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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
16.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006

Jägermeister - Team Germany

The distributors of the „Jägermeister“ brand are engaged in mx-racing for the 3rd year already. At Gallina the afterrace-party is traditionally known as the Jägermeister-Party amongst the Windhhoek Youths. In 2006 they even went further and sponsored individual mx-riders like Ronnie Adams, Shawn Bruwer and Jose Teixeira. Jägermeister, being a German product, it was quite obvious that they would become the sponsors of the German-Team.
Gunnar Schuster
Gunnar Schuster
One man that shone already in the past in Namibia is Gunnar Schuster. Gunnar was born on 25 November 1975. With the tender age of 3 years Gunnar started riding motorbikes. In 1988 he started his racing-career and in that same year he finishes 3rd in the Northgerman-Championships 80cc Junior Class. This position he held until the year 1990. The following year he was relegated up to the 80cc Senior Class which he finished in 4th position.
The year 1992 was perhaps the most successful in his long career. Gunnar became GermanChampion 125cc, he finished overall 7th in the German Moto Cross Pokal 125cc and he won the Northgerman-Championship in that year. Later he successfully tried the 250cc Class with mixed results. After finishing his apprenticship as carpenter in 2000 he joined the Moto Cross circus again. In Namibia, partnered by Markus Volz, he won the silver-medal in the nationsrating behind Team Denmark.
The following year Gunnar finished overall 2nd in the Inter-Series, beaten by Dutchman Boyd Karsmakers, by a margin. The year 2003 was supposed to be the year of Gunnar Schuster with an onslaught in the Worldchampionships as well as in the German Championships Open Class. The prerequisites in the Jef Jansen Honda Team were perfect....when fate hit him really hard.
A stupid fall, a far cry away to be called "crash", and he broke his shank, in such a serious way that the Doctors wanted to amputate his leg! Later he laboured with an infection and it took him 14 month, until June 2004 to be precise, before he decided to give MX-Racing another try. For his first race he choose a "National" at Gallina Moto Cross Park and he won it in style! That same year he came to partake in the Inter-Series, running in third spot he again crashed 50 metres before the Finish-Table and broke his ankle! But the "Namibia International Champion" title is still on his agenda!
Benjamin Kolberg
Benjamin Kolberg
In the 125cc Class Germany will be represented by Benjamin Kolberg who hails from Templin in eastern Germany. Benjamin was born on 15 July 1987. He raced his first MX-Race at the age of 8 years on a Kawasaki. In 1996 he became runner-up in the Regional Championships Berlin-Brandenburg. One year later he became Regional-Champion. In 2001 he finishes as runner-up in the 85cc Super-Cup Championship and he finishes 5th overall in the German Championships. In 2002 and 2003 he rides for the Jef Jansen Honda Team with mixed results before he joins the Kölling Yamaha Team in 2004. In the end of the season he manages some Top-15 results in the German Championships 125cc. That same year he raced the Namibian Inter-Series where he finished in a good 6th position. In 2005 Benjamin again raced in the Inter-Series (some call it Inter-Series bug) and finished in an astonishing 3rd on the rostrum.
Third in line is Ben Kinkel who is also part of the Kölling-Yamaha Team. Ben was born on 20 January 1988. He started racing in 1997. In 2000 he became German DJFM Champion. For Kölling he started in the ADAC Junior Cup, in The German Moto Cross Pokal and in the ADAC Youngster Cup. More infos are unfortunately not available.
The 4th guy is Mr. Kölling personally who was one of East-Germany’s best in the 80’s. He still is racing Veteran-Classes in Germany and in Namibia he will represent Germany in the Clubmen’s Class. His spot on the rostrum is booked annually!
The absolute “Star” in the German line-up is the multiple American AMA Womens Champion, the 2005 FIM Womens’s World Champion and the 2006 FIM Women’s Vice-World Champion, Steffi Laier! Her Rider-Profile is much too long, we just reflect the major achievements.
Steffi Laier in Teutschenthal (GER)
 Photo by: Jens Pohl
Steffi Laier in Teutschenthal (GER)
Photo by: Jens Pohl
Steffi was born on 12. August 1985 in Heidelberg. She started racing in 1992. For a long time she represented the famous Becker-Team. In 2001 she finished 13th in the DMSB-Pokal 125cc. Inbetween she travelled to the USA to win most of her races. In 2002 she won some Series in the US and finished 8th in the German DMSB-Pokal 125cc. In 2003 she found her love for Enduros and finished the German Enduro Championship in 8th position.
In 2004 she won the 1st UFO’s Women’s European MX-Championship, she became European Champion in the Enduro-Championship and she won the German Woman’s MX-Championship. The year after she won the UFO’s European MX-Championship, the FIM Women’s World Championship, the DMV Fox Ladies German Championship and she won the International Ladies Cup in Heerde in The Netherlands.
In 2006 Steffi finished as runner-up in the FIM Women’s World Championship and she won the German Championshhips. In Namibia, for the first time, she will be competing on a 125cc KTM in the Open-Class. She will do Jägermeisterr proud!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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