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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
23.10.2007 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2007 - Preview

Party of the year "Tafel Lager Night"

After the hot racing of the "Camel Dash for Cash", on November 10th, the Party of the year 2007 takes place at Gallina Moto Cross Park right after prize giving, organised by Joker’s Pizzeria & Sportsbar. Highlight of the "Tafel Lager Night" is the live performance of "Big Brother darling" Stefan Ludik a true Namibian STAR!
Here, in the big tent of Namibian Breweries one can mingle with the international field of mx-riders, have a chat with your show-star or dance the night away.

Freestyle Show

In between the international Freestyle Show will perform some awesome aerobatics, with some of the world’s best Freestylers like Libor Podmol and Mala Bartik, both hailing from the Czech-Republik! This is a Show not to be missed! After you witnessed a "Backflip" live you will understand the word "insane" much better!

STEFAN LUDIK - musician, actor & lots more than just a pretty face...

This 26-year old Namibian has taken Africa by storm as he wooed millions of TV-viewers and live audiences as actor and musician.He became a familiar face literally overnight in millions of households around the globe. His rapid rise to fame was spectacular... This all started when he represented the Namibian u/19 cricket team at the World Cup in Sri Lanka just after he matriculated. Then he was off to Germany where he earned his living as construction worker.
Stefan Ludik
Stefan Ludik
Stefan is one who will never back down to a challenge and that's the exact reason that made him enter Big Brother Africa in 2003. He passed the extreme challenge of representing a multi-cultural continent like Africa with flying colours and won the hearts of millions... Nothing however prepared him for the launch into stardom when he came out of the BB-house. Shortly after being evicted from the house he made his acting debut in well-known comedian, Casper se Vries' Haak en Steek. Upon his return to Namibia he found that not only was he regarded a national hero but an invite from Franz Marx Films was beckoning him. The rest is history... Since then he endeared himself to millions around the continent as Werner Kranz, in M-Net's soapie, Egoli - Place of Gold. Early this year Stefan said goodbye to Egoli for now as he started recording his new album and to take his music to the people...
The growing adoration that he enjoys from audiences in and around Southern Africa has seen him nominated for "Best Actor" and "Best Newcomer Music/Stage/Screen" at People Magazine's Crystal Awards in both 2004 and 2005. In 2005 he won the "Best Actor" award and at the 2006 Crystal Awards he walked away with the title "SA's Hottest Hunk". In 2005 he also won the coveted "SA's Favourite Male Actor Award" at the "You/Huisgenoot Spectacular" and last year he won the "Sexiest Man"-award. He made it a hatrick when he also won's "SA Sexiest Man" award towards the end of 2006.
Stefan Ludik
Stefan Ludik
His love for music both writing and performing is something he pursued since school. He trained himself on the guitar and performed the songs he wrote to his mom who always said school work is far more important... "Later I started recording my songs with anyone that had a studio - just guitar and vocals and every now and then if I had enough money I would add a bit computer drums," he said smiling. This way he started building on his repertoire and soon he had enough songs to put together a Demo CD. His debut album, Liggroen Doringbome, was released towards the end of October 2005 and his brand new album, Vuur & Water, will be released at this years Klein Karoo Arts Festival in Oudtshoorn.
Stefan Ludik
Stefan Ludik
And now he is the STAR of the "Tafel Lager Night" at Gallina Motocross Park.
But that is not all the "Tafel Lager Night" offers, there will be DJ Co-Co, one of the best DJ’s in Namibia. It was always obvious that music ran in DJ Co-Co's blood. He grew up in a family of musicians. His grandfather started the band Varnhagen and later his mom and dad continued the good family name and are still in full force with this legendary German band which now also includes two of his three brothers. His third brother also rocks with the band Just Jack as their drummer.
DJ Co-Co started entertaining the MX crowd in 1998 and he grew with the crowds and as he calls it, "party trained" his regulars well. When Scooter came to entertain the crowds in 2004, DJ Co-Co was right by their side, entertaining the huge crowd in the stadium with his signature style on a 90KW sound system.
DJ Co-Co also traveled with the MX, taking his tunes to towns like Swakopmund and Omaruru, ready, willing and eager to please his fans. And he's still going strong, rarely missing an event, and being a favourite among partygoers.
Another live Band is "Double Trouble" performing their Show in the "Tafel Lager Night".
Double Trouble…A two-man band, that’ll turn any function into a party. With Hannes Kaufmann (vocals) and Zirk Jansen (guitar and vocals) they have years of experience in the entertainment industry. A resume’ that stretches from the Wika all the way to corporate functions and Kiepies, their repertoire of Oldies, Rock&Roll, Afrikaans, Pop, Rock, and German hits, is a guarantee to rock your socks off.
And there will be the Midnight-Show held in the Tafel Lager tent at Gallina. We will not yet reveal what to expect…it’s gonna be awesome!
"Tafel Lager Night", the party of the year 2007!
But that is not all, after the Midnight-Show the usual, nototorious open-end Jägermeister-Party starts with Jokers, DJ Co-Co & Double Trouble!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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