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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
07.10.2010 Namibian Championship Round 2 - Results

Bierbrauer wins Bike & Quad Trophy

During the Bike & Quad Clinic race-day Björn Bierbrauer proved that he is presently in top form. Björn won the Bike & Quad trophy heats with a maximum number of points and also excelled in the highlight of the day, the “Bike & Quad Clinic King of the Dirt” race.
But let’s start with the youngsters of the MX-Lites Class. Tristan Muller once again proved how ambitious he is in becoming the 2010 Champion. He won on maximum number of points ahead of compatriote Pauli Loots, who showed some dare-devil jumps at the big “Table” in front of the grandstand. Pauli in second, ahead of Joshua Teixeira, Michael Barlow and in their shadow Kenny Grobler.
Pauli Loots vs Tony Viljoen
Pauli Loots vs Tony Viljoen
In the supporting programme races were held in the Clubmen’s Class. After a holeshot by Jose Teixeira (owner of Muxima-Honda Racing Team), Schalk Louw came to the conclusion that he would have only one chance against Teixeira and that would be at the “Double”. Two laps to go and while Teixeira rolled the Double, Louw jumped it and passed Teixeira. This boosted the confidence of Louw to such an extend that in the following heats he built up pressure behind Teixeira and Jose gave in, settling for overall second. Pauli Loots was also able to beat Jose in heat number three and thus became overall third ahead of Tony Viljoen and Ben Visser. After six years working in Germany for BMW, Siggy Pack, back in Namibia, felt that itching in his gas-hand and gave it a try and he convinced friends and foes alike with a sensational 8th overall. Enduro-rider Kai Hennes tried his luck in MX as well and finished in the Top-10, well done!
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
The protagonists of moto-x-sport met in the combined MX1/MX2 Class. Heat one: Holeshot for Björn Bierbrauer! While Björn spooled his laps up front, Brannigan “Animal” Wise came last out of the gate and had to plough his way through the field of riders. Lap 3 saw him aleady in 5th position, lap 6 records him in second! Bierbrauer wins ahead of Wise and Tommy Gous. In heat two Bierbrauer once more wins the holeshot, while the race develops in a procession-race. Victory for Bierbrauer ahed of Wise and Gous. The highlight of the day, the Bike & Quad Clinic King of the Dirt, saw Bierbrauer winning the holeshot for a third time, while Tommy Gous found himself in last position after a perfect pirouette in the first bent. Furiously he attacks his opponents, the score-boards note him in lap six in 3rd position already, when fate struck and with technical problems Tommy Gous has to resign. Winner of the big Bike & Quad Trophy is Björn Bierbrauer on the rostrum ahead of Animal Wise and Ruhan Gous.
Brannigan 'Animal' Wise
Brannigan 'Animal' Wise
Action packed sport gets delivered in the Quad-Classes…especially when the Champion of 2009, Michael Behnke decides to give it a try after racing successfully MX2 bikes in the previous races. Back to the roots?
Ecki Spoerer
Ecki Spoerer
As expected Behnke dominates the Quad-A-Class, however he had to swollow defeat by Ecki Spoerer in the second heat. Jaco Snyman establishes himself in third. In the 4-wheeler-highlight “Bike & Quad Clinic King of the quads” Behnke storms to the front and never looks back again, winning in style ahead of Spoerer, Snyman and Gary Rowland. This heat had Whommma!
Michael Behnke
Michael Behnke
Exciting quad-sport was delivered in the Quad-Ladies Class. Anneke Steenkamp collected another “vase” for her silver-collection with a maximum number of points. Celene Adams and Yana de Jesus joined her on the rostrum, while Maike Bochert after her 2nd place in heat two had to park her quad due to technical problems.
Good sport gets offered by the Quad-C-Class. Here is Jaques Snyman the meassure of all things. Jaques won in true style, with a maximum number of points (75) ahead of Katelynne Liebenberg and Shannon Rowland.
An exciting race-day came to its conclusion.
The WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) wants to inform about a novum in the near future. On the Clubs own erf in Olympia (opposite the municipal swimming-pool) the WMCC will develop a brandnew race-track and the opening race in conjunction with the WMCC-Summer-Party will be held on 23rd October. This paper will keep you informed about this exciting development in the weeks to come.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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