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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
11.11.2008 Moto Cross Inter-Series 2008: Wesbank-MX Dash for Cash

Moto-X, entertainment, show and party this coming Saturday

On the 15th of November all motor sport fans, all ravers and punks and party animals meet at the Gallina Moto Cross Park for the entertainment event of the year! One ticket gets you first class international Moto Cross, Freestyle and the evening’s highlight: two performances by Snotkop as part of the Tafel Lager Punk Night.
A Winner of the Jägermeister-Trophy Pela Renet, France
A Winner of the Jägermeister-Trophy Pela Renet, France
For the motor sport fans there is of course only one thing that counts: who will become "Namibia International Champion", who wins the big cheque in the “Wesbank-MX Dash for Cash”. The spectacular racing day last weekend has shown that there are a couple of aspirants. "Pela" Pierre Alexandre Renet from France leads with a maximum number of 60 points, closely followed by Russian Vitaly Tonkov in the Neo Paints Open-Class. There is still a chance for the Russian to win. Local hero Tommy Gous has chances as well, but lady luck would have to be on his side. The South African Liam O’Farrel was very able to keep up in the heats but in the E.L.Sea Products King of the Dirt he only achieved disappointing 6 points. The same goes for his fellow countryman Lloyd Vercueil who lost good points in the King of the Dirt due to a disqualification. Christoph Schade from Germany started with a good 6th place, but slacked thereafter.
Liam O’Farrel (RSA)
Liam O’Farrel (RSA)
In the Bike & Quad Clinic 125ccm Class Ross Branch from Botswana is in leading position, with 57 points, ahead of the champion from South Africa Richard van der Westhuizen. In 3rd position we find the Namibian Björn Bierbrauer, who now lives and rides in Germany. Great achievement for Björn in this international field of riders! Ryan Frerichs offered a solid performance and ranks 4th at the moment. "Flying Dutchman" from the Netherlands, Mart de Jong, started with an exceptional 2nd place, then a good 5th place but ultimately made a blunder in the King of the Dirt race. These points will be dearly missed in the end.
Kai Pritzen, former Namibian rider who lives in Johannesburg now, ranks 6th. His position could have been better but he lost good points due to a crash in the second heat. Women vice-world champion Steffi Laier from Germany probably hoped for more but she stayed in the front-third and made two 7th and one 8th places. One also expected more from the German Gunnar Schuster, who was very unhappy with the power of his Suzuki. He will probably spend this week tuning his bike.
Another one from Germany, the former "Namibian International Champion" Benjamin Kolberg, was seen more in mid-field, but in the King of the Dirt he convinced us with a 5th place. This coming Saturday everything is still open and we are eager to see who will be the overall champion to win the Wesbank Trophy and who wins the title "Namibia International Champion".
Stefan Eckerold (GER)
Stefan Eckerold (GER)
The youngsters participate as well. In the Castrol 65cc Class nothing seems to get past Tristan Muller from Okahandja. Michael Barlow and Matthew Nederlof will battle for 2nd place. In the Honda Pupkewitz 85cc Class it is the German Stefan Eckerold who is leading with 57 points, very closely followed by our Namibian poster-child Mark Sternagel with 54 points. Tristan Muller and Pauli Loots will both want the 3rd vacant podium spot. In the Joker’s Pizzeria Clubmen’s Class the Angolan Jose Teixeira achieved a maximum number of points, an achievement he definitely wants to repeat on Saturday but his opponents, the Namibians Frank Steyn and Mark Ratheiser, aren’t sleeping. And Carsten Kölling from Germany also wants a podium spot.
Jean Venter (NAM) vs Phillipie Baard (RSA)
Jean Venter (NAM) vs Phillipie Baard (RSA)
In the Red Square Quads-A-Class South African Eric Williams is leading with 50 points, and representing the colours of Honda Pupkewitz. He is followed by the young Namibian Jean Venter with 49 points. Michael Behnke is on 3rd place with 48 points. This class may be good for some surprises.
In the Wire Industries Quad-B-Class it’s Ecki Spoerer leading ahead of Eugene Slippers and Gideon van Sittert. These guys are so much alike in their skills that a prediction is impossible.
In the Spot Motor Spares Ladies Quads Mandy Huysamen from Windhoek is in the leading position but has to reckon with strong opposition from the South African Leandry van Blommenstein (sponsored by Honda Pupkewitz). Anneke Steenkamp from Namibia also made a good impression while Namibia’s "wonder girl" Cee-Anne Greyling tries to keep up.
The Afribeer Quads-Clubmen’s Class is run internationally but the two Angolans Caldeira and Guannios did not leave a big impression, so it will become a solely Namibian affair. between Leigh Jean Skoppelitus, André Basson and Tertius Joubert.
So don’t forget: The Wesbank-MX Dash for Cash Moto Cross race and the Shell Helix Gladiator Freestyle Show, followed by the highlight of the day, the Tafel Lager Punk Night with Snotkop from South Africa, will take place on the 15th of November. Gallina is so hot, it’s sizzling!
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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