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19.01.2007 Warming up for a tough motocross season

KTM’s MX Factory Teams discover a place in the sun.

KTM MX1 and MX2 factory teams have had a dynamic launch into their 2007 professional activities with a special training session in Spain. There they could enjoy temperatures of 20 degrees and get down to business on one of the best MX training facilities around.
KTM Red Bull Racing Team / Photo by: KTM
KTM Red Bull Racing Team / Photo by: KTM
The four factory team riders for 2007 – David Philippaerts and Johathan Barragan for MX1 and Tyla Rattray and Tommy Searle for MX2, along with mechanics and other team members gathered at Stephan Evert’s Motocross School 80 km north of Valencia for three weeks of activities. Everts, MX supremo and 10-times world champion, ended his amazing 18-year active career in 2006 and has now joined KTM as the Motocross Race Director.
Stephan said the pre-season gathering had been a good start to the season and that the team spirit was very positive. "Of course being the race director is still a learning experience for me after ending my active career," the MX maestro said. "I will try to give the team 100% and to help them as much as possible. I have some good expectations but I always take the down-to-earth approach at the beginning of the season. I am quite relaxed about it."
Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsport Director also said it was an excellent pre-season launch and one that KTM will pursue in the future. As well as creating the perfect opportunity for the entire team to get to know and work with each other, Evert’s facility presents everything they need to prepare for the racing season. Team members were not only able to get better acquainted with team boss Stephan; they could revel in the comprehensive facilities that include a training circuit, water systems, full fitness facilities, a pool and excellent accommodation.
Fitness test / Photo by: KTM
Fitness test / Photo by: KTM
"This was a perfect base for the pre-season," Pit Beirer said. "The guys could do their training but also relax, have fun and get to know each other. It was a great opportunity for riders and mechanics to work together and to learn more about each other’s responsibilities." This builds trust and team spirit, according to Beirer, both essential components of any successful KTM factory team.
Setting work / Photo by: KTM
Setting work / Photo by: KTM
The training session was also a perfect chill-out time before the season gets underway with the accompanying stress of continual travel and a demanding race program that Pit says is getting tougher and tougher.
"As always we set our sights on a world championship title," Pit commented looking ahead to the motocross season. "But it is a very tough competition. Let’s say we want to be competitive and we want to fight for the title."
source: Press release KTM
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