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International MX News : MX / SX World Championships
03.04.2006 MX3 World Championship in Castelnau de Lévis (FRA)

Yves Demaria wins the prelude of the MX3-WM

The FIM Motocross World Championship of the class MX3 started last weekend. The organizer for the first leg was the Motorsportclub "A.G.S. Puech Rampant" in Castelnau de Levis, approx 65 kilometers northeast of Toulouse.
Yves Demaria (FRA, KTM) a member of Jacky Martens KTM-Team, beat all the competitors with the best time at the time practice run. With a time of 2:13.204, he was more than one second faster as the second-placed Italian Enrico Oddenino (ITA, Honda). The third seeded rider at the trail-race was Sven Breugelmans from Belgium. (KTM).
In the first heat on Sunday, there was a tough duel between Demaria and Breugelmans. They relentlessly fought during the first half of the running distance, for supremacy. At lap ten, Yves Demaria managed to get a healthy margin ahead of Breugelmans and rode off. Yves Demaria wins this race ahead of Sven Breugelmans. The Frenchman Julien Vanni (FRA, KTM) finished third.
After the start of the 2nd heat, Sven Breugelmans could take over the lead, but later he had to “deliver” this position to his team-mate Demaria. Up to lap 14 it looked as if Breugelmans could remain in this runner-up position . But during the last round, he was passed by Swiss Marc Ristori (SUI, Honda) from the DB MX team. Yves Demaria wins also this run, Marc Ristori comes second ahead of Sven Breugelmans in third.
Yves Demaria (FRA, KTM) gets the provisional leadership with this victory also in the MX3- standings, followed of Sven Breugelmans (BEL, KTM) and Marc Ristori (SUI, Honda). Julien Vanni (FRA, KTM) one finds for the moment in fourth.
Here are the results of the event in Castelnau de Lévis (France):

Race 1 (15 laps)

  1. DEMARIA Yves (FRA, KTM) 35:03.081
  2. BREUGELMANS Sven (BEL, KTM) 35:19.320
  3. VANNI Julien (FRA, KTM) 35:33.296
  4. ODDENINO Enrico (ITA, Honda) 35:40.532
  5. RISTORI Marc (SUI, Honda) 35:45.720
  6. BRICCA Daniele (ITA, Honda) 35:49.581
  7. STEVANINI Cristian (ITA, Suzuki) 35:58.683
  8. ZAREMBA Jan (CZE, KTM) 36:05.508
  9. STAUFER Michael (AUT, KTM) 36:09.140
  10. KRAGELJ Saso (SLO, Yamaha) 36:34.352
  11. SIPEK Nenad (CRO, Yamaha) 36:41.677
  12. COLLET Vincent (BEL, Suzuki) 36:46.135
  13. IVANYUTIN Alexander (RUS, Yamaha) 36:47.995
  14. MOROZAV Roman (UKR, Suzuki) 36:54.018
  15. HEMERY Jerome (FRA, Yamaha) 36:55.523
  16. ANDREO Jean Patrick (FRA, Yamaha) 37:00.044
  17. APERIO Matteo (ITA, Honda) 37:03.457
  18. CADEK David (CZE, KTM) 37:35.608
  19. KUMANOV Nikolay (BLG, Yamaha) 35:07.624
  20. MANNEH Bader (USA, KTM) 35:12.499

Race 2 (15 laps)

  1. DEMARIA Yves (FRA, KTM) 34:54.445
  2. RISTORI Marc (SUI, Honda) 35:00.378
  3. BREUGELMANS Sve (BEL, KTM) 35:08.475
  4. BRICCA Daniele (ITA, Honda) 35:35.792
  5. STAUFER Michael (AUT, KTM) 35:52.024
  6. VANNI Julien (FRA, KTM) 36:02.909
  7. ODDENINO Enrico (ITA, Honda) 36:11.316
  8. KRAGELJ Saso (SLO, Yamaha) 36:13.434
  9. EMERY Maxime (FRA, Kawasaki) 36:16.351
  10. COLLET Vincent (BEL, Suzuki) 36:18.379
  11. SIPEK Nenad (CRO, Yamaha) 36:30.964
  12. ZAREMBA Jan (CZE, KTM) 36:31.736
  13. IVANYUTIN Alexande (RUS, Yamaha) 36:34.054
  14. AMBEIS Mathieu (FRA, Yamaha) 36:35.932
  15. ANDREO Jean Patric (FRA, Yamaha) 36:37.402
  16. MANNEH Bader (USA, KTM) 36:39.157
  17. CADEK David (CZE, KTM) 36:44.237
  18. APERIO Matteo (ITA, Honda) 36:48.655
  19. STEVANINI Cristian (ITA, Suzuki) 36:53.190
  20. NIKKILA Jussi (FIN, Yamaha) 36:56.820

Event Classification

  1. DEMARIA Yves (FRA, KTM) 50 points
  3. RISTORI Marc (SUI, Honda) 38
  4. VANNI Julien (FRA, KTM) 35
  5. BRICCA Daniele (ITA, Honda) 33
  6. ODDENINO Enrico (ITA, Honda) 32
  7. STAUFER Michael (AUT, KTM) 28
  8. KRAGELJ Saso (SLO, Yamaha) 24
  9. ZAREMBA Jan (CZE, KTM) 22
  10. COLLET Vincent (BEL, Suzuki) 20
  11. SIPEK Nenad (CRO, Yamaha) 20
  12. STEVANINI Cristian (ITA, Suzuki) 16
  13. IVANYUTIN Alexande (RUS, Yamaha) 16
  14. EMERY Maxime (FRA, Kawasaki) 12
  15. ANDREO Jean Patrick (FRA, Yamaha) 11
  16. AMBEIS Mathieu (FRA, Yamaha) 7
  17. MOROZAV Roman (UKR, Suzuki) 7
  18. CADEK David (CZE, KTM) 7
  19. APERIO Matteo (ITA, Honda) 7
  20. HEMERY Jerome (FRA, Yamaha) 6
  21. MANNEH Bader (USA, KTM) 6
  22. KUMANOV Nikolay (BLG, Yamaha) 2
  23. NIKKILA Jussi (FIN, Yamaha) 1
Author: Jens Pohl ... [back]
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