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International MX News : MX / SX World Championships
02.04.2006 IFMXF FIM World Championships in Bremen (GER) - 1st Day

Mike Mason victorious ahead of Johansson in Bremen

Round 5 of the Suzuki NIGHT of the JUMPs / IFMXF FIM World Championship blasted through the AWD Dome in Bremen Germany tonight.
The slightly muddy conditions meant that riders would need 100% concentration to stay in the hunt. Early favourite Remi Bizouard (FRA) looked on his way to winning the qualification round when he crashed heavily on his final jump, injuring his shoulder and opting to sit out the final. Also crashing out early on was Libor Podmol (CZE), who returned later in the nite with a bent bike to take victory in the Highest-Air. Second in the Highest-Air was local boy Florian Menge.
The course was made even more technical by the addition of a 20m dirt double, a wall-ride and a grind box leading straight onto the super kicker – all elements which use the element of technical skill to further separate the field of riders.
Second with an impressive ride was Fredrik Jonsson (Swe), who robbed himself of a potential victory by inexplicably only doing 9 jumps in the final instead of the required 10. Also robbing himself of a potential win and handing victory to Mike Mason (US) was Jim McNeil (US), who had a fatal “dead sailor” near the end of his run, bumping him down the order. Fourth with a solid ride was Kris Brock (Eng) and fifth in the final was Nick Franklin (NZ). Bizouard was awarded 6th in the final placings despite not riding the final, due to his earlier qualification position.
The Whip contest was won by the team of Mason and Derek Burlew (US), ahead of another American pairing, Brian Foster and McNeil.
Mike Mason (USA, Honda)
Mike Mason (USA, Honda)

FACTS Suzuki NIGHT of the JUMPs / IFMXF FIM World Championships
(Bremen 01.04.2006)

Results Qualifikation:

  1. Jim McNeil (USA, Honda), 247 Points
  2. Mike Mason (USA, Honda), 243 Points
  3. Kris Brock (GBR, Honda), 230 Points
  4. Fredrik Johansson (SWE, Suzuki), 230 Points
  5. Remi Bizouard (FRA, Yamaha), 227 Points
  6. Nick Franklin (NZL, KTM), 212 Points
  7. Brian Foster (USA, Yamaha), 208 Points
  8. Nick de Wit (RSA, Suzuki), 206 Points
  9. Derek Burlew (USA, Yamaha) 197 Points
  10. Oystein Kjorstad (NOR, KTM), 179 Points
  11. Fabian Bauersachs (GER, Kawasaki), 178 Points
  12. Freddy Peters (GER, Yamaha), 132 Points
  13. Libor Podmol (CZE, Suzuki), 59 Points

Results Whip Contest:

  1. 1. Team Mike Mason & Derek Burlew (USA)
  2. 2. Team Brian Foster & Jim McNeil (USA)
  3. 3. Team Chris Brock & Fredrik Johansson (GBR/SWE)

Results Highest-Air-Contest:

  1. Libor Podmol (CZE, Suzuki), 8,50 Meter (1st)
  2. Florian Menge (GER), 8,30 Meter (2nd)
  3. Kris Brock (GBR, Honda), 7,70 Meter (1st)
  4. Brian Foster (USA, Yamaha), 7,70 Meter (1st)

Results Final - 01.04.2006

  1. Mike Mason (USA, Honda), 298 Points
  2. Fredrik Johansson (SWE, Suzuki), 292 Points
  3. Jim McNeil (USA, Honda), 279 Points
  4. Kris Brock (GBR, Honda), 268 Points
  5. Nick Franklin (NZL, KTM), 212 Points
  6. Remi Bizouard (FRA, Yamaha), 0 Points
source: IFMXF / Berlinièros PR
photos: © / IFMXF
Author: Jens Pohl ... [back]
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