible is the amount of work the organizers do behind the scenes, to host such an event. People like Danie and Elsabe Jacobs - in fact Danie’s whole family, Tobie and Tannie Tobie Barlow, Thorsten and Immie Sternagel, Paul and Melody Loots from Bike and Quad Clinic, Sakkie Snyman of Snymans Transport and his whole family, Vinnige Fannie and his Enduro Team and the EMed Medical Team. These people put in huge loads of work to make this all possible. What was exceptional on Saturday in particular, was the manner in which problems were solved without wasting time or effort. These people think on their feet. Like combining classes to save time and make for more exciting racing. These small things make a huge difference.
Back to the nail biting action:
In the EX for Bikes Henner Rusch won with Heiko Hennes coming second, Kai Hennes a close third and D Clark in forth. It is important to note here that Henner is a pilot so I think he had slight advantage in the low flying sections of the race track. Henner also used his radio skills to assist Ronnie Adams with the prize giving.
The EX for Quads was won by Jaco Snyman, followed by J Augustyn and E Reed.
This new EX class, where the riders tackle a very difficult obstacle course on their bikes and quads, then tear around the MX track and disappear into the bush then reappear and repeat the entire process, requires a huge amount of fitness and talent, is the brainchild of Vinnige Fannie and which was sponsored by Bothma Roads was a huge success and I believe it will go from strength to strength. Congratulations!
Back on the MX track the Quad Cs was won by Jacque Snyman with Shannon Rowland a close second, Katelyn Liebenberg third and Lothario van Wyk forth.
Quad Ladies, yes you heard right, quad ladies, they also have a wild streak in them. Gents do yourselves a favour, get your wives out of the kitchen and onto the track, you’d be surprised by the amount courage these ladies have got and according to Oprah there is nothing better to spice up a marriage than a bit of dirt bike adrenaline action. The QX for Ladies was won by Anneke Steenkamp; Mandy Huysamen came in second followed by Maike Bochert, Yana de Jesus and Celine Adams.
Jaco Snyman won the Quad A class by followed by Pierce van Wyk, Willem Wessels, Gary Rowland and JL van Wyk.
In the most exciting quad race of the day, Jaco Snyman won the King of the Quads heat. Yes you’re right again; he is the same Snyman that won the EX for Quads and the Quad A class. He is also the same Snyman that prepared the track in his spare time with his dads front end loader. Without this sort of commitment from the riders none of this would be possible. He was followed home by Gogo van Wyk, Anneke Steenkamp and Mandy Huysamen.
In the highly competitive MX Clubman’s class Craig Hearn was followed home by Henner Rusch and Schalk Louw.
The MX Lights class is for ‘lighties’ and you must see the courage these kids have got. It must make their fathers extremely proud to watch their sons fearlessly attack the difficult track. Tristan Muller won this class followed by Pauli Loots, Morne Jacobs, Michael Barlow, Liam Mosterd and Lee Brown. I have no doubt that these boys will grow up to be fine champions one day.
The MX2 250 cc class was won by Animal Wise followed by Henry O’Kennedy and Jaco Loots.
Tommi Gous won the MX1 450cc class with Rudi Brand in second and Frank Klosta in third.
Animal won the King of the Dirt with Rudi Brand second and Tommi Gous third.
Everybody knows that SternBau are the best home renovators in Namibia and Bothma Roads are the best roads construction company in Namibia and together with the Windhoek Motocross Club they are paving the way for the Dirt Bike Stars of the future.
I for one cannot wait for the next round of MEQcross that will be held at the Gallina Motocross Park on the 12th of June 2010. Please make sure you don’t miss it either.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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