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24.01.2007 Interview Maximilian Nagl

Moving up

The four time German Champion Max Nagl is well known for his hard working skills. Being around in the GP circus for four years now he recently decidet to move up to the MX1 class. Nagl always had the speed to run with the top guys in the MX2 class but too much misfortune as bad starts, crashes or injuries did hold him back from top results.
We met the 19 year Sarholz KTM rider who actually stays at Spain in the Stefan Everts training camp old to speak about his goals for the 2007 season.
Full gas to the German championship / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski /
Full gas to the German championship / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski /

realmx: Is your MX1 starting spot fixed? At the latest list you were within the MX2 class?

Max Nagl: Everything should be ok, it is very likely I will run the #101 in the MX1 class and fort he German MX-Masters series I will run the #1 plate. There was something wrong with the first MX GP list, I will ride MX1 for sure.

realmx: How was your 2006 season, did you reach your goals?

Max Nagl: No, in Germany I won the MX-Master series but the GPs were not like I wanted. I was sidelined when I broke my collar bone for five GPs. When I raced GPs it wasn’t too good too. One moto I did good but the other was bad. I think I got 20th or 21srt in the end but I expected to be top 10. This year my goal is to be top 15 in the MX1 class.
MX-GP in Teutschenthal (GER) / Photo by: Alexander Trienitz
MX-GP in Teutschenthal (GER) / Photo by: Alexander Trienitz

realmx: What are your reasons to move up tp MX1?

Max Nagl: I feel much more comfortabel on the 450. My style is on the smooth side and you have to be aggressive on the 250F all the time during a 40 minute moto. I was only fast for 10 minutes aboard the 250F but when I got my rythm I was 2 seconds slower. That does not happen on the 450 as I am as fast when I found my rythm as I am when I try to push. I like that a lot more!

realmx: In the past you mentioned to be too small and weak for the big bike…

Max Nagl: Yes, thats true but when I watched other riders I noticed it should be ok. I did a lot of training during the this winter especially fort he strength. I think I will do good. At the MXDN I noticed it will be ok and at the final of the German Masters at Höchstädt I had a blast! I said to myself ‚It will be ok!’

realmx: As the top 15 in the MX1 as your goal: Who will be your competiotion?

Max Nagl: I did never beat people like Marc De Reuver and David Phillippaerts in the MX2 class but on the MX1 bike I beat them both two times. That proves the 450 will be good form me. Al lot of riders move up from the MX2 like the older (Sebastien) Pourcel, Marc de Reuver , Aigar Leok. The MX1 will be tough as there are already a lot of fast riders but I think my chances are better there.
German Masters in Höchstädt (GER) / Photo by: Jens Pohl
German Masters in Höchstädt (GER) / Photo by: Jens Pohl

realmx: You had a lot of troubles getting good starts in the MX2 class…

Max Nagl: It will bet he same problem in the MX1! I just have to practice a lot and try to be on the gas all the time up to the first corner. I am not sure yet how to solve that problem but time will tell.

realmx: What do you think about the new KTM?

Max Nagl: The bikes are great, especially the 450! It is all new and better in every case. An the electric start is awesome! Push the button and it runs, perfect…

realmx: What kind of support will you get by KTM?

Max Nagl: We will start the season with SXS parts fort he suspension and the engine. If I do good with that there is a chance to get better parts, if not I have to stay on the SXS bike. Ist like a computer game: If you do good you reach the next level and earch better equipment.

realmx: You will stay in Belgium and what about your mechanic?

Max Nagl: Yes, I have a house in Belgium. My machanic went to Yamaha and I did not know before. I did not appreciate that. We both we working together very good I was was very satisfied with his work. I think he had some problems with KTM but I did not know about that. One day I went into the workshop and there was a Yamaha at my place. He did not say sorry or anything like that. Now a Spainird will work form e, he was with Carlos Campano before.

realmx: What about team Germany fort he 2007 MXDN in the US?

Getting ready for the MXDN in England / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski /
Getting ready for the MXDN in England / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski /
Max Nagl: Yes, we talked to the German federation DMSB. There is a lot more money necessary this time for flights, hotel, renthal cars… Ist not sure yet if there will be a German team. It would be a pitty if there will be no German team in the US! I talked about that in a magazin interview that now there is a chance to change some things that went bad in the past. I hope things will be better in the future so there will be no need for me to put critics on the federation anymore.

realmx: What do you think about the 2007 GP-Kalendar?

Max Nagl: I was surprised by the Italian GP at Mantova! I couldn`t believe it. I do not like the overseas GPs at Japan and South Africa. My opinion is they don`t have to be in the calendar. Its too expensive for the teams and very stressful for the riders.

realmx: Any changes within you sponsor list?

Max Nagl: My gear changed from UFO to M2R, also for the helmets. Goggles by Arnette, boots Gaerne, protection gear Ortema, leasure wear VANS, almost the same as last year.

realmx: Can you make a good living out of the sport?

Max Nagl: Ist not easy! There is a lot of work and a permanent pressure. The basic income is very low. Everything is based on success. If you get the results you make a lot of money, if not there is not much left.

realmx: Thanks and good luck for your future!

Interview: Jörg Domanowski (JD)

With friendly permission of Jörg Domanowski (JD) /
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