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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
02.11.2008 Countdown towards Jägermeister MX-Classic
It is done! The remaining repair work for the fence around the massive beertent of the Namibian Breweries has been completed, the big ramp for the freestylers has been prepared by Ronnie Adams and the Namibian print-media as well as the best websites worldwide have all prominently advertised this spectacular and unique motorsport highlighty of the 2008 season, the "Jägermeister MX-Classic” raceday!
Kerim Fitzgerald
Kerim Fitzgerald
On 8th November, at around 10:00 a.m. the gate for the first race will drop. Races will be held in all classes, including Quad-classes. The main focus however will be on the 125 and Open Classes, where highly talented MX-Riders from Europe and the US will challenge the guys from southern Africa at the Gallina Moto Cross Park. Bernd Kroemer was responsible for signing the participants from overseas and he succeeded in luring some talented mx-riders and teams to Windhoek. For the first time both races of the Inter-Series will count towards the AMU Southern Challenge Championship.
Pierre Alexandre Renet
Pierre Alexandre Renet
The latest entry came from South Africa, Liam o’Farrell signing a contract. There will be a line-up of riders from Germany, The Netherlands, USA, France, Scotland, Russia, Bostwana, Angola, South Africa and of course host country Namibia. Let’s have a look at some favourites like the reigning “Namibia International Champion” Kerim Fitzgerald from South Africa, there will be Carter Gurnee from the US, Mart de Jong from The Netherlands, Gunnar Schuster and Christoph Schade from Germany, young frenchman Pierre Alexandre Renet, Vitaly Tonkov from Russia and of course Ross Branch from Botswana who finished as runner-up for the past 4 years. At last he want’s to become Champion in Namibia. How will Steffi Laier, the runner-up in the Womens World Championship fare, versus those riders mentioned above?
All national Classes will race plus there will be exciting, international Quads-A-Class racing with participants from Angola and South Africa challenging our own breed of 4-wheeler-stars.
Steffi Laier
Steffi Laier
When all riders have completed their three heats, the best will meet at around 16:30 p.m. for the all-decisive race: "E. L. Sea Products King of the Dirt". This race will last a long twenty minutes, in which everything will be demanded from the riders and only the strongest and fittest will be able to complete it. This is always the highlight in Moto Cross...but not so with the Inter-Series! On Novemeber 8th, after prize-giving the Shell Helix Gladiator Freestyle Show gets started with some of South Africas best Freestylers like Hein Fick and IFMXF rider Werner van der Merwe.
The Jägermeister-Party afterwards, which is being held in the Jägermeister-Party-Barn are legend! The great chance to chat with the MX-Stars from around the globe and southern Africa! DJ-Coco will play his hot rhythms and Windhoek's youth will surge to Gallina by the dozen. It will be the rave-up! A Party not to be missed, that's for sure!
Author: Holger Kroemer ... [back]
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