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25.10.2007 The Return of André Villa
After nearly a year absence, FMX Pro André Villa (NOR) returns to the IFMXF at the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Riga following weekend. The Rookey of the Year 2005 had good chances to win the first FIM Freestyle MX World Championships. He also had his ticket for the X-Games 2006, but unfortunately a knee injury at the Dew Tour took him off for more than 8 months. Now the Norway guy returns to the IFMXF Track. To his comeback Oliver Franke had the chance of an impressive interview with him.
You are back on the track. What was your first contest after 8 monthí off?
VILLA: The first contest was an open bullfighting contest with riders like Faisst, Lusk, Bamburg, Torronteras and more.
How was it, to be back on the bike in a contest?
VILLA: The first contest sucked badly since I had just two weeks practice before the event. I was rusty and quite scared of the flip combos.
Is your knee totally recovered?
VILLA: Yes and no. I will say for riding it is fully recovered. But there is still some stuff I canít do in the gym like deep squats and so. The situation is difficult when it comes to rehabilitation after youíre on the bike again. You put your knee under as much stress as it can take from riding. So when you come to the gym you canít do the exercises you need to do because the knee needs to rest, you know what Iím saying. So the last part of the rehabilitation takes a while because of the riding.
Is your riding now different than before your injury?
VILLA: Iíll say itís safer and stronger. Stronger because of my own physical situation is improved from before the injury. I donít stress that much as before results-vise either. I see things in a bigger perspective. Before I was riding every contest like it was my last day on this planet.
André Villa (NOR) / Photo by: Petter Bolstad
André Villa (NOR) / Photo by: Petter Bolstad
Before your injury, you were one of the favorites to win the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship. What are your aims now in FMX?
VILLA: Like I said, Iíve changed my view a little bit and know that things donít change over night. Iíve given myself more time and Iím working better and smarter than ever. Iím not seeing my self as one of the young guns anymore, but think that I will just be better with time and I believe that experience is one of the most important factors to reach the top. The most important is the health. Thatís why I think the riders also will be more serious about taking care of their health in the future. Without health youíve got nothing bud.
2005 and 2006 it seemed nothing is impossible for Villa. Every new trick in that time could have been create by you. It was just a question of time since Villa should get into the Best Trick final of X-Games. Now the trick competition is even on a much higher level than 2005 or 2006. What are you working on?
VILLA: I had a pretty sick progress in 05 and 06. Didnít fear anything and was ready to take over the world right away. Now Iím laughing of my self and other one night wonder kids coming up. I didnít know and they donít know how important experience is. I was in for X-games in 2006, but my own rush/stress took me out and blew my knee at the Dew Tour a couple of weeks before X. So my dream of riding X-games was over.
Iíve got stuff Iím working on which I wonít say before itís in the bag. Itís crazy these days to be honest. The process learning the latest flip combos are ridiculous dangerous. They are even dangerous in the foam-pit you know. It takes away much of the fun for sure.
Are the X-Games your big goal for 2008?
VILLA: Itís a goal off course. But itís not just to get in X. You need some good results from other contest that year and the right sponsors. So Iím focusing to do well on contests like X-fighers, and if I can ride X, thatís just a bonus.
Did the injury showed you that the FMX career could be ending just in a few seconds?
VILLA: For sure man. I thought it was over for me. But I believe that things happen for a reason. I learned so much while I was injured and met so much interesting people during my rehabilitation.
Do you now think about life after your active part in worldwide FMX?
VILLA: Sometimes I do actually. Iíve got so many ideas and I donít think it will be a problem to find anything to do. Iím thinking about becoming a pimp actually. I think it would fit me good. HahaÖ
Would you expect from the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Riga?
VILLA: Have fun and ride safe. The results are not that important, I just want to please the audience.
Author: Oliver Franke ... [back]
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