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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
31.10.2006 2nd Leg Air Namibia-Wesbank MX Dash for Cash - Preview

Three riders hope for Air Namibia MX – Title

After last Saturday's race, let's analyse the second run "Air Namibia-Wesbank MX Dash for Cash", which will take place coming Saturday, 4th of November at the Gallina Moto Cross Park.
The riders will start afresh and some new participants from South Africa and Zimbabwe are expected, who still had to take part in a championships-race in their home countries last weekend. International riders will battle for victory and honour on Gallina and the "Air Namibia - Wesbank MX Dash for Cash" will be the absolute climax of this series. The overall winner not only receives a renowned title as well as the Air Namibia-Trophy, but also a cheque with an amount of N$ 8000,00 (Eight Thousand Dollars).
Ross Branch (BOT)
Ross Branch (BOT)
For the title "Namibia International Champion" 3 riders are especially favoured, one of them being Kawasaki-rider Ross Branch from Botswana. He was very keen on the title during the past three years but due to his 110% riding-style and consequential crashes, he was not successful. With 51 points in the mixed MR Repairs Open Class & Seasonaire 125ccm Class, Ross finds himself momentarily in second place.
With one point headstart, Yamaha-rider Benjamin Kolberg leads and is known for constant good results: one first place, one second, as well as a third in the "E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt" race. That was his key to success. So he will definitely want the title!
Benjamin Kolberg (GER)
Benjamin Kolberg (GER)
It's great to see a Namibian ranked third. Tommi Gous was able to improve his riding after every heat. He started with a 4th place, followed by 3rd place, and in the King of the Dirt he landed on 2nd, which makes an overall of 45 points. Steffi Laier from Germany is on 4th place with a total of 35 points. She mastered this with a small 125ccm two-stroke KTM. One can only speculate on what would have happened if she had had her usual four-stroke KTM-bike.
Suzuki-Adams landed on 5th place with 32 points and has only slim chances to a podium spot. His wheel bearing damage in the King of the Dirt threw him back too far. Nevertheless, Ronnie Adams will be ready to attack.
These should be the riders who will ride up front. US-Boy Keith Weaver kept up very well, up to his mechanical problems and will ride along with his opponents Frank Klosta, Alexander Howard and Björn Bierbrauer in mid-field.
The young German, Ben Kinkel obviously had acclimatisation problems, he almost fell from his bike after every race, but he too got better during the various heats and his 6th place in the King of the Dirt is nothing to be ashamed of. Shawn Bruwer and the Angolan Jose Teixeira will be Kinkel's biggest opponents.
Behind them we find Carr Lebatha from Botswana and the Angolan Narciso Jose, who didn't quite adapt to the track in the beginning, but then let their engines roar nevertheless. Together with the South Africans Dewalt van der Berg, Wayne King, Dax Hunt, Terence Monk and Geoff Den we have a great international line-up of riders.
Matthew Nederlof is once again the major aspirant for the title in the Kindergarden-class, the 50cc Zenner Racing Class. Michael Barlow as well as Wade Ashwell from Zimbabwe will battle for the other vacant podium spots.
In the 65cc Radi Electrical/Sternbau Class it is very difficult to make a prediction. Mark Sternagel rides like a future world champion but he has to reckon with last year's Gallina-Champion Jayden Ashwell from Zimbabwe, who has also improved his skills during the past twelve months. It is certainly going to be a tough duel in which the Namibians Eric Garbers and Jaco Loots will want to engage.
The South African Matt Geldenhuis is likely to win the Bar One 85cc Class. Behind him there will be a tough fight between the protagonists from Namibia. Can Eckhard Hall successfully fight off Jaco Loots and Geoff Erasmus? Will Zimbabwean Keagan Ashwell be good for a surprise? Loads of excitement is guaranteed in this class!
The Bar One Clubmen's Class is “international” as well. Gary Killian is coming from South Africa and was riding up front already two years ago. The German, Carsten Kölling displayed a promising performance until he dropped out due to a wheel bearing damage. Carsten want's to be the day's winner on Saturday. However, the Namibians Henner Rusch, Ruhan Gous and the awfully quick Tony Viljoen have the same ambitions. There will some tough riding! You can bet on that!
The 4-Wheelers are very popular among the spectators since it is just spectacular what these guys do on the track. The winners of the Paramount Healthcare Quad Class B
and the best fromt the G + N Trading Enterprises Clubmen’s Quad Class, as well as riders from the Kings' Class, the In Your Face Marketing Quad Class A will meet up in the all deciding race Bar One King of the Quads. A big favourite is Namibia's Ronnie Adams . But, he has to reckon with attacks by Jean Venter and riders like Rodney Davis, Gavin Murgatroyd and Pierce van Wyk. Another one who wants to maximise his points is the man from Botswana, Calvin Collington.
At the end of the racing day a Powder-Puff Extreme Quads race will be held, for young women without racing experience. Previous Saturday 13 daring women got their quads roaring and one can hope that other women got inspired and want follow their example!
Following the international Air Namibia Motocross race will be the "Winston Pit-Bike Clash", a fun race for mechanics, helpers and dads on the kiddies-track. At around 21:00 hours the "Red Bull X-Fighters Show Namibia" will be held, with Freestylers from South Africa, who will show awsome aerobatic-stunts and as the highlight of the evening we have the Tafel Lager Battle of the Bands. The guys from Sense Unknown, Dylan's Jam Band, Mojo Blues Electric Band and the winners of this year's Namibian Music Award, PENILANE, will rock you! Party time sponsored by Tafel Lager!
So don't forget the second leg of the Inter-Series, the "Air Namibia-Wesbank MX Dash for Cash", will be held at the Gallina Moto Cross Park this coming Saturday, 4th of November. An event for the whole family!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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