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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
10.11.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Jägermeister-Trophy goes to France

Frenchman Pela Renet deserves victory

The 2008 Inter-Series began with bad news! One of the favourite riders, the American Carter Gurnee had an accident last Friday on the training track near the Country Club. Carter sustained a pelvic fracture and will not be able to participate for the Hotwire-Honda Pupkewitz Team.
What followed on Saturday however was one highlight after the other. More than 2000 spectators came to Gallina, the weather was fine, and the after-party was a foretaste of what is to come on the 15th, when Snotkop give their debut performance in Namibia. Since this event adheres to the rules of the AMU, the protagonists in the Open-Class rode separately from the 125cc Class and only met for the E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt.
Animal Wise
Animal Wise
It was no difficulty for Ross Branch from Botswana to demonstrate his position of power during the first heat in the Bike & Quad Clinic 125cc Class. Ross grabbed the holeshot and lead Animal Wise (NAM), Björn Bierbrauer (GER), Alexander Howard (NAM), Ryan Frerichs (RSA) und Mart de Jong from the Netherlands into the first left/right curve combination. Animal Wise crashed in the third lap and handed 2nd position over to ex-Namibian Björn Bierbrauer, who earns his living in Germany now. Mart de Jong moved up to 3rd position and kept the former Namibian rider Kai Pritzen - who represents South Africa - in check. Richard van der Westhuizen (RSA) storms in from behind and charges across the field. Björn Bierbrauer and Mart de Jong battle for 2nd position which Björn has to hand over to the guy from the Netherlands in the 8th lap. Bierbrauer stayed put and was able to obtain 2nd rank again but ultimately had to make way for de Jong during the last lap.

125cc Class - 1st Heat:

  1. Ross Branch, Honda, BOT
  2. Mart de Jong, Honda, NED
  3. Björn Bierbnrauer, Yamaha, GER
  4. Richard van der Westhuizen, Suzuki, RSA
  5. Ryan Frerichs, Suzuki, RSA
  6. Kai Pritzen, Honda RSA
  7. Steffi Laier, KTM, GER
  8. Benjamin Kolberg, Yamaha, RSA
  9. Henry O’Kennedy, Honda, NAM
  10. Erhard Pajewski, Yamaha, RSA
In the 125cc Class Richard van der Westhuizen won the holeshot in the second heat, pressed hard by Ross Branch. At the onset there was some grappling for 1st rank but then Branch gave up. The two were followed by Björn Bierbrauer, Alexander Howard (NAM), Ryan Frereichs und Mart de Jong who all battled for positions. Mart fought down one after the other and found himself on 4th position in the third lap. Steffi Laier and Gunnar Schuster improved their positions impressively after a miserable start.
Mart de Jong
Mart de Jong

125cc Class - 2nd Heat:

  1. Richard van der Westhuizen, Suzuki, RSA
  2. Ross Branch, Honda, BOT
  3. Björn Bierbrauer, Yamaha, GER
  4. Ryan Frerichs, Suzuki, RSA
  5. Mart de Jong, Honda, NED
  6. Gunnar Schuster, Suzuki, GER
  7. Alexander Howard, Yamaha, NAM
  8. Steffi Laier, KTM, GER
  9. Erhard Pajewski, Yamaha, RSA
  10. Henry O’Kennedy, Honda, NAM
Now let u stake a look at the Neo Paints Open-Class. If we had followed the british custom of handing the cheque to the holeshot-king, Vitaly Tonkow would be loaded by now! The man from Siberia grabbed the holeshot in all three heats. Ronnie Adams, our man from Namibia was also pretty quick at the start but had to give up his 2nd position in the third lap when the Frenchman Pela Renet, Lloyd Vercueil (SA) and his fellow country man Liam O’Farrel got past Adams. Behind them Namibian Tommy Gous, Christopher Schade (GER), Bruce May (SA) and the South African former champion Geoff Den battled for position. At the front, Renet took the lead despite strong resistance from Tonkov, and won the heat.
Pierre Alexandre "Pela" Renet (FRA)
Pierre Alexandre "Pela" Renet (FRA)

Open-Class - 1st Heat:

  1. Pierre Alexandre Renet, Suzuki, FRA
  2. Vitaly Tonkov, Yamaha, RUS
  3. Lloyd Vercueil, Honda, RSA
  4. Liam O’Farrel, Yamaha, RSA
  5. Tommy Gous, Yamaha, NAM
  6. Christoph Schade, Honda, GER
  7. Bruce May, Yamaha, RSA
  8. Geoff Den, Suzuki, RSA
  9. Ronnie Adams, Kawasaki, NAM
  10. Neil Thompson, Kawasaki, RSA
At the start to the second heat the tension was palpable; the riders worked the ground over with their boots to build the perfect rut. The gate drops and Tonkov wins the start, followed closely by Liam O’Farrel, Lloyd Vercueil and Pela Renet. These were followed by another strong group having a tough ding-dong battle made up of Bruce May, Rudi Brand (NAM), Ronnie Adams, Christopher Schade and Geoff Den. As if they were drawn on strings they raced across the track, sometimes so close one could have covered them with a tablecloth. In the third lap Liam O’Farrel assumes the lead and when the leading pack hits the first lapped riders it’s a real tumult. The first to appear out of the dust again is Pela Renet and he doesn’t let go of the lead again.

