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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
09.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: ALVA Fishing - Angola Team
For the past 8 years Angolan Star ZE COMANDO, some call him Jose Carlos Westwood Teixeira, is participating in the annual Namibian Inter-Series.
ZE COMANDO was born on 19th August 1966 in Benguela. After his parents moved to Potugal, ZE COMANDO there was introduced to mx-racing aboard a Casal-Boss 50cc. Returned to Angola he tried his luck in a few RAIDS (Offroad-Racing) earning him some fine results. Afterwards ZE decided to race MX and he won the Benguela MX-Championship four times in a row. Even in far away Angola people were talking about the Namibian Inter-Series and in the year 2000 ZE took part for the first time in this prestigious event…and he got hooked.
Jose "ZE COMANDO" Teixeira / Photo by: Jose Teixeira
Jose "ZE COMANDO" Teixeira / Photo by: Jose Teixeira
Year after year he travelled to Namibia and his best achievement came in 2003 when he finished the Clubmen’s Class as runner-up. After this excellent feat ZE was invited to race the 2004 National-Championship in Namibia. ZE accepted this invitation and with the help of Messrs Porto do Lobito ZE flew to each and every race in Namibia and won the Masters-Class on maximum points. The year after he repeated this feat, now the regulations forced him to move up in 2006 to the protagonists of the sport, to the Open-Class category. Despite mixed results he still managed to jump the rostrum in 3rd overall. That was absolutely a major achievement at his age of 40 years. In 2008 ZE choose to race the Clubmen’s Class which he is leading by 12 points at the moment, at two rounds to go.
This year ZE is geared to show a good result again aboard his Honda CRF 450R. He is also the captain of ALVA Fishing Angola Team.
Jose will be accompanied by Angolan mx-legend Narciso Jose who is winning most events in the moment in his native country and is riding for the Yamaha-Team in Angola. Narciso raced already in 2006 at the Inter-Series and finished in 14th position, no small feat in this highly competitive Class.
Fabio Ferreira (left) together with Dirkie Baard
Fabio Ferreira (left) together with Dirkie Baard
For the second time in the 12 year old history of the Namibian Inter-Series there comes a participant in the Quad-A-Class from Angola, his name is Fabio Ferreira. Fabio was born on 3rd October 1988 in Luanda. After some fine results achieved during the year 2006 he became the Number One rider in the Team Maianga, sponsored by Fazenda Perola Do Kikuxi (Helder Santos). Fabio won the 2007 Quad Championship in Angola and is also leading in the 2008 Championship. At the 2007 Namibian Inter-Series Fabio could unfortunately not show his full potential due to technical problems. This year he is racing a Honda TRX 450R and will do his utmost best to demonstrate his skills.
The Angolans receive major sponsorships from Messrs Porto do Lobito, E.L. Sea Products, ALVA Fishing Company as well as Muxima Bed & Breakfast.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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