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20.12.2006 Interview Steve Ramon

Whats up in 2007?

If there is a rider in MXGP who never talks to much about his success and the way he won national-titles and a world championship in MX2 its Belgian Steve Ramon!
The Suzuki factory rider finished third in the MX1 World championship 2006 and was one of maybe three guys who sometimes could follow the nearly unbeaten king Stefan Everts (B) on his way to the crown.
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski /
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski /
Steve is always fast on every kind of racetrack and his style is very, very smooth. Ok, his biggest rival for `07 Josh Coppins (NZL) may have the plan to be always a little bit fitter than Ramon but he will never find Steve`s intelligent lines on the track!
So don`t be afraid! The new MX1 year will not be boring after Stefan Everts retirement because we have to find out which plan of success will be better: Steve`s smooth style or Josh`s way of riding hard! But let`s talk to Steve himself about his plans to be the next MX1-Champion:

realmx: Did you reach your goals in 2006?

Steve Ramon: Yes, I reached my goals! My goal was top three! Ok, at the end I was third but of course I was not really satisfied about the way it was that I finished top three. I hoped for sure to win at least one GP. Ok, I was eight times on the podium and so I was really constant but still - I wanted to win one GP or more. But with Stefan is was very difficult! It was a little bit a season with ups and downs. In the beginning of the season it was a little bit difficult. Than I was getting better and more comfortable with podiums. I almost won one moto in Sweden where Stefan passed me in the last lap. I was just tired. I just couldn`t do anything anymore. I tried to pass him back but I made a mistake so there was nothing else to do than finish second. I finished third in the championship which was a good place but I think I can do better!
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) in the pitlane of Teutschenthal (GER)
 Photo by: Jens Pohl
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) in the pitlane of Teutschenthal (GER)
Photo by: Jens Pohl

realmx: And what about next season`s bike, any difference from 05 to 06 to 07?

Steve Ramon: For the next years bike it is still the same! There are not really new things we tested already. Ok there are always some new things to test. So we try to make it every year better and better. Yes, we have in January some things for testing and we have the international races at the beginning of the season we can use for testing. We will prepare the bike really good before the GP-season begins.

realmx: Any changes in your preparation for next year regarding your training or something?

Steve Ramon: Yes, I changed the training just a little bit because this year I had a problem with my knee in the beginning of the season so i couldn`t go running or something. Normaly I always go running in my training and now I can run again. I had to cycle a lot this year now I can run again. Thats good for me. I like it already so its better for me. So there is no riding until January, this is the last time here in Spain. The last race was the Red-Bull-Knock-Out-Race in Holland a beach race. It was a good race and a good battle. I had to come from far behind every race. It was ok! It was just for fun. But of course you want to make a good result! I was in holiday there so not in too good shape. Not like in the season but I was second that was ok. It was fun. That was the last race. Now I go to Portugal in December for two weeks for cycling and running and there is no more riding till January.

realmx: For me it looks like the rougher or difficult the track is it is getting better for you. You are always using different lines than the other riders.

Steve Ramon: Its just my way I am riding. I don`t know. More people are saying I use other lines but i dont know why. I just go one the track. The biggest thing is to know which line I have to take. But mostly I find good lines but sometimes maybe another line is better. I don`t know. Smooth -that`s just my style.
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jens Pohl

realmx: Anything you prefare? Sand or hard tracks? Anything you have to work on?

Steve Ramon: Maybe starts a little bit better! I am not consistant anough in the top five at the start. So it is better to be every time in front. It doesn`t have to be the holeshot but you have to be there in front. It makes it easier. It is very important in the beginning. You can give me hard tracks or sand tracks. Of course I like sand! I am a little bit a sand rider.

realmx: What is your home track?

Steve Ramon: We don`t have so many tracks like Lommel or Olmen in Belgium. And thats the other side where I live so actually for me it is shorter to go for training to the northern France with a little bit harder tracks. If I go to the sand-tracks I have to drive two hours.

realmx: What about the GP-Organisation and the tracks?

Steve Ramon: I think it is ok but I although like to have sometimes a different track. It is every year the same track in every country, but otherwise the tracks are ok. They do always the best to prepare the tracks.
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jens Pohl

realmx: As we are from Germany - what do you think about the Teutschenthal track?

Steve Ramon: It is a very fast track, but like the last two years they made the ground a little bit loose. They made it to get more ruts in the corners to slow down the speed. In the past it was a very very hard track. It is a good track but not really special, very fast but not really difficult. The start is very important. I would have preferred Gaildorf…

realmx: What do you think about the price money?

Steve Ramon: It is not so good for everyone it is very difficult! You have to travel so much and you get no price money. It is not the way it should be but what can we do? It is not easy for everyone and not easy to talk about. In the past it was better.

realmx: What is your first race in next year, do you know the plan?

Steve Ramon: Not really. I think it is Mantova. It is always in the beginning of February. We will have there the international race to do some testing and a Grand Prix too what is good for. So we have a new track for the GP, that’s good. Before we had Castiglione del Lago and Montevarchi where I did good also. I like to switch a little bit to make it not always the same.
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Steve Ramon (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jens Pohl

realmx: And what about the stock bike you ride today? It is a big difference to the factory bike?

Steve Ramon: On a factory bike you have a different suspension and of course another engine too.They make it like you want! So the engine is different. I think the standard bike is good and the new 250F bike too. I don`t know abouth the 250 fourstroke from last year because it was the first time I rode the new 250F Model. I think its feels good and the new 450 is although good . I think for an amateur rider the bike is very competitive. This day I ride a twostroke for the first time since three years. It is very different and you have to ride in an completely other way. Next year I will have a 250 Fourstroke bike again for practice! This year it was not possible but and it is always good to go on the gas with a lighter bike to practice and to jump. I think the RMZ250 will be a good addition to my practice schedule.

realmx: Thank you very much Steve!

Steve Ramon: No problem!

Interview: JD / HK

With friendly permission of Jörg Domanowski (JD) /
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