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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
13.07.2010 5th Motocross Championships-race in Gobabis - Results

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Business Community of Gobabis make me very proud to be a Namibian citizen. Using very limited resources at their disposal, they managed with cooperation and hard work, to host the 5th leg of the Windhoek Motocross Championship on Saturday.
This may not sound like much to you but believe me you had to be there to appreciate the full effort that they made to make it a huge success. I have been to MX championships all over Namibia and South Africa, I’ve even been to an International Grand Prix at Sun City where they have millions of dollars to host such events, but nothing comes close to what the Cattle Country Business Community presented us with on Saturday. From the car guards to the race officials from the water boys to the 'pannekoek' girls, it was the greatest.
As usual racing was of the highest standard. These fearless boys and girls are a sight to behold.
Victorious in the Quad C’s was Jaques Snyman followed by Katelynne Liebenberg and Lothario van Wyk in third.
The thrilling Quad Ladies was won by Anneke Steenkamp, Maike Bochert finished second and Celine Adams was third and Yana de Jesus came in a close forth.
In the Quad A’s the appearance of international star Dirkie Baard was a special treat. But the class was won by a tenacious Goggo van Wyk; Dirkie very sportingly lent his quad to Jaco Snyman for the third heat, so they finished second and third respectively. Willem Wessels and Gary Rowland kept them honest all day long.
The congested King of the Quads was won by Jaco Snyman. Goggo van Wyk ended second and wait for it. Yes the chicks did it again. Anneke Steenkamp completed the podium. It should be made clear here that these quad classes all race together and if you consider the age and size of the Quad C’s vs. the other classes, you should realize that it takes tremendous courage from these youngsters to do what they do.
The first class in the bike category is the Clubmans and here I would be at fault if I didn’t pay tribute to the courage of these riders as well. It is usually beginners or older riders that participate and believe me it is terrifying just watching them never mind taking part, so take your hats off to them. Schalk Louw took the honours in this class; the old Warhorse Jose Texeira was second and Tony Viljoen third. Rui Passano all the way from Ondagwa fell in the first heat and badly broke his collar bone. Kudos to the EMed medical team that took care of him and we wish him a fast recovery.
Unfortunately in the MXLites category young Liham Mostert’s bike packed up in the first race so his long trip all the way from Swakopmund was very disappointing, especially after he looked so comfortable on the bike during practice. I’m sure we have a star of the future in this young rider. You have to compliment the dedication of these riders and their parents who travel so far in pursuit of the sport. Another such case is Tristan Muller and his dad Jaco from Okahandja, who had to change their arrangements on the spur of the moment to make it to the event.
Tristan won this class with Pauli Loots second and Joshua Texeira third.
The MX2 class was won by Animal Wise, Jaco Loots had a storming day in second and Ruhan Gous followed up his class act from the last event in Windhoek in third.
Other riders that need to be mentioned are the evergreen Ronnie Adams, Henry O’Kennedy, Rudolf Steyn from Gobabis and Michael Behnke all the way from Swakopmund.
The MX1 class was won in fine fashion by Tommi Gous, Bjorn Bierbrauer was second and Rudi Brand from Swakopmund put in another fine performance in third. A rider who’s name I fail to mention every time but who certainly deserves it, is JP Hugo. JP is still in second place in the MX1 championship and for a beginner I believe that is not bad. There is still a lot of talent he can show us with a little more experience.
Tommi Gous won the King of the Dirt, Animal Wise was second and Ruhan Gous third.
There were number of outstanding performances this weekend; Goggo’s tenacity in the quads, Anneke’s third place in the King of the Quads, Animals 1st place overall in the second heat of the combined MX1 and MX2 heat, but ultimately if I were the judge on the day and I had to pick a winner, that winner would be all of us, as a nation. We as Namibian’s proved that we can do the almost impossible. From almost nothing with almost nothing we distinguished ourselves. We can do it.
It just took the Gobabis Business Forum with cooperation from their Municipality and the hard work of their people to point it out.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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