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National MX News : Namibian MX Championships
30.03.2011 1st Round WMCC Championship - Results

Tommy Gous winner of the Steel Force Trophy

The working-committee around Tobie Barlow all showed smiling faces after the first "National" of the 2011 season on the new track in Olympia. More then 600 spectators witnessed excellent mx-sport in allmost all classes, with big fields of starters…there was a record turnover behind the bar… the rain only started after the race…and thus a very happy sponsor from Messrs Steel Force, Günther Henle.
Matthew Nederlof
Matthew Nederlof
The class with the biggest field of riders at the gate was the MX-Lites Class (previously known as the 85cc Class), this is a very positive sign for the future of the sport, therefore we put this class in the limelight today: Matthew Nederlof from Swakopmund prooved again that he is the "man" to beat. Right after the start he took the first corner in the lead and he demonstrated excellent riding, extending the gap with every lap.
Joshua Kasera
Joshua Kasera
Behind the leader it was Joshua Kasera in the first heat that showed his mettle in a group of 6 riders with ever changing positions. Marcel Henle was glued to the backwheel of Kasera and was part of the podium in Third, in Heat 1. In Heat Two Nederlof won the holeshot and never looked back. Behind him it was Lee Brown that was handlebar-banging with Nicolai Palmhert, Joshua Kasera and Abel Kasera. This was how they crossed the finish-line. In Heat Three again it was Nederlof who took the lead. Lee Brown had a hard tussle with Marcel Henle, Joshua Kasera and Tom Moths. This class provided excellent racing!
Results: 1. Matthew Nederlof, Swakopmund, 75 points; 2. Lee Brown, Wind- hoek, 62; 3 Joshua Kasera, Windhoek, 60; 4. Marcel Henle, Windhoek, 56; 5. Nicolai Palmhert, Windhoek, 55
Tony Viljoen
Tony Viljoen
The Clubmen’s Class also had a surprise-winner! Joshua Teixeira represented the Muxima-Honda Team and won with a clean-sweep victory on maximum 75 points! Siggy Pack finished overall second with three runner-up positions (66 points), ahead of Tony Viljoen who was the third rider on the rostrum with total 59 points. This category always provides entertaining racing to the delight of the spectators.
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
The protagonists of the Namibian Moto-X sport are to be found in the combined MX1/MX2 Class. Due to other commitments, Jose Teixeira and Björn Bierbrauer represented Namibia at the "Southern Off Road Challenge" in Zambia, and due to some absentees because of injuries this class was small, but nevertheless showed some exciting heats. In Heat I it was Tommy Gous who won the holeshot on his fast Yamaha ahead of Ronnie Adams on his trustworthy Kawasaki and Henry o’Kennedy on the Muxima-Honda. Behind this trio there was a tough battle going on between Mark Sternagel for the first time trying his brandnew KTM 360 ahead of Jaco Loots on the yellow Suzuki. Positions were ever changing. In lap four Sternagel moved in on Gous with Adams in third. In lap 9 Jaco Loots got past his uncle Adams and finished in third behind the winner Gous and Sternagel in second. That was mx-racing, to say it in french "par excellence"!
Mark Sternagel
Mark Sternagel
Heat II: Holeshot for Gous followed by Jaco Loots, Sternagel and Adams. In lap 4 Sternagel got past Loots, Adams still in fourth ahead of little Jaco Muller. Gous again won this heat ahead of Sternagel and Loots.
Tommy Gous
Tommy Gous
Now we come to the highlight of the day, the cruelling "Steel Force King of the Dirt" race over 15 long minutes, the heat that separates men from boys. The gate drops and again it is Tommy Gous up front ahead of Loots, Sternagel, Schalk Louw and Adams. In lap two Adams moves from position 5 to third, excellent move of the "Altmeister"! In lap 6 it is Sternagel who relegates Adams back in fourth. In lap 8 Sternagel goes down and Adams is back in third again. Gous deservedly wins this heat and receives the big "Steel Force Tropy".
Result Steel Force King of the Dirt:
1. Tommy Gous, Novel-Yamaha, Windhoek, 25 points;
2. Jaco Loots, Bike & Quad Clinic Suzuki, Windhoek, 22
3. Ronnie Adams, Bike & Quad Clinic Kawasaki, 20
4. Mark Sternagel, KTM, Windhoek, 19
5. Tristan Muller, Novel-Yamaha, Tsumeb, 18
We must not forget the Quad-Classes who provided excellent entertainment for the many spectators. One person who was out of contention for the past two years, due to a serious fractured leg that created many a problems, is back in the saddle and demonstrated that he’s still got it: Fanie Steenkamp. With a maximum number of 75 points Fanie won the Quad-Senior-Class in style. Behind him it was Gogo van Wyk and Clinton Hilfiker who battled for surpemacy in this class. Especially in Heat two Gogo showed his mettle, when after a crash he had to plough his way throug the field of for-wheelers, you could literally see that he was fuming and managed to finish in excellent fourth.
Gogo van Wyk
Gogo van Wyk
Overall winner with 75 points was Fanie Steenkamp ahead of Clinton Hilfiker (64), Gogo van Wyk (60), Windsor Husselmann (59) and in fifth position we find Michael Kotze.
A strong field of competitors was to be found in the Quads-Ladies Class. As in the previous year it was Anneke Steenkamp who was the girl to beat, well it was Maike Bochert who just did that in Heat three! And it was mandy Huysamen who managed to defeat Anneke in Heat one, but after three Heats it was, as usual, Anneke Steenkamp who jumped the rostrum in first with 69 points ahead of Maike Bochert (67) and Mandy Huysamen in third (65). Celene Adams missed the podium in fourth ahead of Samantha Kotze.
A great raceday came to the end and due to the rainy-weather the prizegiving had to get moved to Kippies-Bar where the "never-ending party" started. This kick-start to the new season promises a good mx-season ahead and with engaged and active supporters, like Messrs Steel Force the WMCC will make for positive headlines also in the years to come.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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