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04.03.2007 AMA Supercross Series in St. Louis (USA) - Results

Ricky Carmichael takes the win / Ben Townley picks up first-ever victory in AMA Supercross Lites

Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki) made a victorious return to the Amp’d Mobile World SX GP / Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series with an impressive win before a crowd of 58,131 at the Edward Jones Dome. Ben Townley (Kawasaki) picked up the first-ever AMA Supercross Lites victory.
Chad Reed (Yamaha) grabbed the US$ 1,500 Progressive Direct Holeshot Award to start the 20-lap main event. On the opening lap, Reed tangled with James Stewart (Kawasaki), dropping the riders from the top two positions. Carmichael was the benefactor and took the lead on lap four, overcoming his poor start.
Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki) / Photo by: Suzuki Racing
Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki) / Photo by: Suzuki Racing
Carmichael’s lead would quickly grow as Stewart, who fell to the back of the pack after getting together with Reed, was making his move through the field. Stewart eventually tracked down Reed and passed him on lap 12, giving him second on the night. Reed finished third.
"I don’t know if I would have caught them after spotting them all those positions," said Carmichael, referring to his poor start. "I saw Chad and James go down, so that helped, but I saw Chad get back up right behind me. I got into the lead but I was looking forward to racing them. I was in my zone tonight but I got a gift."
In reference to Stewart and Reeds collision, Reed said, "Every week I’m getting pushed around. It’s racing but he thinks he can walk all over me and I’m gonna put an end to that."
Ben Townley won the US$ 1,000 Progressive Direct Holeshot Award to start the Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites main event. He was followed by Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) and his teammate Darcy Lange (Kawasaki).
The trio put on quite a battle up front, exchanging the lead a couple of times while pulling from away from the field. On lap 12, Dungey crashed while trying to make a pass on Townley for the lead and dropped out of contention.
Lange made a pass to the lead at the end of lap 14, but was quickly re-passed by Townley with one lap remaining. Lange closed to within a bike length of his teammate before a spectacular crash, ironically in the same spot as Dungey’s earlier crash, ended his chance at a win.
Townley went on to take the win, followed by Ryan Morais (Yamaha) and Matt Goerke (Yamaha).

Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Event Results, St. Louis:

  1. Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki)
  2. James M. Stewart (Kawasaki)
  3. Chad Reed (Yamaha)
  4. Kevin W. Windham (Honda)
  5. Nathan Ramsey (Yamaha)
  6. David Vuillemin (Honda)
  7. Paul P. Carpenter (Kawasaki)
  8. Heath D. Voss (Honda)
  9. Eric Sorby (Kawasaki)
  10. Cole T. Siebler (Honda)
  11. Kevin W. Johnson (Yamaha)
  12. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki)
  13. Jacob Marsack (Kawasaki)
  14. Kyle Lewis (Honda)
  15. Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
  16. David D. Millsaps (Honda)
  17. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki)
  18. Ryan D. Clark (Honda)
  19. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki)
  20. Joshua Summey (Honda)
  21. Travis A. Preston (Honda)

Amp’d Mobile Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites Event Results, St. Louis:

  1. Ben Townley (Kawasaki)
  2. Ryan Morais (Yamaha)
  3. Matthew C. Goerke (Yamaha)
  4. Mike A. Alessi (KTM)
  5. Broc Oneal Tickle (Yamaha)
  6. Darcy G. Lange (Kawasaki)
  7. Jeff Alessi (KTM)
  8. Ryan Sipes (Honda)
  9. Zach M. Osborne (KTM)
  10. Justin D. Brayton (Yamaha)
  11. Tucker J. Hibbert (Yamaha)
  12. Ricky L. Renner (Honda)
  13. Kyle S. Tobin (Yamaha)
  14. Billy R. Laninovich (Honda)
  15. Justin M. Sipes (Kawasaki)
  16. Thomas L. Hofmaster (Yamaha)
  17. Teddy J. Maier (Honda)
  18. Ryan M. Dungey (Suzuki)
  19. Matt Boni (Kawasaki)
  20. Ronny Jackson (Kawasaki)
  21. Eric Nye (KTM)
  22. Kelly D. Smith (Suzuki)

Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Season Standings:

  1. James M. Stewart (Kawasaki), 210 points
  2. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 191
  3. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki), 149
  4. Kevin W. Windham (Honda), 137
  5. Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki), 116
  6. Michael Byrne (Suzuki), 114
  7. Heath D. Voss (Honda), 107
  8. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki), 103
  9. David Vuillemin (Honda), 101
  10. Travis A. Preston (Honda), 97
  11. Paul P. Carpenter (Kawasaki), 84
  12. Nicholas A. Wey (Honda), 80
  13. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 73
  14. Nathan Ramsey (Yamaha), 67
  15. Tyler Evans (Suzuki), 45
  16. Eric Sorby (Kawasaki), 39
  17. Manuel Rivas (Kawasaki), 37
  18. Joshua Summey (Honda), 34
  19. Cole T. Siebler (Honda), 34
  20. Bryan K. Johnson (Honda), 30

Amp’d Mobile Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites Season Standings:

  1. Ryan Morais (Yamaha), 40 points
  2. Matthew C. Goerke (Yamaha), 40
  3. Darcy G. Lange (Kawasaki), 37
  4. Ryan M. Dungey (Suzuki), 28
  5. Justin D. Brayton (Yamaha), 26
  6. Zach M. Osborne (KTM), 26
  7. Ben Townley (Kawasaki), 25
  8. Ryan Sipes (Honda), 25
  9. Jeff Alessi (KTM), 22
  10. Mike A. Alessi (KTM), 18
  11. Broc Oneal Tickle (Yamaha), 16
  12. Branden L. Jesseman (Yamaha), 16
  13. Billy R. Laninovich (Honda), 16
  14. Matt Boni (Kawasaki), 15
  15. Ricky L. Renner (Honda), 15
  16. Tucker J. Hibbert (Yamaha), 12
  17. Kelly D. Smith (Suzuki), 11
  18. Sean T. Collier (Yamaha), 10
  19. Kyle S. Tobin (Yamaha), 8
  20. Robert S. Kiniry (Kawasaki), 7

Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP Season Standings:

  1. James Stewart (Kawasaki), 254 points
  2. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 236
  3. Tim Ferry (Kawasaki), 186
  4. Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki), 161
  5. David Vuillemin (Honda), 144
  6. Heath Voss (Honda), 137
  7. Michael Byrne (Suzuki), 128
  8. Travis Preston (Honda), 123
  9. Paul Carpenter (Kawasaki), 121
  10. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki), 112
  11. Nicholas Wey (Honda), 108
  12. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 107
  13. Nathan Ramsey (Yamaha), 84
  14. Tyler Evans (Suzuki), 57
  15. Cole T. Siebler (Honda) 53
Source: Press release AMA Motocross
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