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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
29.10.2006 Air Namibia-Jägermeister MX Classic - Results

German Benjamin Kolberg leads Air Namibia Inter-Series

The first leg of the Air Namibia Inter-Series was once again filled with superlatives. The organiser - Windhoek Moto Cross Club (WMCC) – kept its promise and delivered "Power, Speed & Action". After 3 exceptionally exciting heats, the German, Benjamin Kolberg (Jägermeister Team) had a headstart of one point. Ross Branch from Botswana put on quite a show during the "E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt".
Ross Branch (BOT)
 Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
Ross Branch (BOT)
Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
But let's start at the beginning: Ronnie Adams (NAM) on his Suzuki won the holeshot and took the lead, but had to surrender to Ross Branch after 4 laps. Ronnie was now eager to stay in 2nd place but in the end had to give way to Benjamin Kolberg (GER). Tommi Gous (NAM) in the meantime passed Steffi Laier (GER), who however stayed second best 125er rider in this field. It looked a lot like another Ross Branch (BOT) march-through!
Ronnie Adams (NAM)
 Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
Ronnie Adams (NAM)
Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
In the 2nd heat we have the same situation, Ronnie wins the holeshot, Ross wants to take over in the northern curve and... crashes! He's immediately up on his feet but his Kawasaki won't start ! When he got his bike going again, the pack was already gone. And that is when Kolberg grabbed his chance. On his Kölling-Yamaha he gets passed Ronnie and keeps the lead up to the finish line. Gous, Laier and US-boy Keith Weaver battle for positions behind Adams. Keith's Suzuki suddenly slows down and he falls behind. Ross Branch ploughes through the track with seven-league boots and appears behind Steffi Laier, who, on her KTM fights with all she's got and reaches the finish ahead of Branch. A well-deserved 4th place for this girl from Germany!
Benjamin Kolberg (GER)
 Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
Benjamin Kolberg (GER)
Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
Let's move on to the highlight of the day, the "E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt", a race which last a long 25 minutes plus 1 lap. The nervous playing with clutches of most participants is a result of the tension and the high adrenaline level. The 5-seconds-sign appears, all engines roar, the gate falls... Branch, Adams and Gous are up front! The dust development is so enormous, it's almost a wonder that all riders get through this cloud unharmed. At the "Whoops" Adams attempts an attack, when suddenly the engine-power cut off, the chain came off the sprocket, what a pity for Ronnie! Kolberg clinges to Gous, attacks again and again, but Tommi Gous stays courageously in 2nd. Frank Klosta, the acting Namibian 125er champion now wants to even out the two defeats he suffered against Steffi Laier during the heats. Steffi, who already struggles with breathlessness, has to pay tribut to the long race and let Frank pass. Ben Kinkel (GER) can now only show his talent and finishes in 6th place.
Ben Kinkel (GER)
 Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen
Ben Kinkel (GER)
Photo by: Martin Oosthuizen

Overall results MR Repairs Open Class & Seasonaire 125cc Class:

  1. Benjamin Kolberg, GER, Yamaha, Open - 52 points
  2. Ross Branch, BOT, Kawasaki, 125 - 51
  3. Tommi Gous, NAM, Yamaha, Open - 45
  4. Steffi Laier, GER, KTM, 125 - 35
  5. Ronnie Adams, NAM, Suzuki, Open - 32
  6. Frank Klosta, NAM, Yamaha, 125 - 29
  7. Björn Bierbrauer, NAM, Suzuki, 125 - 27
  8. Alexander Howard, NAM, Yamaha, 125 - 26
  9. Ben Kinkel, GER, Yamaha, 125 - 22
  10. Shawn Bruwer, NAM, Suzuki, Open - 21
The other classes also offered great racing sport. Amongst the very little ones in the 50ccm Zenner-Class, we had the obligatory maximum victory of Matthew Nederlof against his old rival Michael Barlow. Pauli Loots drew attention to himself with a 2nd place in the first heat, but had a technical problem in the 3rd heat which threw him back to an overall 3rd place.
Mr. Maximum, Mark Sternagel, lived up to his reputation and won all three races in the Radi Electrical /Sternbau 65ccm Class. Eric Garbers was able to reach the finish line 3 times in front of Pauli Loots, leaving Tyrone Pieters only 4th place.
Top racing sport was offered in the Bar One 85ccm Class. The expected titanic-battle between Geoff Erasmus, Jaco Loots and Eckhard Hall took place. Eckhard only suffered a defeat against Jaco Loots in the 2nd heat, apart from that he had a clean slate. Jaco, who was defeated by Geoff Erasmus during the past WESBANK-races, showed his improving skills during the Air Namibia Inter-Series and landed on 2nd place, ahead of Erasmus and Schalk Louw. Really great MX-action!
The Bar One Clubmen's Class also had international participants. Three heats, three different winners... the spectators could not ask for more! Henner Rusch on his strong Husaberg, won the first heat ahead of Ruhan Gous and Carsten Kölling (Germany). In the 2nd heat, Kölling secured himself 20 important points after exciting battles with Tony Viljoen and Henner Rusch. The 3rd heat was to be the all-deciding one. Tony was able to assume the lead after some spectacular duels, leaving only 2nd place for Henner Rusch and Kölling toddled in on 4th place after a major wheel bearing damage. "It's not over till it's over", said an irritated Kölling from Cottbus (Germany).
Let's move on to the popular Quad-Classes. Already during the practise-session that morning, the Namibian top-rider Fanie Steenkamp had an accident on the freestyle landing ramp. With broken ribbs and a hand injury he was brought to the hospital. The freestyle ramp was thereupon closed by the NMSF-officials for Quads as well as for the children classes. Pearce van Wyk won the Paramount Healthcare Quad Class B; Eugene Slippers and Marko Röbke filled the remainder spots on the podium.
IN YOUR FACE MARKETING Quad Class A is the name of the kings-class among the 4-Wheelers. Ronnie Adams was not able to win every holeshot, but after hard and skillful attacks he always reached the head of the pack. He not only won all his heats, but also the special-heat Bar One King of the Quads ahead of the quick rivals Jean Venter and Rodney Davis. During this race all spectators were fervently cheering!
We have a Clubmen's Class in this category as well, the G+N Trading Enterprises Clubmen's Class. Dennis Raines won the Air Namibia-Trophy and Gavin Murgatroyd and Riaan Fourie landed on 2nd and 3rd respectively.
At the end of the official racing day, the organiser invited everyone to the women's amateur race, the so-called Powder-Puff Extreme Quads race! It was unbelievable: 13 daring girls fought it out like the guys, partly in exciting duels. Maike Borchert won gold, ahead of Comine Bruwer and her sister Bollie Bochert. Now that was fun!
Before the prizegiving, another fun-event took place. For the first time in Namibia the "Winston Pit-Bike Clash" was carried out. Swearing, jeering and crashing is what this mad "sport" is all about. Then the Freestylers were to show their Aerobatics but unfortunately the stormy weather was a hindrance. The Red Bull X-Fighters show was therefore postponed to the coming Saturday, 4th of November, when it's time for the Air Namibia-Wesbank MX Dash for Cash.
DJ Coco kept everyone dancing at the Jägermeister-Party and despite strong winds, the riders and guests had the time of their lives.
The highlight of this anniversary-event on the 4th of November will be the Tafel Lager Battle of the Bands-Gig with the best musicians Namibia has to offer: Sense Unknown, Dylan's Jam Band, Mojo Blues Electric Band and the winners of the Namibian Music Award 2006, Penilane! This, and a whole lot more will await you at the Gallina Moto Cross Park on the 4th of November.
more photos: photo gallery
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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