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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
09.10.2006 10th anniversary: Air Namibia Inter-Series 2006
International Moto Cross Racing is coming to Namibia once again this October. Riders from all over Europe as well as southern Africa will converge at the famous Gallina Moto Cross Park outside the capital of Windhoek, on 28th October and 4th November. The "Inter-Series" as it is known all over the world, is an annual opportunity to come together for two weeks of rivalry, socializing and family-fun.
Ten years ago the concept of this event was created by Bernd Kroemer, received with enthusiasm by the Windhuk Moto Cross Club, in this case one must mention Eckhard Waldschmidt, the President of the WMCC in those days, who strongly supported this endeavour and ever since the "Inter-Series" has grown by leaps and bounds.
Ross Branch, Botswana
Ross Branch, Botswana
The titel "Namibia International Champion" has got a very good reputation in mx-circles all over the world and the winner will also receive a cheque for the amount of N$ 8.000, no small feat in this part of the world.
The countdown for this years "Inter Series" has begun and the Windhoek Moto Cross Club is proud to announce top-participants from all corners of this planet. There are riders from Russia, from Belorussia and for the first time from the Czech Republik. There is a big contingent from Germany and of course The Netherlands will be represented plus there will be the British Super-Motard Champion in action. The best riders from Botswana will be here as well as those from Angola, Kenya and Zambia plus the best riders from South Africa proper and of course the "creme de la creme" from host Namibia! All those participants will be introduced in detail in this paper, so please look out!
Karl Stegen, South Africa
Karl Stegen, South Africa
Nightly after the Inter-Series racing, for the 1st time ever, there will be some fun when the mechanics, helpers and fathers jump on a pit-bike to do some infights on the 50cc kiddy-track. This kind of racing is booming world wide and finally also reached Namibia! This race is called “Winston Pit-Bike Clash” and for sure we will see some handlebarbanging throughout!
But that is not all, for the 5th time the WMCC presents the Red Bull X-Fighters Show Namibia with internationally renowned Freestylers from South Africa. It promises to be an awesome aerobatic display with riders soaring their bikes and grabbing “big air” like never seen before. We, the Windhoek Moto Cross Club, pride ourselves as the pioneer promoters of Freestyle motocross in Namibia. No other motorcycle sport in history has transcended as quickly as Freestyle motocross! Freestyle motocross has been pushing the limits on what man and machine can accomplish! You've got to be part of it and see what Freestyle motocross is all about!
Thereafter the youths will dance the night away at the Jägermeister-Party to the tunes of DJ-Coco.
Benjamin Kolberg, Germany
Benjamin Kolberg, Germany
As a bonus, after the Red Bull X-Fighters Show on November 4th, the WMCC offers Windhoek-Youths the gig of the 2006 season, the "Tafel Lager Battle of the Bands" with the best musicians Namibia has to offer, household names like "Mojo Blues Electric Band", "Dylan's Jam Band", "Sense Unknown" and of course the winners of the Namibian Music Award 2006 "Penilane" will rock you till you drop! Power, Speed & Action is the name of the game at Gallina Moto Cross Park on 28th of October and on November 4th. The venue is situated 15 kilometers outside of Windhoek, on the road towards Okahandja. Clear signage lead you to the track … where it all happens!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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