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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
17.10.2006 Inter-Series - Namibia 2006

E-MED – Team USA

E-Med is a true supporter of motocross for the last 4 years already. They support mx-racing by having paramedics at each and every national at subsidised rates available. It is therefore that E-MED becomes the patrons for Team-USA who will be represented by an American student named Keith Weaver.
Keith Weaver, born on 6th march 1987, has a 4-wheeler background obviously coming from the US where most people in rural areas own these play-toys. Later he made himself known amongst the mountain-bike fraternity, also in Namibia, with excellent downhill results.
Keith Weaver
Keith Weaver
Keith started quite late with motocross, but he’s what one calls a "natural". Within a short period of time Keith dominated mx racing on Club-level and when he represented USA for the first time in Namibia, in 2003 that was, he still participated in the Clubmen’s Class then. In the meantime he’s a full-throttle Open Class rider.
During the 3-month US-School-holidays, Keith decided to come to Namibia to race the Namibian "Nationals"! He did so with excellent results: 4th overall at the WESBANK Challenge in June, overall 3rd in the same series in August, and overall fourth again in the FNB Grand National.
Now it was time again to head back to the United States … but Keith deceided to race the Air Namibia Inter-Series instead and return to school in January 2007! That speaks for itself that the Namibian Inter-Series is indeed something special and unique.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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