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International MX News : MX / SX World Championships
29.06.2008 Grand Prix of Germany in Teutschenthal (GER) - Qualifying

De Dycker back on pole with storming final lap

Day one of the German Grand Prix at Teutschenthal was a dry one and hosted some good qualifying action both in the MX1 and MX2 classes. Ken de Dycker took the eventual pole in MX1 while archrivals Tony Cairoli and Tyla Rattray won the qualifying heats to take the best two spots on the gate of tomorrow’s MX2 Grand Prix. In the Women’s Motocross World Championship qualifying session Livia Lancelot led from home riders Maria Franke and Larissa Papenmeier.


After taking the first ever Lovemytime Pole Position Award at round one at Valkenswaard, Teka Suzuki WMX1’s Ken de Dycker came back to pole at Teutschenthal with a solid final lap. After spending the beginning of the session in the pit-lane box, the Belgian progressively moved up the time sheets to collect the eventual pole once the flag was waved.
Ken de Dycker (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski
Ken de Dycker (BEL, Suzuki) / Photo by: Jörg Domanowski
Second on tomorrow’s gate will be Lovemytime Pole Position Award standings leader Sebastien Pourcel; the GPKR rider settled into pole with seven minutes to go but he eventually saw De Dycker move past by 0.029 seconds. After sitting on pole despite a cracked right shoulder blade, CAS Honda’s Billy Mackenzie took third ahead of Yamaha Monster Motocross’ Joshua Coppins and Honda fellow rider Julien Bill. Tanel Leok was sixth ahead of series leader David Philippaerts and Marc de Reuver, who saw the top of the time sheets for some moments in the session, like Hungarian Kornel Nemeth who clocked an eventual 12th time. Defending Champion Steve Ramon and local favourite Max Nagl rounded off the top ten.

MX1 - Time Practice Classification:

  1. de Dycker, Ken (BEL, Suzuki), 2:05.014
  2. Pourcel, Sebastien (FRA, Kawasaki), 2:05.043
  3. Mackenzie, Billy (GBR, Honda), 2:05.166
  4. Coppins, Joshua (NZL, Yamaha), 2:05.273
  5. Bill, Julien (SUI, Honda), 2:05.632
  6. Leok, Tanel (EST, Kawasaki), 2:05.733
  7. Philippaerts, David (ITA, Yamaha), 2:05.751
  8. de Reuver, Marc (NED, Honda), 2:05.965
  9. Ramon, Steve (BEL, Suzuki), 2:06.211
  10. Nagl, Maximilian (GER, KTM), 2:06.298
  11. Desalle, Clement (BEL, Suzuki), 2:06.439
  12. Nemeth, Kornel (HUN, KTM), 2:06.494
  13. Boniface, Steve (FRA, Honda), 2:06.555
  14. Noble, James (GBR, KTM), 2:06.883
  15. Priem, Manuel (BEL, Kawasaki), 2:07.140
  16. Barragan, Jonathan (ESP, KTM), 2:07.227
  17. Schiffer, Marcus (GER, KTM), 2:07.554
  18. Leok, Aigar (EST, Yamaha), 2:07.687
  19. Correira, Luis (POR, Yamaha), 2:07.733
  20. Salvini, Alex (ITA, Suzuki), 2:07.886
  21. Anderson, Bradley (GBR, Suzuki), 2:08.152
  22. Melotte, Cedric (BEL, Aprilia), 2:08.573
  23. Siegl, Daniel (GER, Suzuki), 2:08.885
  24. Leonce, Loic (FRA, Yamaha), 2:08.892
  25. Church, Tom (GBR, Kawasaki), 2:08.981
  26. Columb, Scott (NZL, Suzuki), 2:09.076
  27. Campano, Carlos (ESP, Yamaha), 2:09.293
  28. Reisinger, Oswald (AUT, Suzuki), 2:09.612
  29. Moze, Jaka (SLO, Suzuki), 2:09.628
  30. Chiodi, Alessio (ITA, TM), 2:09.748


Making it to his sixth Lovemytime Qualifying Award, Yamaha Red Bull De Carli’s Antonio Cairoli leads the Lovemytime standings ahead of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Tyla Rattray, who won the second qualifying heat of the day. After a positive start to heat one, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Rui Goncalves was second behind Cairoli, while Jeremy Van Horebeek completed the top three. In heat two KTM UK’s Shaun Simpson ended runner up with Marvin Musquin third. Searle crashed twice and qualifying through the last chance.
Antonio Cairoli (ITA, Yamaha) / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Antonio Cairoli (ITA, Yamaha) / Photo by: Jens Pohl


Goncalves took a solid start to lead the four opening laps in front of Cairoli while holeshotter Searle crashed; Cairoli progressively closed the gap until he moved past Goncalves and stormed to victory. Goncalves settled for second ahead of KTM fellow rider Van Horebeek. Frossard and Monni rounded off the top five as Searle crashed again, dropping down to an eventual 14th. Guarneri crashed at the opening lap and dnf’d to qualify through the last chance.

