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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
12.11.2007 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2007 - Camel MX - Dash for Cash - Results

South African Fitzgerald wins Camel "Cash"

The South African Kerim Fitzgerald became the overall winner of the "Camel MX - Dash for Cash" on a maximum number of points. Almost 1,800 spectators came to Gallina Motocross Park and the Windhoek Moto Cross Club was very satisfied with the proceeds. But they were even more satisfied with the riders and the exciting races they presented. Without exagerating, this 11th Inter-Series was the most exciting the spectators ever witnessed.
This was also confirmed by the former Namibian champion Uwe Trümper: "It was first-class racing. Even if it looked like Fitzgerald made a clean sweep, the victory wasn't served to him on a silver platter. It has never been this exciting before!"
Kerim Fitzgerald (RSA) vs Arno Engels (NAM, #71)
Kerim Fitzgerald (RSA) vs Arno Engels (NAM, #71)
The supporting programme - with the "Tafel Lager Night", Freestyle, and the performances of Stefan Ludik & Band, with Double Trouble and the Wet-T-Shirt competition - attracted a further 500 visitors to Gallina. This great racing day found its conclusion in the Jägermeister-Party, which was going on until the early morning hours on Sunday.
Inside-pass Lloyd Vercueil (RSA, #59) vs  Ross Branch (BOT)
Inside-pass Lloyd Vercueil (RSA, #59) vs Ross Branch (BOT)
Let us move on to the sport as such: It goes without saying that the races in the Open/125cc Class offered tons of excitement. They started together but were assessed seperately. After the "Red Bull MX Classic" in the previous week, Fitzgerald (RSA) was the favourite at the gate. But, he had an awfully strong challenger in his countryman Lloyd Vercueil (RSA) who has lost some ground with several crashes and mechanical problems. This bad luck stayed with him unfortunately during the Camel MX - Dash for Cash. However, he was something like the icing on the cake in this race. In the first heat Vercueil grabbed the holeshot and battled for position with Fitzgerald and Ross Branch. This trio was followed by Brandon Wheeler (RSA), Mart de Jong (NED), Christof Schade (GER), Benjamin Kolberg (GER), and the Scotsman Reid (GBR). In the second heat - maybe the most exciting heat that day - Vercueil assumed the lead. Fitzgerald had a bad start and first had to plough his way through the field of riders. Then came the big surprise: Ross Branch, sponsored by Nestlé-Milo (Botswana) shot past Vercueil. Spectacular! Now Fitzgerald reached Vercueil, passed him and later managed to pass Branch as well. Then with only 1 lap to go, Vercueil actually passed Branch on the northern traverse. This was Moto Cross at its best.
Richard Reid (GBR) leading the pack
Richard Reid (GBR) leading the pack
The all-deciding E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt came next. Twenty-six nervous protagonists of MX-racing came to the start. The gate drops and Vercueil wins the holeshot ahead of Fitzgerald, the Namibian champion Ronnie Adams and Branch. Directly behind the Table Vercueil bites the dust, gets back into race in mid-field and starts an unbelievable chase. In front Branch tries to stick to Fitzgerald, but this guy is (at least on that day) unbeatable. Vercueil battles it out with de Jong and Schade but at first his attempts are futile. The first attacks get blocked off by the former champions. Vercueil has to rely on the horse power of his Honda, sponsored by HotWire, and ultimately shoots past on the straight. Wheeler has to let Vercueil get past him as well and Fitzgerald jumps the finish-table. He won N$ 10 000 and the title "Namibian International Champion". Best Namibian rider was once more Frank Klosta.
Best Namibian Frank Klosta (NAM)
Best Namibian Frank Klosta (NAM)

Namibia International Champion 2007 (overall ranking of two racing days):

  1. Kerim Fitzgerald, RSA, Yamaha, 120 points
  2. Ross Branch, BOT, Kawasaki, 100
  3. Brandon Wheeler, RSA, Suzuki, 96
  4. Lloyd Vercueil, RSA, Suzuki, 95
  5. Mart de Jong, NED, Kawasaki, 79

Day's ranking 125cc Class:

  1. Kerim Fitzgerald, RSA, Yamaha, 60 points
  2. Ross Branch, BOT, Kawasaki, 51
  3. Mart de Jong, NED, Kawasaki, 40
  4. Frank Klosta, NAM, Yamaha, 33
  5. Vincent Conlon, BOT, Kawasaki, 31

