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International MX News : MX / SX World Championships
13.04.2009 MX3 World Championship in Hawkstone Park (GBR) - Results

Julien Vanni surprised with the first victory

The FIM MX3 World Championship season has started in Hawkstone Park with the French happiness. Championship has a new, improved look this year. Also the first winner is new in the MX3 World Championship. Julien Vanni from the Italian MB Team Honda clinched his first MX3 victory and surprised even himself. Second was home British rider Brad Anderson and World Champion 2008 Sven Breugelmans finished third.
Julien Vanni (FRA, Honda) / Photo by: Youthstream
Julien Vanni (FRA, Honda) / Photo by: Youthstream
It has been a sunny first event and everybody hope for the similar continuation of the season. The day has began with the lead of the Title defender, Belgian rider Sven Breugelmans. He is competing for the new team KTM Pater Racing Team from Netherlands and the beginning of the season was very promising. Breugelmans was leading the whole first race. Sven Breugelmans:
"I was the fastest at the start and I was riding my own race. For the moment it is not easy to hold out all the 30 minutes for me, because I had a wrist surgery in the winter time. I must to improve my condition."
The biggest threat for his leadership was his teammate Patrick Roos (Netherlands), who finished second at the end. Third was French rider Julien Vanni (Honda).
Sven Breugelmans (BEL, KTM) / Photo by: Youthstream
Sven Breugelmans (BEL, KTM) / Photo by: Youthstream
Second race has started with the leadership of home rider Brad Anderson (Honda). He could not resist the pressure of Julien Vanni, who started to attack the leading position. As soon as Vanni became the new leader, Anderson could not to defeat him anymore. Third was Jordan Rose (Great Britain). Breugelmans finished only seventh in the second race. Vanni took the overall victory and the red plate, which he will hold at least till the next event in Spain. Second was Anderson, Breugelmans finished third, Rose was fourth and Roos fifth. Finnish rider Antti Pyrhonen (Honda) finished top six at the first event. British event was not very successful for the top 3 rider from the past season. Christophe Martin (Husqvarna) had still some problems from yesterday’s crash and he finished eleventh.
Podium MX3 / Photo by: Youthstream
Podium MX3 / Photo by: Youthstream
Julien Vanni: "I am very happy. I came in the Italian MB Team Honda on January and I did not know what to expect. I was riding KTM before. My bike is good prepared, specialy suspensions. I am very satisfied about everything. This victory is actually a surprise for me. I will do my best to continue the same way. I prefer harder race tracks. I was riding better in the second race, although I needed to fight more for the win."

Event Results Class MX3, Hawkstone Park:

  1. Vanni, Julien (FRA, Honda) 20 / 25 / 45 points
  2. Anderson, Bradley (GBR, Honda) 18 / 22 / 40
  3. Breugelmans, Sven (BEL, KTM) 25 / 14 / 39
  4. Rose, Jordan (GBR, Honda) 15 / 20 / 35
  5. Roos, Patrick (NED, KTM) 22 / 13 / 35
  6. Pyrhonen, Antti (FIN, Honda) 10 / 18 / 28
  7. Renet, Pierre Alexandre (FRA, Suzuki) 13 / 15 / 28
  8. Hansen, Nicolai (DEN, Suzuki) 16 / 10 / 26
  9. Law, Jamie (GBR, Suzuki) 14 / 11 / 25
  10. Basaula, Hugo (POR, Suzuki) 8 / 16 / 24
  11. Martin, Christophe (FRA, Husqvarna) 11 / 12 / 23
  12. Zerava, Martin (CZE, Honda) 9 / 9 / 18
  13. Jensen, Kasper (DEN, Honda) 7 / 7 / 14
  14. Salvini, Alex (ITA, Husqvarna) 4 / 8 / 12
  15. Lauryssen, Jan (BEL, Honda) 12 / 0 / 12
  16. Irt, Matevz (SLO, Honda) 6 / 5 / 11
  17. Parker, Nathan (GBR, Honda) 2 / 6 / 8
  18. Gijsel, Roy (NED, Kawasaki) 5 / 0 / 5
  19. Martens, Yentel (BEL, KTM) 0 / 4 / 4
  20. Lauri, Lokotar (EST, Kawasaki) 0 / 3 / 3
  21. Sjoberg, Rasmus (SWE, KTM) 3 / 0 / 3
  22. Rouhiainen, Riki (FIN, Yamaha) 0 / 2 / 2
  23. Voorwinden, Maik (NED, KTM) 1 / 1 / 2
Source: Press release Youthstream
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