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National MX News : Namibian Inter-Series
01.11.2010 14th edition of Motocross Inter-Series - Preview

Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic

Under this official title a so called invitational moto-x-race will be held at Adrenalin Park in Olympia on the 6th of November. For 36 years the WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) has hosted MX-races in Namibia and the Inter-Series goes into its 14th year now.
SA Champion 2010 Dirkie Baard
SA Champion 2010 Dirkie Baard
After the track's baptism 14 days ago everything is set to host this major event. Some improvements will still be carried out on the track, the main entrance will be moved and the starting gate will be moved to a more spectator-friendly position in the middle of the track.
Jägermeister ist the main sponsor and supports this annual event for he past 7 years. Sales manager Johan van der Westhuizen emphasised that his company is impressed by the positive image of the MX-sport, the reliability in the organisation of races - be it national or international - can serve as a role model. The event in Olympia carries the official title "Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic".
Jose Teixeira, Angola
Jose Teixeira, Angola
Apart from the local stars Ecki Spoerer, Jaco Sneyman, Goggo van Wyk, Jaycee le Roux, Gary Rowland and Willem Wessels, we have two guest riders from South Africa in the Jägermeister Quad-A-Class, namely Dirkie Baard, the 2-time South African Quad- and Offroad-champion and Africa-Champion 2010, and his brother Phillipie who finished 3rd place in the SA-championships. Apart from them we have the Angolan Fabio Ferreira, who has already taken part in two Inter-Series in Namibia in the past. Fabio won the Angolan Quad-championship in 2008 and 2009 and was always one of the top riders in Namibia.
Quad-Ace Fabio Ferreira, Angola
Quad-Ace Fabio Ferreira, Angola
The protagonists of the Radiowave 96,7fm MX1/MX2 Class are equally popular as the riders in the 4-Wheeler class. Björn Bierbrauer's “Champion”title is secured but still fights for every point. In this class we find fast guys like Tommy Gous, Jaco Loots, Ruhan Gous, Rudolf Steyn, Brannigan "Animal" Wise or the greatly improved Mark Sternagel. Foreign guests include Jose Carlos Westwood Teixeira aka Ze-Commando. Ze won the Benguela-Moto-Cross-Championship four times in a row, as well as numerous offroad-races in Angola. From Germany we welcome Gunnar Schuster. Apart from a couple of wins at Namibian nationals for which he flew in extra from Germany, he achieved exceptionally well in the Inter-Series.
Gunnar was born November 25th 1975 and already sat on a bike at the tender age of three. 1992 was a successful year when he won the title German Champion 125cc, overall champion in the German MX-Cup and Northern German Champion 125cc. Then he completed training as a carpenter, which was followed by his Fach-Abitur certificate and only in 2000 he found his way back to the MX-circus. In 2003 Gunnar wanted to take part again in the world championships and German championships; the conditions in the Jef Jansen Honda Team were great... but fate struck. A seemingly harmless slip fractured his lower leg in such a complicated way that the doctors already expected having to amputate him. A noted team of physicians rescued his leg but due to the inflammations that followed it took 14 months for him to take part in a race again. During the "national" on Gallina in July 2006 Gunnar demonstrated that he was still very fast on the track. He was the winner of the day during his first race after his convalescence! But fate was still not on his side. After a couple of promising preparatory races in Germany and the Netherlands he applied for the Inter-Series 2006 in Namibia. As expected he was one of the leading riders but in the King of the Dirt it happened: When landing behind the big finish table, he slid from the footpeg and the footpeg fractured his heel. Complications and infections followed and it took more than 18 months for Gunnar to start training again. Now he feels fit again and wants to call the title "Jägermeister Invitational MX-Champion" his own.
Gunnar Schuster, Germany
Gunnar Schuster, Germany
From Botswana we have Dartagnan Lobjoit, who rode in Namibia before and showed his skill in numerous fights on South African race tracks. Dartagnan will be joined by his fellow countryman Ross Branch. Ross was born May 5th 1986 and started with MX in 1994. 2002 was one of Branch's best years, he finished 3rd place at the AMU-Championships in Kenya, won the Botswana champion-title and won the 125cc Inter-Series in Namibia. During this event, KTM-team manager Bodo Schmidt from Germany was present and hired Ross to ride in Europe.
Ross Branch, Botswana
Ross Branch, Botswana
On Germany's tough racing tracks Ross had to realise that he won't march through in the 125cc German Championships, as he was used to. He saw his first year in the German Championships as “gained experience” but won the regional championship southwest cup in the group "south" in the German Moto Cross Cup 125cc, a high-quality amateur cup. In the following year he raced for the Pfeil-Kawasaki Team in Germany and in 2006 he rode for the EBS-Sturm-Team, also in Germany. In that same year he finished 2nd place during the Inter-Series in Namibia, behind the German Benny Kolberg. In 2007 Ross returned to Botswana und rode in the Wreckers Campbell Kawasaki team. This year was a good year as well. Ross became Namibian Champion in the 125cc class, made overall 3rd at the SA-Championships in the 125cc class, overall 2nd in the Namibian Inter-Series and he won the AMU-championship in Nairobi in the 125cc class. In 2008 he missed the SA-championships for 6 weeks due to hand surgery but finished in a good 3rd overall place nonetheless. In 2009 - riding for Badboy Honda and Wreckers, he won the Full Throttle AMU-Championship in the MX2 Class, which was held in Namibia. In the South African Championships he finished 5th in the MX1 class and 2nd place in the MX2 class. For 8 long years Ross was the "eternal no. 2" at the Namibian Inter-Series. Then in the previous year 2009 he deservedly won the title - which he will want to defend.
The Honda-Muxima Clubmen's Class is also an international class. With 26 riders this class was the strongest class two weeks ago at Adrenalin-Park.
Schalk Louw from Swakopmund will want to stay ahead of the pack, but has to reckon with strong opposition by Tony Viljoen. Tony has the skill, but he isn't in top physical condition. Also way up front we will surely find Pauli Loots, Francois Steyn, Jaco Huysamen, Ben Visser and Kai Hennes. Olaf Pack is our guest rider from Germany in this class who was already part of the action during the opening race and who landed on a good 9th place two weeks ago.
Olaf Pack, Germany
Olaf Pack, Germany
In the Bike & Quad Clinic MX-Lites Class the organiser expects a well filled field of riders, since a couple of riders from the Shell Junior Warriors Class will try their luck for the first time among the "Lites". This class gets international flair through the participation of Angolan Joshua Teixeira.
The other national classes will of course take part as well so that exciting racing can be offered all day long. In the Propshaft Quad-Ladies Class Anneke Steenkamp is number 1. In the Caterhire Quad-C Class which starts together with the ladies, we expect another day win by Jacques Snyman.
In the evening DJ CoCo will make sure the Jägermeister-Party is a big success. So be there for the 1st race of the Jägermeister Invitational MX-Classic on the 6th of November at Adrenalin Park in Olympia.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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