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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
21.10.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview

Rent-A-Drum Team Great-Britain

We start introducing the participating teams at the annual Motocross Inter-Series 2009 with the riders from England. Here we find one of the fastest riders of the English DEP National British Championships of the Expert-Class, Andre Arthur David. Andre David started professional racing in 1996 and made for himself a name not only in his home-country but also abroad in Spain, Holland, France, Ireland, USA and South Africa. Let’s look at the oustanding achievements of Andre.
Andre Arthur David
Andre Arthur David
In 1996 in South Africa he participated in the 125 Pro-Class finishing third. In England he finishes 13th in the 125cc Class in the year 2000. In 2005 Andres participates in the Fourstroke-Championship and finishes in 24th spot. In 2007 his breakthrough came with overall 5th in the DEP National British 2-Stroke Championship Expert-Class. No small feat, but he can repeat that success a year later in 2008 again.
In 2009 Andre David gets a ride for the Colchester Kawasaki Team and he finished the ECR Championship in 4th place. With that kind of reputation we will find the Englishman up front in Namibia as well.
Andre get accompanied by his friend and mechanic Stacie Bush. Bush only started mx-racing two years ago, to old to become a worldchampion, but good enough to show Namibia’s Clubmenriders a trick or two. The English-team gets sponsored by Rent-A-Drum. Messrs Rent-A-Drum is a staunch supporter of Namibian Moto-X racing for the past 6 years. Thank you so much!
The Englishmen can be cheered on at the 1st race of the Inter-series on 7th November in Swakopmund and one week later, 14th November at gallina Motocross Park, outside of Windhoek.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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