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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
10.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006

Electrolight - Team Kenya

This year Messrs Electrolight Contractors will sponsor Ian Dykes from Kenya. Whenever help is required from Ronnie Ratheiser, proprietor of Electrolight, the doors are wide open!
Ian Dykes just turned 12 years old. He is Kenyan who rides in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. His parents always like to come back to Namibia because they feel this Namibian Inter-Series is unique and special ... and the Namibians know how to party!
Ian Dykes
Ian Dykes
Ian started riding at the tender age of 3 years old and he did his first race in 2001. In that same year Ian won the Grand Palm Super Series in Botswana on a KTM 50cc. In 2002 he rode the AMU All Africa Moto Cross Championship in his native country Kenya where he finished in 9th overall. At the Namibian Inter-Series, that same year Ian finished in 5th spot. With mixed results Ian participated in 4 races of the South African Nationals during the 2002 season.
In 2003 Ian won the 65cc Class Championship in Botswana in the Moto Cross as well as in the Flat-Track category. That same year he participated in the AMU Africa Championships which were held by the Windhoek Moto Cross Club at Gallina Moto Cross Park. Ian finished in 11th spot and thus was the highest placed Kenyan out of a team of 24 riders. Later, at the Namibian Inter-Series, Ian came third in the 65cc Class and in South Africa he finished 9th overall in the 65cc Junior National.
In 2004 Ian broke his collarbone and was sidelined for almost 3 month. He later was selected to represent Kenya at the AMU Championship held in Tunesia that year. Due to the high costs involved Ian had to pull out, but found some conselation by finishing third in the Namibian Inter-Series. In 2005 Ian was back in Namibia and finished the Inter-Series as runner-up in the 65cc Class. Welcome back to Namibia, Ian!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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