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26.09.2008 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship - Namibia replaces Poland

The Suzuki Night of the Jumps - FIM Freestyle MX World Championship is relocated to Namibia. The FMX WC conquers the third continent!

FMX in Namibia / Photo by: IFMXF
The Night of the Jumps - FIM Freestyle MX World Championship, scheduled for the 28th and 29th of November in Spodek-Arena in Katowice (Poland), has been relocated to Africa.
After two succesful events in the Spodek-Arena the sports administration of the IFMXF and the local promoter DIVERSE came to the conclusion, that due to the local conditions and the resulting small in- and outruns, an event in the Spodek-Arena cannot be hold. The goal of the IFMXF is to pay tribut to the rapid developing of the FMX Sport and to present it at the highest level. This opportunity is simply not given in the Spodek Arena, so the conclusion was made to bring the WC in 2009 to a new location in Poland.
The scheduled runs of the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship will take part at the same date in Windhoek, Namibia.
IFMXF (Holder of rights and marketer): "We are happy, that the commitment of the local promoter Horst Schnelle and the sponsors AIR Namibia and Kalahari Sands Hotels give us the opportunity to present a new strong event-partner. Together they make a World Championship in Africa possible. The contract was sealed for two years, with the agreement, that the final of the 2009 FIM Freestyle MX World Championship will take part in Africa."
Horst Schnelle (Promoter in Namibia): "I am very proud that me and my partners can bring the World Championship to Africa. We will have an awesome event at a unique location, which will be recognized by riders and spectators for a long time. Despite the short time we have to organize this WC, it will be a professional event and in then next year we will have a terrific season final."
DIVERSE (Promoter Poland): "We are glad that thanks to our pioneer engagement in an organization of Freestyle Motocross World Championship 'Diverse Night of the Jumps' in previous years we’ve popularized this spectacular discipline in Poland. The second edition of 'Diverse Night of The Jumps' in 2007 in 'Spodek' in Katowice reached the highest level and used up all creative and sporting possibilities of this building. The success of that event clearly showed that we achieved a maximum of technical abilities of 'Spodek'. Freestyle Motocross is a dynamic and an expanding sporty discipline. The motto of the Diverse brand is to still search new challenges and that is why we wouldn’t like to duplicate of tested schemes. We prefer to determine fresh directions of activities and looking forward to organize FIM Freestyle MX World Championship in Poland in 2009 together with the IFMXF in a new exciting venue."
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