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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
09.11.2009 13th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Results

Botswana’s Branch wins Kingsley-Trophy in Swakop

This was a picture-book event, everything was just the way it’s supposed to be; excellent organisation by the host Namib Off-Road Club, a good number of spectators, first-class riders, and a maximum victory for the representative of the Bike & Quad Clinic Team from Botswana: Ross Branch.
Ross Branch
Ross Branch
Already in the first heat of the Radiowave 96,7-MX1/MX2 Class Branch’s performance was perfect. He grabbed the hole-shot and made such immense progress that the other riders must have felt quite humiliated. South Africas Richard van der Westhuizen, Kerim Fitzgerald, Michael Kok and Wyatt Avis battled it out, their respective positions changing frequently. Except for André David, the Europeans did not look too good in this first heat.
Kerim Fitzgerald vs Richard van der Westhuizen
Kerim Fitzgerald vs Richard van der Westhuizen
In the second heat Branch rode directly to first position again, ahead of Michael Kok, Kerim Fitzgerald, Wyatt Avis and Richard van der Westhuizen. The second group was lead by André David, followed by Namibia’s poster boy Björn Bierbrauer and the representative from Germany Christian Lechner on 8th position. In the third lap Tommy Gous got behind his fellow countryman Bierbrauer, but was not able to pass him. In the sixth lap Kerim Fitzgerald was able to push GP-rider Avis to 4th place. The South Africans definitely played hardball. Branch wins ahead of Kok and Fitzgerald.
In the all deciding E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt Race Michael Kok grabbed the holeshot, but Branch caught up with him just ahead of the traverse. Behind them the South Africans Kerim Fitzgerald, Wyatt Avis and Richard van der Westhuizen battled it out. This pack of four was followed by a hard duel between André David (GB), Tommy Gous (Namibia), Frank Klosta (Namibia), Ruhan Gous (Namibia) and Christian Lechner (Germany). During the ninth lap André David manages to gets past Avis. Ross Branch dedicated this maximum win to his seriously ill mother. In his eights attempt he wins the covetet Kingsley-Trophy in Swakopmund.
Björn Bierbrauer (191) vs Wyatt Avis
Björn Bierbrauer (191) vs Wyatt Avis

Results E.L. Sea Products King of the Dirt

  1. Ross Branch, Bike & Quad Clinic-Team Botswana, Honda, 25 points
  2. Michael Kok, Waldschmidt -Team Southafrika, KTM, 22
  3. Kerim Fitzgerald, Waldschmidt-Team Southafrika, KTM, 20
  4. Richard van der Westhuizen, Waldschmidt –Team Southafrika, KTM, 19
  5. Andre David, Rent-A-Drum – Team England, Honda, 18
  6. Wyatt Avis, Waldschmidt –Team Southafrika, Honda, 17
  7. Tommy Gous, Kingsley – Team Namibia, Yamaha, 16
  8. Alexander Howard, Kingsley – Team Namibia, Honda, 15
  9. Frank Klosta, Kingsley –Team Namibia, 14
  10. Christian Lechner, Jägermeister – Team Germany, 13
The races of the AGRA-MX Lites Class were only carried out on a national level this year. Tristan Muller lived up to his role as favourite and won with a maximum number of points ahead of archrival Pauli Loots and Matthew Nederlof.
Very exciting and with an international cast were the races in the H.J. Electrical Clubmen’s Class. Namibian Jean-Pierre Hugo won with a maximum ahead of South African Gary Killian and the young man from Botswana, Dartagnan Lobjoit. Best European was Stacie Bush from Great Britain in 9th place.
Dirkie Baard
Dirkie Baard
The international races in the various Quad-Classes were highly interesting. Dirkie Baard from Walvisbay deservedly won the Sun Factor Quad A-and-B-Class, dominating his class in the same way Ross Branch did among the solo-riders. Three starts - 3 wins! The only ones who could keep up were Michael Behnke, Jean Venter, who crashed in the 2nd heat and Phillipie Baard, the latter having had a malfunction during the King of the Quads. Ecki Spoerer triumphed among the Quad-B riders, ahead of Louw Greyvenstein.
Ecki Spoerer
Ecki Spoerer
The South Africans Jacques Struwig and Paul Vermaak especially made a name for themselves during the Snyman Transport – King of the Quads. Right after the start, Dierkie Baard assumes the lead, closely followed by Michael Behnke. These are followed by a battling Jaques Struwig and Paul Vermaak. Wolfgang Röhl is fighting it out with Spoerer, but they can’t get past the South Africans. This race was overshadowed by Angolan Fabio Ferreira’s crash, who fractured his hand and arm after a tough landing at the Table.

Results Snyman Transport King of the Quads:

  1. Dirkie Baard, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, Honda, 25 points
  2. Michael Behnke, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, Honda, 22
  3. Jaques Struwig, Bike & Quad Clinic – Team Southafrika, Honda, 20
  4. Paul Vermaak, Bike & Quad Clinic – Team Southafrika, Suzuki, 19
  5. Wolfgang Röhl, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, KTM, 18
  6. Ecki Spoerer, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, Honda, 17
  7. Stephan Smidt, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, Suzuki, 16
  8. Zinildo Silva, Honda Muxima Racing – Team Angola, Honda, 15
  9. Louw Greyvenstein, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, Suzuki, 14
  10. Jaco Sneyman, E.L. Sea Products – Team Namibia, KTM, 13
The Propshaft Engineering Ladies Quads Class was also carried out internationally. The girls from Namibia showed everyone how tough they are and grabbed the 3 places on the rostrum. Charney Joubert won once again with a maximum, ahead of Anneke Steenkamp and Mandy Huysamen. Annelise Boshoff, best South African in 4th place, followed by Maike Bochert (Namibia) and Shandie Els from South Africa.
The Paramount Healthcare Quads-C-Class was pretty exciting as well. J.C. le Roux battled it out with Freddie Stander and won overall with the same number of points. Third came Dillan Skoppelitus, ahead of South African Ross Rugheimer.
The Quad-Clubmen’s Class was a dire disappointment for the spectators with only 4 participants! Especially at international events spectators should not have to be confronted with such a meagre line-up. Willem Wessels stayed victorious ahead of Leroy Victor and Gary Rouwland.
On the whole it was a wonderful event, which will find its conclusion this coming Saturday, 14th of November at the Gallina Moto Cross Park, just outside of Windhoek.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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