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International MX News : MX / SX World Championships
29.10.2007 IFMXF FIM World Championships in Riga (LAT) - 2nd Day

Ailo Gaup strikes back

Second day NIGHT of the JUMPs in Riga. It was the tenth’ round of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship. Even with a broken hand and an injured shoulder Ailo Gaup started, as well as the 11 other FMX riders from Saturday.
André Villa (NOR) - 1-Hand-Seatgrab / Photo by: IFMX
André Villa (NOR) - 1-Hand-Seatgrab / Photo by: IFMX
The qualifying were dominated by Norway riders André Villa and Ailo Gaup. With spectacular flip combinations they reached first and second. Czech Libor Podmol, Italian Massimo Biaconcini and both Germans Fabian Bauersachs and Busty Wolter made their way into the final by strong runs.
Germany’s Lukas Weis came again first in the Whip contest, beating Germany’s Busty Wolter. Lukas Weis came top in the Highest Air challenge too, reaching over 8,30 metres, followed by Czech Libor Podmol with 8,10 metres.
Sebastian Wolter opened the final. With a solid run and tricks like Suicide Whip, Nac Flip, Whip Flip, Cliffhanger he reached 296 points, putting him in sixth place.
Second German final rider, Fabian Bauersachs, did again a good run. With Flintstone, Rock Solid Indian Air, 1-Hand-Flip and Whip Flip he gained 292 points, which meant fifth position.
Massimo Bianconcini felt well on the IFMXF Track with backflip combos like Clicker Flip, No-Hand Flip, Nac Flip and Superman Flip 303 points put him on forth place.
Libor Podmol (CZE) / Photo by: IFMX
Libor Podmol (CZE) / Photo by: IFMX
Like on saturday Libor Podmol wanted to get closer to Ailo Gaup in the World Championships ranking. With Superman Flip, No-Hand Flip, Underflip, Cordova Flip and an Indy Flip in the Double-Up he pushed a lot. 311 points were to by beat by Ailo Gaup. Butt he Norway guy striked back right away. Even with his broken hand and injured shoulder he did Clicker Flip, Saran Wrap Flip, Cordova Flip, Superman Flip und Underflip, just to mention his backflip combos. For this impressive run he gained 325 points, which let him freak out and do three more extra jumps. The crowd celebrated him.
Ailo Gaup (NOR) / Photo by: IFMX
Ailo Gaup (NOR) / Photo by: IFMX
But there was still one rider left. Saturday winner André Villa could have been stop Ailo’s party. His run consisted 1-Hand Nac Flip, Underflip, 1-Hand Can Flip and Superman Flip to 1-Hand-Landing, what would have been first position on a normal day. But not on this day. With 323 points he was close to Ailo, but only second.
With Gaup’s win he leads the FIM Freestyle MX World Championships with 163 points. Czech Libor Podmol came second, 25 points behind. Frenchman Remi Bizouard currently in third place with 115 points comes in front of German Fabian Bauersachs, on 103.
Win Ceremony / Photo by: IFMXF
Win Ceremony / Photo by: IFMXF


  1. André Villa (NOR, Suzuki), 291 points
  2. Ailo Gaup (NOR, Honda), 275
  3. Libor Podmol (CZE, Suzuki), 267
  4. Massimo Bianconcini (ITA, Honda), 267
  5. Fabian Bauersachs (GER, Kawasaki), 260
  6. Sebastian Wolter (GER, Suzuki), 256
  7. Fredrik Johansson (SWE, Suzuki), 256
  8. Oystein Kjorstad (NOR, KTM), 248
  9. Lukas Weis (GER, Suzuki), 241
  10. Nick Franklin (NZL, KTM), 241
  11. Martin Koren (CZE, KTM), 223
  12. Jussi Seljas (FIN, Honda), 207

Whip Contest:

  1. Lukas Weis (GER, Suzuki)
  2. Sebastian Wolter (GER, Suzuki)
  3. Nick Franklin (NZL, KTM)
  4. Martin Koren (CZE, KTM)

Highest Air:

  1. Lukas Weis (GER), 8,30 m
  2. Libor Podmol (CZE), 8,10 m
  3. Florian Menge (GER), 6,50 m


  1. Ailo Gaup (NOR, Honda), 325 points
  2. André Villa (NOR, Suzuki), 323
  3. Libor Podmol (CZE, Suzuki), 311
  4. Massimo Bianconcini (ITA, Honda), 303
  5. Fabian Bauersachs (GER, Kawasaki), 292
  6. Sebastian Wolter (GER, Suzuki), 286


  1. Ailo Gaup (NOR), 20.0 points
  2. André Villa (NOR), 18.0
  3. Libor Podmol (CZE), 16.0
  4. Massimo Bianconcini (ITA), 14.0
  5. Fabian Bauersachs (GER), 12.0
  6. Sebastian Wolter (GER), 10.0
  7. Fredrik Johansson (SWE), 9.0
  8. Oystein Kjorstad (NOR), 8.0
  9. Lukas Weis (GER), 7.0
  10. Nicholas Franklin (NZL), 6.0
  11. Martin Koren (CZE), 5.0
  12. Jussi Seljas (FIN), 4.0

FIM Freestyle MX World Championships - Ranking:

  1. Ailo Gaup (NOR, Honda), 163 points
  2. Libor Podmol (CZE, Suzuki), 138
  3. Remi Bizouard (FRA, Yamaha), 115
  4. Fabian Bauersachs (GER, Kawasaki), 103
  5. Lukas Weis (GER, Suzuki), 83
  6. Fredrik Johansson (SWE, Suzuki), 80
  7. Romain Izzo (FRA, Honda), 76
  8. Oystein Kjorstad (NOR, KTM), 75
  9. Mat Rebeaud (SUI, KTM), 58
  10. Sebastian Wolter (GER, Suzuki), 53
  11. André Villa (NOR, Suzuki), 38
  12. Mike Mason (USA, Honda), 38
  13. Brice Izzo (FRA, Yamaha), 34
  14. Jimmy Verburgh (BEL, KTM), 33
  15. Massimo Bianconcini (ITA, Honda), 29
  16. Bart Oglaza (POL, Suzuki), 28
  17. Freddy Peters (GER, Yamaha), 21
  18. Adam Jones (USA, Honda), 21
  19. Martin Koren (CZE, Kawasaki), 19
  20. Kevin Burcklen (FRA, Suzuki), 16
Author: Oliver Franke ... [back]
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