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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
22.10.2008 Press Release Team NamIT: Harmony of body and soul

MX with highest standards on all levels

Higher standards in Namibian MX is set by the sponsor NamIT (Namibian Information Technology Company CC, Windhoek) with another spectacular event at Windhoek Galina Race Way on 8 and 15 November 2008.
Vitaly Tonkov / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Vitaly Tonkov / Photo by: Jens Pohl
International champions like the Russian Vitaly Tonkov, also the Germans Carsten Kölling, Benjamin Kolberg and Björn Bierbrauer (all four are participating as the German Team Kölling) guarantee excitement from the very start of the events. As such the Nambian Champions are challenged to perform at their bests. Unfortunately the 125 cc-winner of last year, Frank Klosta, can not participate due to an injury.
"Harmony of body and soul" - This is the motto of the main sponsor NamIT for sport as well as for his business life.
"You cannot support and reach the aspired high standards without healthy competition," explains NamIT-Director Dr Thorsten Hübner. "It is important to us to support the Namibian sport and especially Namibian Sportsmen and in that to give the people and the country something alike. With our support to sport we keep young people from the street and give them motivation, incitement and a sense of achievement. With these aims in mind we strive to develop them to valuable members of our society."
Björn Bierbrauer
Björn Bierbrauer
NamIT specializes in high quality IT-products and services, such as integrated computer solutions and internet access, programming in different computer languages, database organization, domain name registrations and other services regarding computer and internet.
Here the business philosophy is mirrored in its engagement into our society in the sportive and business competition on the highest level.
Eckhard Hall
Eckhard Hall
However the sponsorship is not only limited to idealistic and financial support. Instead Vitaly Tonkov will participate on the 450 cc Yamaha of Dr. Hübner and will receive all necessary consumables as well as accomodation. Björn Bierbrauer will be provided with a brand new YZ 250 F. Carsten Kölling as well as Benjamin Kolberg will each be provided with a MX-bike plus the necessary consumables and boarding. Apart from that NamIT also sponsors Namibian drivers like Gundolf Lang (Clubman,s Class), Frank Klosta and Eckhard Hall (125cc-Class).
Their continuous obligation to sport is proven by NamIT in the form of sponsorships for Namibian drivers throughout the entire year. One can be sure that this actively involved business will also help to generate more such exciting events in future.
Author: Dr. Torsten Hübner ... [back]
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