Open Class - 2nd Heat:

  1. Pierre Alexandre Renet, Suzuki, FRA
  2. Vitaly Tonkov, Yamaha, RUS
  3. Lloyd Vercueil, Honda, RSA
  4. Liam O’Farrel, Yamaha, RSA
  5. Tommy Gous, Yamaha, NAM
  6. Bruce May, Yamaha, RSA
  7. Christoph Schade, Honda, GER
  8. Ronnie Adams, Kawasaki, NAM
  9. Rudi Brand, Honda, NAM
  10. Daniel Pajewski, KTM, RSA
Lloyd Vercueil
Lloyd Vercueil
Now for the highlight of the day, the E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt. 26 riders are at the starting gate. Engines scream, gate drops and the Russian Tonkov assumes the lead, followed by the Frenchman Renet, Lloyd Vercueil, Liam O’Farrel, Branch, Bierbrauer, Wise, Gous and Richard van der Westhuizen. To analyse the action in mid-field one would need a lap-chart. Slowly but surely van der Weshuizen works himself from 9th to 5th position. At the front no changes occur. This was world-class MX-sport. The trophy for the first racing day "Jägermeister MX-Classic" goes to France.

Final Heat - E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt:

  1. Pierre Alexandre Renet, Suzuki, Bikes4Fun – Team France
  2. Vitali Tonkov, Yamaha, Radiowave 96,7 – Team Russia
  3. Loyd Vercueil, Honda, Waldschmidt Eggs – Team South Africa
  4. Ross Branch, Honda, NamIce – Botswana Team
  5. Richard van der Westhuizen, Suzuki, Waldschmidt Eggs – Team South Africa
  6. Björn Bierbrauer, Yamaha, NamITcc – Team Germany
  7. Tommy Gous, Yamaha, Jägermeister – Team Namibia
  8. Ryan Frerichs, Suzuki, Waldschmidt Eggs – Team South Africa
  9. Benny Kolberg, Yamaha, NamITcc – Team Germany
  10. Bruce May, Yamaha, Waldschmidt Eggs Team South Africa
  11. Kai Pritzen, Honda, Waldschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa
  12. Gunnar Schuster, Suzuki, NamITcc – Team Germany
  13. Steffi Laier, KTM, NamITcc – Team Germany
  14. Geoff Den, Suzuki, waldschmidt Eggs – Team South Africa
  15. Rudi Brand, Honda, Jägermeister – Team Namibia
The other MX-classes offered excitement as well. The Castrol 65cc Class was Tristan Muller’s playground; he won with a maximum number of points ahead of Michael Barlow and Roberto Holtz.
The Honda Pupkewitz 85cc Class was an international class. The German Bodo Schmidt Team sent little Stefan Eckerold, who in the first heat felt the power of Mark Sternagel but in the second heat he demonstrated his German “perseverance”, taught in hundreds of mx-battles in Germany and Mark Sternagel, who lead up to that point, found himself in the dirt. Our boys are not used to this toughness on the track yet and Mark Sternagel handed over the lead to Eckerold in the third heat. Tristan Muller landed on a good 3rd place ahead of Pauli Loots.
Eric Williams (RSA) vs Wolfgang Röhl (NAM)
Eric Williams (RSA) vs Wolfgang Röhl (NAM)
The Quads-Classes displayed some exciting racing sport, especially the Red Square Quads-A-Class and the Wire Industries Quads-B-Class, which competed together. Honda Pupkewitz had a really tough candidate in its team: South African Eric Williams who dropped out in the first heat while being in the lead, but who then displayed two clean victories and won ahead of Jean Venter (NAM). Close behind came Michael Behnke (NAM) in 3rd position. Ecki Spoerer (NAM) won the B-Class ahead of his fellow countrymen Eugene Slippers and Gideon van Sittert. The Spot Motor Spares Ladies-Class was well staffed and here too Honda Pupkewitz had an impressive rider, namely Leandry van Blommenstein (SA). However, Mandy Huysamen (NAM) was the measure of all things and so the trophy stayed at home. 2nd spot on the rostrum for Leandry van Blommestein ahead of Anneke Steenkamp (NAM).
In the Afribeer Clubmen’s Class Leigh Jean Skoppelitus won ahead of André Basson and Tertius Joubert, all Namibians.
Jean Venter (NAM) vs Phillipie Baard (RSA)
Jean Venter (NAM) vs Phillipie Baard (RSA)
The Shell Helix Mini-Quads Class was a national class and here Jacques Maree won, ahead of Joane Steenkamp and Marco Kessler, who participated for the first time in a race.
After the award ceremony the Shell Helix Gladiator Freestyle Show took place. Werner van der Merwe and Hein Fick showed some impressive Aerobatics, but he saved the Backflip for next weekend. After the Freestyle DJ-Coco turned the discs and the famous Jägermeister Party got started.
On 15th November the 2nd run of the Inter-Series gets started under the official name "Wesbank-MX Dash For Cash", thereafter the Shell Helix Gladiator Freestyle Show will wow the crowd and then the Tafel Lager Punk Night with Snotkop will entertain the youth … headbanging! This will be the party of the year! You should not miss this one!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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