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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
24.08.2010 6th Motocross Championships-race in Windhoek - Results

Round One of the Namibian National Motocross Championship

On Saturday the 14th of August 2010, tens of thousands of spectators waited patiently at the gate of the Gallina Motocross Park in anticipation for the 2010 Namibian National Motocross Championship to get under way.
Tommi Gous
Tommi Gous
There were eventually so many spectators on the Waldschmidt Eggs Farm that Mr. Waldschmidt had to move some of his chickens to make place for everybody. Believe me, after the day’s entertainment was done me these people didn’t leave disappointed.
When the action started it was bar banging fender bending rip roaring racing like you have never seen before in your life. I cannot believe that there is more adrenaline packed entertainment available to man anywhere on the planet. Sheer speed and courage was the order of the day. From the youngest of the fairer sex to the oldest of the ‘hardebaarde’. The skill and genius of each rider is awesome. Words cannot describe it.
The Junior quads started tearing up the track early and although Jaque Snyman was in a class of his own, the action behind him was incredible. Lothario van Wyk finished second and Shannon Rowland was third, and it was between Lothario, Shannon, Lian Brown and Katelyn Liebenberg where the real racing took place. They were swapping places at every corner. Unbelievable!
Maike Bochard
Maike Bochard
The Ladies quads was won by Anneke Steenkamp followed by Maike Bochard and Celine of the Adams family in third. It seems that 4 wheels are not enough for Celine; she decided she needs a 5 wheeler.
Jaco Snyman reigned supreme in the Open quads but the introduction of the Ecki Spoerer from Tsumeb was a pleasant injection that breathed even more fire into this already volatile class. Goggo van Wyk came in third.
Goggo Van Wyk
Goggo Van Wyk
Jaco also won the King of the Quads, Ecki was second and Goggo third.
It never ceases to amaze me when I see the youngsters in the MXLites class flying over the track. They have unbelievable guts to pilot those machines at that speed. Tristan Muller from Outjo won in true championship fashion but Pauli Loots nearly stuck it him in the second heat. Joshua Texeira was third followed by Michael Barlow and Lee Brown. Michael and Lee are surely great champions of the future.
Schalk Louw from Swakopmund is a fine example of the dedication that it takes to be a dirt bike rider in Namibia. He is at every event regardless of how far he has to travel and the expenses he has to pay to participate. Others like him are the Spoerer family all the way from Tsumeb, the Muller family from Outjo and the Steyns from Gobabis. Thank you for your commitment.
Schalk won the Clubmans class followed by Tony ‘Joker’ Viljoen and Ben Visser in third.
Animal Wise
Animal Wise
The MX2 250 class was a runaway victory by Animal Wise, Ruhan Gous maintains his fine form in second and Jaco Loots came in third.
The MX1 450 class was won by Bjorn Bierbrauer in style, Henry O’Kennedy was second and Tommi Gous completed the podium.
Bjorn Bierbrauer
Bjorn Bierbrauer
The King of the Dirt was won by Bjorn on his 450 followed by Animal and Ruhan on their 250s.
After the dust had settled and before DJ CoCo started blasting us late into the night I sat back and tried to sum up the days explosive action. Over and above all the fantastic skill, talent and courage on display, the following things stand out that made the day even more special:
  1. The hours of hard work put in by the Barlows family, the Jocobs family, the Loots family and the Snyman family. I don’t want to think of what it costs them financially, but it must be a fortune.
  2. Although Jaque Snyman ran away with the junior quads, you should have seen the racing between the others just behind him. It was unbelievable. I am sure if I was a parent of any of those riders I would not have been able to watch. Its scary stuff man. Real scary.
  3. Morne Jacobs fighting spirit in the second heat of the Clubmans. For a newcomer to the sport and racing amongst riders that have been around for a while now, he displayed skill and courage.
  4. Joker’s come from behind charge in the second heat of the Clubmans.
  5. Ben Visser’s hole shot and lead for almost the entire race in the 2nd Clubmans heat. That was great to see.
  6. All differences set aside in the King of the Dirt the race between Ruhan and Tommi was something to behold. I am sure the thousands of supporters that were present, will not forget that race in a while. You will have to travel far and wide and pay thousands of dollars to see that sort of action.
Unless of course you happen to be in Swakopmund on the 11th of September 2010 when the next explosive dirt bike action will take place. Don’t miss it people or believe me you will regret it for the rest of your life.
If you happen to boil, fry, scramble or even eat a raw Waldschmidt egg in the near future you may feel a certain zest for life that you haven’t felt in a while. That’s because these are energy eggs. Have another one. These eggs come from motocross pedigree chickens. The best in the world.
Author: Bobby Wise ... [back]
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