Day's ranking Open Class:

  1. Lloyd Vercueil, RSA, Suzuki, 55 points
  2. Brandon Wheeler, RSA, Suzuki, 47
  3. Christof Schade, GER, Honda, 41
  4. Benjamin Kolberg, GER, Yamaha, 34
  5. Tommi Gous, Namibia, Yamaha, 28

Day's ranking E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt:

  1. Kerim Fitzgerald, Waldschmidt Eggs-Team South Africa, 20
  2. Ross Branch, NamIce - Team Botswana, 17
  3. Lloyd Vercueil, Waldschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa, 15
  4. Brandon Wheeler, Waldschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa, 13
  5. Christof Schade, Jägermeister -Team Germany, 11
  6. Mart de Jong, E-Med - Team The Netherlands, 10
  7. Vincent Conlon, NamIce - Team Botswana, 9
  8. Benjamin Kolberg, Jägermeister - Team Germany, 8
  9. Frank Klosta, Neo Paints - Team Namibia, 7
  10. Tommi Gous, Zenner-Novel-Yamaha, 6
  11. Ronnie Adams, Suzuki-Namibia, 5
  12. Geoff Den, Waldschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa, 4
  13. Arno Engels, Investment Cars-Honda, 3
  14. Rudi Brand, Coastal Racing -Honda, 2
  15. Eckhard Hall, Coastal Racing - Honda, 1
The races in the supporting programme were exciting as well. In the 50cc Class Matthew Nederlof was the day's winner with a maximum number of 60 points. Michael Barlow made 2nd place ahead of the only girl in this category, Esranel Becker.
Tristan Muller and Eric Garbers were responsible for loads of excitement in the 65cc Class. They clung to each other like limpets, the lead changed continuously but in the end Muller was in front, followed by Eric, and Pauli Loots.
Dog-Fight Eric Garbers (NAM, #36) vs Tristan Muller (NAM)
Dog-Fight Eric Garbers (NAM, #36) vs Tristan Muller (NAM)
In the 85cc Class Mark Sternagel had to fight off the South African Gerric Pretorius. Mark was satisfied that he could shake off his opponent for 4 laps in the first heat. Then he had to make way for the 3 years older Pretorius. A secure 2nd place for Mark ahead of Jaco Loots.
Uwe Sternagel was the Namibian up-and-coming talent in 2005, who received invitations to races in Denmark and Greece, but suddenly disappeared from the scene. Now, almost 2 _ years later he is making a comeback in the Clubmen's Class. He was a sensation! 1st place for Sternagel, ahead of German Carsten Kölling and Marc Ratheiser.
In the Mini-Quads Class Jay-Em Tredoux was able to beat his old opponent Juane Steenkamp. 3rd place went to Jaques Maree. Once more Eugene Slippers lived up to expectations in the Quads-B-Class. Ecki Spoerer ranked 2nd ad Effzee Marais 3rd.
Amongst the ladies in the Ladies-Quads Class it looked like Cee-Anne Greyling and Mandy Huysamen had taken private tuition from Dirkie Baard! They really open the throttle now and Celene Adams had to make do with 3rd place.
Dirkie Baard (NAM) vs Ronnie Adams (NAM)
Dirkie Baard (NAM) vs Ronnie Adams (NAM)
Dirkie Baard just isn't able to grab the holeshot in the Quads-A-Class. He always has to win the race by ploughing his way through mid-field. In the first heat he was able to work himself through to 2nd place, behind Juan Coetzee from South Africa. In the 2nd heat he attacked again from the rear and was able to beat Coetzee fair and square. This was a great achievement which he repeated in the Murray & Roberts King of the Quads. Fanie Steenkamp also displayed a strong performance and finished in 3rd overall. In the Quads-Clubmen's Class Michael Behnke stays the measure of all things, while Wolfgang Rohl made a good 2nd place ahead of André Steinfurth.
The Powder-Puff race for debutantes won little Juane Steenkamp ahead of Tanya Deutschmann and Lezanne Kohne.
A corner fight
A corner fight
An exciting racing day came to an end. It was all made possible by Red Bull and Camel Cigarettes, as well as 20 smaller sponsors. Without their support this international event would not be possible. For this the WMCC is very grateful.
A thank you also goes to the chairman Paul Loots and his wife Melody for the months-long preparations and organisation. Thank you also to all helpers behind the scenes.
More photos you can find in our photo gallery.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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