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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
10.11.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Tafel Lager Punk Night with Snotkop
Every year the Windhoek Moto Cross Club holds it’s annual International Motocross Inter-Series. To attract lots of spectators to the track, is not done with the best mx-riders available but needs more attractions like the annual Shell Helix Gladiator Freestyle Show. And in 2007 the WMCC invited Big-Brother darling Stefan Ludik to heat up the young fans.
In 2008 the WMCC, in partnership with Tony Viljoen, had the splendit idea to invite the most popular Afrikaans rebel rocker SNOTKOP to Windhoek to entertain the crowd. This idea was proposed to the main-sponsor of the night-entertainment, to Tafel Lager who supported this endeavour with a substantial amount of money. The offical name of this happening is Tafel Lager Punk Night with Snotkop.
Namibia Breweries supplied their biggest tent and IBC Airconditioning installed and sponsored a massive airconditioner to keep the tent cool.
Snotkop will hold two gigs that evening the first one to start at about 20:00 p.m. the second time on stage will be at around 22:00 p.m.
The following was found on the internet: Snotkop translated directly, it means “snothead”, but the actual meaning resides somewhere with brat or upstart, with a bit of the outsider thrown in. It is the type of irritating, cheeky character that works on the corseted tits of conservative and patriarchal Afrikanerdom. This is what Jo’burg singer Francois Henning had in mind when he appropriated the name Snotkop for his latest project of Afrikaans dancepunk, with its loads of sneering kak attitude, sleazy-seductive tunes and beats the size of a sumo-wrestler forcefed on koeksisters.
Even though he is 32, Henning still looks the 17-year old snotkop who had a difficult time fitting in at sports-grazy suburban Hoerskool Randburg.
"I wasn’t very good at sport and immediately you are labelled either a drop-out or your sexuality gets attacked", says Henning
At Randburg kids were divided into classes based on their academic achievements.
"The A Class is the intellectual kids – down to the J-Class, where I was," he says. "I rember the most as somebody that doesn’t really fit in or know much or is looked down upon, brushed aside. And Snotkop was the perfect, perfect symbol of my experiences."
In the meantime Snotkop is hugely popular. It is no surprise because his music expres- ses eloquently what many young Afrikaaners feel. Some call him shitstirrer, he takes it with a smile.
His career started off as "Lekgoa" the white boy doing Kwaito in fluent Sesotho.
"I have done and lived the Kwaito experience for six years, I had a great time und success. Then it was time for a career move, because I have a great passion for punk music."
His music sounds like a musical potjieskos, a mixture of AC/DC, ZZ Top and Beasty Boys and Madonna as ingridients.The Tafel Lager Punknight with Snotkop will be staged on November 15th after the Wesbank-MX Dash for Cash prizegiving, at the Gallina Motocross Park. As a service to the fans, BankWindhoek established an ATM at Gallina. Gallina Motocross Park is situated 15 K’s outside of Windhoek on the road towards Okahandja.
Signposts show the way to the action! This is the Party of the year 2008, a party not to be missed!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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