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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
16.10.2007 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2007 - Preview

Neo Paints– Team Namibia

"Few sports push their athlets to human limits, as Moto Cross racing does, one of the most demanding, gruelling Extreme-Sports in the world. Moto Cross riders must be in the peak of physical condition and able to train and maintain their conditioning throughout a hectic and long season". That’s how MX-Guru Bernd Dietrich describes the mx-sport.
The highlight of such a long MX-season happens annually in Namibia, when the "Inter-Series" gets staged which draws top-riders from Europe and the whole of southern Africa.
This year Team Namibia gets sponsored by Neo Paints a true Namibian company with a long established relationship towards Moto-X!
Let’s introduce the riders representing the Neo Paints-Namibia Team. It should however be stated, that this team is not a National-Team but the best riders chosen in every catergory.
Michael Barlow
Michael Barlow
Let’s start with the Kindergarten-Class, the 50cc Class. Michael Barlow is leading the points-ranking in the moment but had to acknowledge some serious threats to his reputation towards the end of the 2007 season. Michael was born on 14 January 2000. Michael started MX-racing in 2005 and within two years he developed into a major force. In 2005 he was 2nd overall, the year after he repeated that feat. In 2007 he started with a bang won all his heats until mid-season when he got some hefty competition by William Smith. But Michael is a fighter and should be able to become the 2007 Namibian Champion. Michael was chosen to represent Namibia at the AMU in Kenya in August 2007. He finished 6th overall. This was a very good performance for Michael on a big track with lots of opposition.
Eric Garbers
Eric Garbers
Eric Garbers represents the 65cc Class. Eric was born on 10th February 1995 and started motocross-racing in 2002. In 2004 he won his first Championship in the 50cc Class. The year after Eric finished 2nd overall in the 65cc National Class and finished in excellent 3rd at the AMU Southern Challenge. In 2006 Eric came 3rd in the 65cc Class. The 2007 season is Eric’s best season sofar, he’s currently first in the 65cc Class and he represented Namibia in the AMU Championships in Kenya finishing in excellent 5th overall.
Mark Sternagel
Mark Sternagel
Mark Sternagel 85cc Class, Mark is 12 years old and started racing in 1999, three years old then. Mark can look back already to a most successful mx-career. Mark came second in 2003 in the 50cc Class and again 2nd the year after. 2005 was a highlight in his career when he finished as runner-up in the 65cc AMU Southern African Challenge Championship. That same year he became 65cc Namibian Champion. That is exactly what he repeated in 2006. In 2007 he moved up to the 85cc Class and from the start he puts his stamp onto this category. Because of his undisputed talent, his father let him ride the King of the Dirt, where he established himself in the Top-10, incredibe! But that is not all, in 2007 Mark also raced the AMU Championships in Kenya where he finished in 3rd overall! He’s called "Mr. Maximum" because he usually wins all three heats on maximum points.
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta
Frank Klosta was born on 18. October 1988. He started racing quite late, in 2002 it was. What began with enthusiasm ended later in hospital, he was booked off for 5 month with a leg injurie. In 2003 Frank finished the 85cc Class in 4th overall. Because of age he was relegated to the 125cc Class the year after and finished in an astonishing 4th overall.. In 2005 his breakthrough came, Frank became 125cc Namibian Champion, a feat he repeated in 2006 and in 2007 as well. Franky also participated successfully in AMU events in Namibia and in Zambia. He’s got the ambition to compete in Europe one day.
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams
Ronnie Adams was born on February 9th 1974 and started racing in 1980. Since this time he was chasing Namibian-Championship titles. Ronnie was very successful, won many runner-up titles before he won his first 80cc Championhip in 1986. It took him another 9 years before he could win the 125cc Class title in 1995. He could repeat that feat two years later in 1997. One must take into consideration, it was the hightime, when all the Namibian “stars” were still active, riders like Uwe Trümper, Nicki Pajewski, Mike Swanepoel, Rainer Becker or Ingo Waldschmidt, to name but a few. But Ronnie is and always was determined to practise more and more and more in order to be in peak condition. In 2005 he became the AMU Southern African Challenge Champion, the highlight in his career. Because of this performance Ronnie Adams was choosen to represent Namibia at the 2006 Grand Prix of South Africa, where he could add to his learning curve, more could not have been expected. This year he is leading the Namibian Championship Open-Class which will be decided at the Red Bull MX-Classic on November 3rd and one week later, at the Camel MX – Dash for Cash on November 10th.
Dirkie Baard
Dirkie Baard
Dirkie Baard is Namibia’s representative for the international Quad-A-Class. Dirkie was born on May 11th 1988 and started competitive racing in 2006. From the start one could see there is a big talent cruising outthere, competing with the heroes Fanie Steenkamp and Champion Ronnie Adams. In 2007 he started with two 3rd places, then came a second place and in may 2007 he won his first raceday and never looked back. He is now the undisputed King of the quads! We are exited to see how he fares versus the best riders from South Africa and Angola.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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