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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
24.10.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Honda - USA Team
Carter Gurnee started Moto-X racing in 1985. It took him only one year to win his first regional championship. He tried his luck in the reputable Loretta Lynn amateurs championshsips with outstanding Top-10 results in 1987, ’88, ’90 and 1991. After a successful East Coast career Carter moved to California to further his riding skills. Since the year 2000 Carter is a consistant Top-5 finisher in the AMA 4-Stroke Nationals.
Internationally outstanding his 4th overall in the renowned “White Brothers World 4-Stroke Series” in 2001. Amongst MX fans around the globe this result means something! 2001 was a brilliant season for Carter which include victories at the Glen Helen 250 Pro, the KB-Supercross in Sacramento and the CMC MX in Marysville, California. 2002 was meant to be Carters year. He started off with a tremendeous 5th spot at the AMA Western 4-Stroke National in Speedworld Arizona and another 5th spot in Cottonwood Arizona.
A week later at the AMA Supercross in Daytona Beach, Florida, Carter broke his neck and just escaped being paralyzed for good. It took him till midyear 2003 that Carter began with regular racing on regional level. That same year he came to Namibia for the first time and finished the Namibian Inter-Series in a very good overall 5th position. In 2004 Carter raced the AMA 4-Stroke /250 Pro Class again and impressed with some Top-10 results througout the year. In Namibia he finished the Inter-Series in second spot behind GP-winner Avo Leok from Estonia.
Carter Gurnee
Carter Gurnee
2005 Carter comes 8th overall in the AMA 4-Stroke Nationals, he wins the GFI Fall Series and becomes the CMA Winter Series Champion 2005. The year 2006 is a good one with 6th overall in the AMA 4-Stroke Nationals, he wins the GFI Fall Series, he qualifies for all AMA Outdoor races and his highlight is the 18th spot in Southwick. No small feat for racing versus the best riders in the world!
In 2008 Carter won two State-Championships, raced four AMA Outdoor Nationals at Red Bud, Michigan; Budds Creek, Maryland; Unadilla, New York; and Southwick, Massachusetts, qualified all 4 rounds and impressed with a 23rd at Southwick. In Regionals Carter impressed with 16 wins out of 18 motos. Carter, without any doubt is one of the hot favorites to become Namibia International Champion. His start in Namibia was made possible by and Pupkewitz Honda, represented by Torsten Schidlowski and Phillip van der Merwe, who made a powerful HONDA 450 available.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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