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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
07.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: E-MED Team - The Netherlands
"Flying-Dutchman" Mart de Jong started racing in 1990 in the 80cc Class. In 1995 Mart raced the Dutch Championships 125cc Class and finished that year in 8th place. In 1998 , because he grew so tall, he moved over to the 250cc Class and finished 10th overall. The year after Mart raced the German Championships 125cc Class and came 14th overall.
Mart de Jong
Mart de Jong
During the year 2000 he only participated in the German DAM-Championships where he finished second in the 125cc Class and 3rd in the Open-Class. 2002 was again a very good year for him by winning the German DAM-Championships in both Classes and he finished the German Championships 125cc in 6th spot. In 2003 Mart won again the DAM-Championships 125cc and he finished fourth in the German Championships 125cc with 101 points, one point ahead of Daniel Siegl, also well known in Namibia.
In 2004 Mart finished in 3rd overall at the Namibian Inter-Series. 2005 was the year when he participated for the first time in the MX-3 Worldchampionships, gaining some experience on this high level of racing and earning 5 points in total. The following year 2006 Mart wants to forget quickly, a terrible crash at the season-opener left him with a damaged liver and milt and thus the season was over, before it even began!
Mart de Jong
Mart de Jong
Mart could not find a team for 2007 and raced sporadically as finances allowed. One Team believed in Mart, that was "Twenty Racing Suspension" and gave Mart a ride for the 2008 season. And Mart could prove that he’s worth his money, he won the German DAM Championship 125Class and finished 3rd in the German DAM Open Class Championship. Brimful with confidence, Mart will be a hot contender to win the Namibia International Champion 2008 title.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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