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29.04.2007 AMA Supercross Series in Seattle (USA) - Results

Stewart clinches first ever Amp’d Mobile SX Championship

James Stewart Kawasaki clinched his first-ever Amp’d Mobile Supercross Series championship as well as his second Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP title when he captured his 12th win of the season tonight at Qwest Field in front of 47,445 fans. After clinching the Amp’d Mobile Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites championship prior to tonight’s race, Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) closed out the series with his seventh win.
In the AMA Supercross class main event Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki) earned the US$ 1,500 Progressive Direct Holeshot Award and subsequently crashed, causing Chad Reed (Yamaha) to crash into the back of Tedesco’s bike, giving up his second-place position. Reed restarted in last place. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki) Ohio, moved into the lead briefly before Stewart passed him.
James Stewart (Kawasaki) / Photo by: AMA Motocross
James Stewart (Kawasaki) / Photo by: AMA Motocross
Tim Ferry (Kawasaki) stalled his Kawasaki, which allowed Kevin Windham (Honda) and Davi Millsap (Honda) to move past him. Millsaps passed Windham and rode to his first second place finish of the season. Windham finished third.
"It has been a long season," said Stewart. "To have this championship is a dream come true. I have waited for this my entire life. I was nervous all day. I want to thank my team and family for all of their support this year."
Chris Gosselaar (Kawasaki) won the US$ 1,000 Progressive Direct Holeshot Award in the AMA Supercross Lites class main event with Jason Lawrence (Yamaha) on his back wheel through turn one. Josh Hill (Yamaha), who started in third place, pushed his Yamaha into the lead on lap two. