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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
16.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: RENT-A-DRUM - Team Scotland
The writer of these lines has seen plenty of rider-profiles during the course of his long engegement in signing riders, but never before such an interesting list of accomplishments as supplied by the rider from Scotland, Richard Reid. This man has tried everything on two offroad-wheels possible and even was part of the management-team organising Grand Prix-Racing.
The list is much too long to be published, I will just pick the most interesting points.
Richard Reid (GBR) vs Christof Schade (GER)
Richard Reid (GBR) vs Christof Schade (GER)
Name: Richard Reid
Born: 3rd Nov. 1970
I started raceing in 1984, in the 80cc Schoolboy class in Scotland, in 1987 I was 2nd in the Scottish 125 Schoolboy Class. In 1988 I moved into the Junior Adult class and finished 2nd, which qualified me to compete in the Open Class in 1989, which I finished 4th. In 1989 I was also chosen to travel to Zimbabwe to compete in the Zimbabwe International Summer Series, which I won. This trip to Africa pretty much started a fascination with Africa for me, which has kept me coming back again and again.
1990 I was 7th in the Scottish Championship, after missing a couple of rounds with injury. I also competed in the British 125 and 250 championship, and although I scored a few points, it was always difficult having to travel the long distances, and hold down a job. I also won a few rounds of the British Clubmens Class which was a qualifiers Class for the British Open Class.
I was again invited to Zimbabwe in 1990 for the Summer Series which I finished 2nd, during this trip we were also invited to Zambia to compete in a few races there, and train the junior riders. 1991 I finished again 7th in the Scottish Championship, I competed also with mixed results in the British Open Championship. I was Invited back to Zambia, sponsored by Zambian Airways, and competed there and again in Zimbabwe at the Summer Series again finishing 2nd.
Richard Reid
Richard Reid
1992 I stayed on in Zimbabwe for a while then moved down to South Africa, I competed in a few SA MX-Championships finishing top 10, I returned home to Uk to race a few races before, again returning to Zimbabwe for the Summer Series again finishing 2nd. 1993 I had a very quiet year and only competed at a few local races in Scotland. 1994 I finished top 10 in Scotland, I also competed in the Irish Championship finishing 10th.
I also rode for Scotland at the International Six Days (worlds biggest Enduro-Competition) in USA, finishing with a silver medal. Again I traveled to Zimbabwe for the Summer Series.
1995, I again rode the International Six Days, this time in Poland, but retired after 3 days with an Injured Shoulder. I won The 250 class at the Zimbabwe Summer Series that year. I also remember doing a race in Botswana at Orapa that year. 1996 and 1997 I cant seem to remember much about, I raced mainly local races at home. Although I do remember racing the Weston Beach Race (one of the most popular beach races in Europe) and finishing 7th overall, I have raced The Weston Beach Race about 6 times in total. 1998 I got a new YZF400, the first modern fourstrokes, I did a few rounds of the British fourstroke class finishing top 10.
2000 I finished top 10 in the Scottish Open class on my YZ125 which was excellent. 2001 I went traveling in Australia with the Intentions of doing some races, but first time out I tore my ACL in my Knee and I was out of action for a long time. I only could mount a bike again in 2003, I again rode 125cc Class, I won a couple of rounds of the Scottish 125 class, as well as finishing 8th in the Scottish Championships. In 2004 I got involved with Helping to Run events, I was Site Manager at the British MX GP at Isle of Wight, 2005 I was site manager at the British GP at Matchams and Isle of Wight, 2006 I was site Manager at the MX Des Nations at Mattersley Basin. This gave me some interesting insight into the GP picture. In 2007 I had my first race in Namibia, which I enjoyed very much and came back for the Namibian Inter-Series finishing overall 9th. Now and then as time and job allows I partake in some “Nationals”. I am looking forward to compete in the 2008 Inter-Series, this could be a highlight in my long career.
This most interesting rider will turn 38 and will be the oldest rider in the Open-Class and still enjoying every minute competing versus some of the best rider from Europe and overseas. Messrs Rent-A-Drum took over patronage for Richard Reid. Rent-A-Drum is supporting Namibian MX for the past 5 years already, thank you for being with us!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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