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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
22.10.2006 Air Namibia Inter-Series 2006

Special Appearance – Stephanie Laier
German Motocross Star at Gallina MX-Park

For the 10th anniversary of the annual Air Namibia Inter-Series, the organisers of the Windhoek Moto Cross Club (WMCC) can announce the special appearance of Steffi Laier, the undisputable motocross superstar from Germany.
Steffi made girls-racing popular, not only in Europe, even more so in the USA! She is the multiple American AMA Womens Champion, the 2005 FIM Womens’s World Champion and the 2006 FIM Women’s Vice-World Champion. Her Rider-Profile is much too long, we just reflect her major achievements.
Stephanie Laier
Stephanie Laier
Steffi was born on 12. August 1985 in Heidelberg. She started racing in 1992. For a long time she represented the famous Becker-Team. In 2001 she finished 13th in the DMSB-Pokal 125cc. Inbetween she travelled to the USA to win most of her races. In 2002 she won some Series in the US and finished 8th in the German DMSB-Pokal 125cc.
In 2003 she found her love for Enduros and finished the German Enduro Championship in 8th position. In 2004 she won the 1st UFO’s Women’s European MX-Championship, she became European Champion in the Enduro-Championship and she won the German Woman’s MX-Championship. The year after she won the UFO’s European MX-Championship, the FIM Women’s World Championship, the DMV Fox Ladies German Championship and she won the International Ladies Cup in Heerde in The Netherlands.
In 2006 Steffi finished as runner-up in the FIM Women’s World Championship and she won the German Championships ahead of Maria Franke, another girl that raced previously in Namibia, and Larissa Papenmeier. In Namibia, for the first time, she will be competing on a 125cc KTM in the International Class.
And that is how it all started: Early in 2006 Namibia’s own “MX-Girl” Jessica Ratheiser headed for Germany to participate in the reputable DMV-Fox Ladies Cup (German Championship Series). Overthere she became befriended with Steffi Laier, later she was invited by the Laier family to spent some time with them. This in return led to an invitation by Ronni Ratheiser, proprietor of Electrolight Contractors, who invited Steffi to come to Namibia to race the annual Air Namibia Inter-Series. Ronni Ratheiser not only supplied a bike for Steffi, but also paid for the air-ticket! That was very generous of Ronni Ratheiser and that is why the Namibians have the ultimate chance to witness for the first time ever, Stephanie Laier racing on African soil. Well done Ronni, the WMCC owes you!
To you Steffi, a hearty welcome, we are convinced you will do Jägermeister (Sponsor of Team Germany) proud!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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