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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
02.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview

Jägermeister - Team Germany

The Namibian distributors of the German herbal liqueur „Jägermeister“ brand are engaged in mx-racing for the past 6 years already. At Gallina Moto Cross Park the afterrace-party is traditionally known as the Jägermeister-Party amongst the Windhoek Youths…the hottest party with the coldest shots, as they say.
Christoph Schade
Christoph Schade
Since 2005 they even went further and sponsored an individual mx-rider, Ronnie Adams. It was that sponsorship that allowed Ronnie to partake at the GP of South Africa. Jägermeister the most popular liqueur at Gallina Motocross Park, an original German product, it was quite obvious that they would become the sponsor of Team Germany.
Christoph Schade is a rider with a very good reputation. For him it is his 3rd trip to Africa. In 2007 and 2008 he could not fullfill what was expected of him, due to some technical failures. But his 7th spot in last years “E.L.Sea Products King of the Dirt” speaks for itself. If the WMCC can provide him this year with a good bike he should also be found up front.
His resumee looks impressive though, Regional Champion of Saxony-Anhalt 125cc Class in the year 1996. 5th spot in the 1999 OMK-Pokal Championship 125cc Class. Thereafter he finsihed 6th overall in the proper German Championships 125cc. That same year he finished in 10th spot in the European Supercross Championships held in Leipzig. The year after he tried his luck in World-Championship racing with mixed results as well as the famous Inter-DM in Germany. In 2004 he finished 4th in the famous “Ostseepokal” competition, an internationally renowned classic MX event near the Baltic-Sea. He won the Regional Championships in Saxony-Anhalt 250cc Class between 2004 and 2006 and he finished the 2007 Europe-Asia Cup in 4th overall. In 2008 he finished 6th overall at the Europe-Asia Cup this time held in Russia in Cheljabinsk and Magnitokorsk. With this reputation Christoph Schade should be found up front.
Christian Lechner
Christian Lechner
The second rider from Germany has also been riding previously in Namibia, that must be about 7 or 8 years ago. Christian Lechner was born on 18th July 1986. Christian started racing in ernest in 1997. In the year 2000 he won the DJFM Thuringia-Championship 85cc Class, the year after he became DJFM Thuringia-Champion in the 125cc Class a feat he could repeat in 2002. In 2003 he finished as runner-up in the Thuringia-Championship and finished 5th in the DJFM German Championships 125cc Class. In 2004 he paused due to an injury. In 2005 he started racing again and finished 7th in the Thuringia-Championships 125cc Class. In 2006 he raced the northern “German Motocross Pokal “ 125cc Class and in this reputable catgory he finished in 11th spot. The year after he raced again the “German Motocross Pokal” 450cc and finished in an excellent 5th spot. In 2008 he finished 7th in the “German Motocross Pokal” and he finished 10th in the highly reputable “German MotoX Amateur-Masters Championship”.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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