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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
10.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006

Radiowave - Team Belorussia

For the last five years already Radiowave is an ardent supporter of the annual Air Namibia Moto Cross Inter-Series. Wherever there is X-tremesport, 96,7-guys are not far off! In the past they even sent a crew to report live from the Gallina Moto Cross Park! Without all those true sponsors and supporters, an event of such magnitude could not be hold anymore.
Tyletski Yaugeny
Tyletski Yaugeny
For the second time a rider from Belorussia will partake at the Namibian Inter-Series. His name is Tyletski Yaugeny. Tyletski's Rider-Profile is one of the shortest ever seen! He was born on 15.11.1989. In 1996 he started with MX-racing. Two years later he made it onto the rostrum, finishing overall 3rd in the Soviet-Championships 80cc Class. The year after, in 1999 he became Russian Champion 80cc. Now Tyletski was relegated to the 125cc Class. Without any problems he accustomed himself with the bigger bike and in his first season already he finished as runner-up in the Russian-Championships 125cc. A year later he became Belorussian-Youth-Champion in that same category. In 2002 Tyletski changed Classes again, this time he raced aboard a Bodo Schmidt KTM in the 250cc Class where he finsihed 4th. The next season he made it onto the pudium with an overall third and that same year he won the Belorussian-Trophy-Championship again in the 250cc category.
In 2004 Tyletski came to Germany to race the 125cc Class for Bodo Schmidt and he had to notice that the German Championships in the 125cc Class are a tough playing field, he only could add to his learning curve. That same year he participated in the Air Namibia Inter-Series where he finished in 9th overall, however it has to be stated that there was some bad luck involved as well. In 2005, still racing in Germany, he managed some Top-15 results. 2006 came the break-through for Tyletski, Top-10 results throughout and he finished the German Championships in overall 5th position, what an accomplishment!
You want to see this exotic rider? Come to the Gallina Moto Cross Park on 28.October for the "Air Namibia – Jägermeister MX Classic" and one week later, on 4th November when the 2nd Leg will be held under the offical name "Air Namibia-Wesbank MX Dash for Cash". And those of you who think MX is not adrenalin-pushing enough, wait for the nightly “Red Bull X-Fighters Show”, where you can witness 100%-Freestyle graze! All this for one price!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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