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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
02.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview
Geoff Den

Walschmidt Eggs - Team South Africa

Waldschmidt Eggs will traditionally be the patron for the team from South Africa. It is always a major problem to obtain rider-profiles from these chaps, from south of the Orange-river! But for one exception and that is the living legend Geoff Den
For Geoff it is already his 10th Inter-Series and his 11th appearance at Gallina, and he loves the unique atmosphere of the annual Inter-Series here in Namibia. Geoff has won all categories in his home country and at his age he’s participating in the Masters National Class and finished the 2009 season in 2nd position, runner-up. He raced in 6 AMU-African Championships in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and twice in Namibia and twice in South Africa, he raced the Veterans World Cup in Namur in Belgium in 2006 and 2007 and he raced the Veterans World Cup at Glen Helen in California. Geoff will compete on his trustworthy Suzuki RMZ 450 in the Open-Class category in Namibia.
Kerim Fitzgerald has signed! The ex “Namibia International Champion 2007”, Kerim Fitzgerald can boast about an impressive mx-career. Kerim was born on January 7th 1987. After winning the PW, 60cc, 80cc Classes between 1991 and 2001, he moved in 2002 to the 125cc Highschool Class and finished 3rd in his first year. In 2003 he became SA-Champion 125cc Highschool Class. In 2004 he had to move up to the 125cc Pro-Class and finished on the podium in 3rd position. In 2005 he finished as runner-up in the same category. In that same year he travelled for the first time abroad, to Dortmund/Germany where he demonstrated his skills in the Westfalenhalle. He finished 9th in front of a capacity crowd of 30.000. In 2006 he became SA-Champion 125cc Pro-Class and finished 2nd overall in the Open-Class category.
Kerim Fitzgerald
Kerim Fitzgerald
In 2007 he moved to Canada to compete in the MX2 East Championship finishing 8th, but won the Ontario Provincial.Championships. That same year he raced the first time in Namibia and became “Namibia International Champion”. In 2008 Kerim moved back to Canada and tried his luck in the Canadian MX2 National Championships finishing in a respectable 8th overall. In Namibia Kerim is on the title-chase again!.
Lloyd Vercueil
Lloyd Vercueil
A rider that impressed friends and foes alike in the previous 2 years in Namibia is Lloyd Vercueil. Lloyd was born on 18th July 1989, is multiple SA-Champion in different Classes. After his demostration of skill, he received a ride in Germany for Team Silent-Sport to participate in the ADAC Youngster-Cup, the tougest competition in Europe and he finished in an outstanding 5th spot, that same year he raced the German National 125cc Class which he finished in 8th spot. In 2007 he raced for the first time in the Namibian Inter-Series which he finished in 3rd overall and the year after, in 2008 he mas marginally beaten by Frenchman Pela Renet who later became Worldchampion in the MX3 Class. His apperance in Namibia was in both instances made possible by Honda Pupkewitz.
Richard van der Westhuizen
Richard van der Westhuizen
Richard van der Westhuizen has signed as well. Unfortunately he did not supply the organisers with a rider-profile, but we know that Richard is a multiple Zimbabwe-Champion, was runner-up in the 2008 SA-Championships MX1 Class, that same year he raced the Namibian Inter-Series and finished 4th in the “E.L.Sea Products King of the Dirt” and he crowned his carreer by winning the 2009 South African Championships in the premier-class, the MX1 Class. Another “Star” is Michael Kok, well known in Namibia. Michael Kok won the AMU-Championship in 2004, was South African Champion in the MX2 Class in 2008 and last June he raced the Full Throttle AMU Championship in Namibia and finsihed in 4th, behind Namibia’s poster-boy Björn Bierbrauer. In 2009 Michael Kok finished as rummer-up in the South African Championships MX1 Class.
Michael Kok
Michael Kok
There are also entries from Ryan Angilley, of which we do not have any rider-profile as well as Gary Killian who finished the 2009 South African Masters Class in 4th spot. He frankly admits that he’s coming to Namibia for the Tafel Lager–Jägermeister Party!
This is an impressive line-up from South Africa! These are South Africa’s very best. Messrs Waldschmidt is engaged in Moto-X for decades already. Eckhard and his younger brother Ingo were at the helm of the Windhoek Moto Cross Club for many years and it was during their reigns that the WMCC progressed most, shining sample is the Gallina Motocross Park, which was built on the Waldschmidt Egg farm. Both Waldschmidts also excelled during their careers as mx-riders. Now, being a little bit older, they both are engaged extremly successfully in Enduro-riding. Ingo was in the lime-light again when he participated successfully in the 2008 Rallye Paris-Dakar. There runs petrol in their veins.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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