MX2 - Qualifying Race 1 Classification:

  1. Cairoli, Antonio (ITA, Yamaha)
  2. Goncalves, Rui (POR, KTM)
  3. van Horebeek, Jeremy (BEL, KTM)
  4. Frossard, Steven (FRA, Kawasaki)
  5. Monni, Manuel (ITA, Yamaha)
  6. Boissiere, Anthony (FRA, KTM)
  7. Seistola, Matti (FIN, Honda)
  8. Roelants, Joel (BEL, KTM)
  9. Terreblanche, Shannon (RSA, Suzuki)
  10. Aranda, Gregory (FRA, Kawasaki)
  11. Bonini, Matteo (ITA, Yamaha)
  12. Tyletski, Evgeni (BLR, Suzuki)


Rattray dominated the final qualifying heat with Simpson riding close to him only in the early stages; the Brit eventually settled for the runner up spot while Aubin was third until French countryman Musquin moved past to secure the third spot. Aubin crashed three times and dropped down to 14th while Boog and Tarroux rounded off the top five ahead of Leuret, who came back to the GP scene today.
Start Qualifying Race 2 / Photo by: Jens Pohl
Start Qualifying Race 2 / Photo by: Jens Pohl

MX2 - Qualifying Race 2 Classification:

  1. Rattray, Tyla (RSA, KTM)
  2. Simpson, Shaun (GBR, KTM)
  3. Musquin, Marvin (FRA, Honda)
  4. Boog, Xavier (FRA, Suzuki)
  5. Tarroux, Jeremy (FRA, KTM)
  6. Leuret, Pascal (FRA, Suzuki)
  7. Nunn, Carl (GBR, Suzuki)
  8. Avis, Wyatt (RSA, Honda)
  9. Verbruggen, Dennis (BEL, Yamaha)
  10. Bobryshev, Evgeniy (RUS, Yamaha)
  11. Lupino, Alessandro (ITA, Yamaha)
  12. Dougan, Jason (GBR, Suzuki)

MX2 - Last Chance Qualifying Practice Classification:

  1. Searle, Tommy (GBR, KTM), 2:06.089
  2. Guarneri, Davide (ITA, Yamaha), 2:07.299
  3. Aubin, Nicolas (FRA, Yamaha), 2:07.325
  4. Soubeyras, Cedric (FRA, Yamaha), 2:08.738
  5. Larsen, Nikolaj (DEN, Suzuki), 2:08.772
  6. Pellegrini, Angelo (ITA, Honda), 2:08.931

Women’s Motocross World Championship

Series leader Katherine Prumm is out with a broken left collarbone and with third placed Ashley Fiolek also missing round four, the points standings might change dramatically after tomorrow’s two motos as Livia Lancelot will start from pole. Making up for the disappointment of losing the red plate at home in France, GPKR’s Livia Lancelot took today’s pole position to collect also her second Circuiti Gioielli Women Pole Position Award, the wonderful silver bracelet by Circuiti Gioielli featuring the MX1 logo in gold. Being currently second in the series, Lancelot aims at moving back up to first though she will face a strong German opposition tomorrow. Second quickest today was Kawasaki Elf Pfeil’s Maria Franke, who was on pole in the early stages but eventually saw Lancelot snatch the top spot. Suzuki Inotec’s Larissa Papenmeier leapfrogged German compatriot Steffi Laier of KTM Germany in the final stages, as the winner of the latest two rounds will start from fourth tomorrow. Swedish Elin Mann rounded off the top five ahead of Marianne Veenstra and Elien de Winter.

FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship - Time Practice Classification:

  1. Lancelot, Livia (FRA, Kawasaki), 2:18.718
  2. Franke, Maria (GER, Kawasaki), 2:18.819
  3. Papenmeier, Larissa (GER, Suzuki), 2:21.441
  4. Laier, Stephanie (GER, KTM), 2:21.694
  5. Mann, Elin (SWE, KTM), 2:22.190
  6. Veenstra, Marianne (NED, Suzuki), 2:23.859
  7. De Winter, Elien (BEL, KTM), 2:24.533
  8. Sjöberg, Sofia (SWE, Honda), 2:24.704
  9. Haupt, Alexandra (GER, Kawasaki), 2:25.240
  10. De Mol, Marielle (NED, Yamaha), 2:25.481
  11. Borchers, Anne (GER, Suzuki), 2:26.014
  12. Adriansson, Sandra (SWE, Suzuki), 2:28.032
  13. van der Wekken, Britt (NED, Honda), 2:28.482
  14. Fransoo, Natascha (GER, TM), 2:28.491
  15. Irmgartz, Kim (GER, Suzuki), 2:28.933
  16. van Wordragen, Nicky (NED, KTM), 2:29.113
  17. Wagemans, Brenda (BEL, KTM), 2:29.850
  18. Petterson, Sara (SWE, KTM), 2:30.259
  19. Nielsen, June-Skytte (DEN, Suzuki), 2:30.770
  20. Paull, Sophia (GBR, Honda), 2:30.829
  21. Branlid, Malin (SWE, Kawasaki), 2:32.102
  22. Santaga, Silvia (ITA, Honda), 2:32.577
  23. De Groot, Desiree (NED, Yamaha), 2:32.826
  24. Verkade, Shirley (NED, KTM), 2:33.635
  25. Padrini, Stefania (ITA, Kawasaki), 2:34.025
  26. Haakenstad, Stine (NOR, Yamaha), 2:34.393
  27. McLeod, Hannah (GBR, KTM), 2:34.527
  28. Moral, Sandra (ESP, Suzuki), 2:34.686
  29. Bernhard, Petra (AUT, KTM), 2:34.746
  30. Klink, Nina (NED, Honda), 2:35.024
Source: Press release Youthstream
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