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29.11.2007 MX Grand Prix of the Republic of South Africa 2008

To All MX1 & MX2 Riders,

For 2008, we have been able to secure 2 x MX1 and 2 x MX 2 Wildcard entries to the South African Grand Prix which will be held in Nelspruit on the 19th & 20th of July 2008.
Start MX1 in Sun City 2006 / Photo by: Massimo Zanzani
Start MX1 in Sun City 2006 / Photo by: Massimo Zanzani
For this Grand Prix, and only this South African Grand Prix, the riders that do not qualify on the Saturday, a support race will be held on Sunday morning, before the start of the first MX2 race. This will also be a televised race. As a standing rule, the FIM only allocates 5 wildcards to the hosting Federation. Through the AMU, they want to increase the awareness and exposure of motocross in Africa, and therefore it is critical that each AMU and FIM affiliated country does send the two riders per class. Should the countries not make use of their allocations, the chances that in future, we will not be allocated these slots.
We have also decided, that to ensure that each of the African countries has their 2 riders in the actual race, a reserve rider in each class should be taken with to the Grand Prix.

Rider selection will be as follows and for both classes:

  • The first 3 Nationals (16 Feb, 8 Mar & 19 Apr) will be used to determine the top 6 riders in each class that will be going to the trials.
  • A special trial race day will be held on 26 Apr at Gallina to determine the two top riders per class, as well as the reserve riders:
  • The track will be prepped and watered for these trials.
  • Race duration will be 30 minutes plus 1 lap.
  • 2 races that day, with a minimum of 2 hours break in-between the two heats.
  • MX1 & MX2 riders will race together in both the heats.


  • A Panel of 3 Licensed Officials will be assembled to oversee the two heats. This panel will make the final decision of which riders qualify:
  • First and foremost, the points scored for the 2 heats will be taken into consideration.
  • The rider’s fitness will be taken into consideration and will be a determining factor when final selection is made.
  • Should a fast and fit rider have a mishap during the heats and not finish in a qualifying position, the panel may still take that rider into consideration when making the final selection.
  • We will apply for National Colours for these riders. Please bear in mind that these riders will represent the country, and not themselves.
The remaining time, will be used by all other classes as a practise day. Practises will be held in classes and at a predetermined duration. That evening a ‘bring and braai’ for all to celebrate the selections as well as to select a team manager.
The club will undertake to assist these GP riders financially, but additional fund raising should be done in order to reduce costs to these riders as much as possible.
All riders in the MX1 & MX2 classes interested in qualifying, should familiarise themselves with the FIM regulations. All relevant regulations are available on their website in pdf format at
Although South Africa signed a 5 year deal with Youthstream to host an African Grand Prix, it gives us no guarantees that the FIM and Youthstream will always afford us the opportunity to submit wildcard entries.
If you need additional information, phone me on 081 128 8880.
Author: Michael Nederlof ... [back]
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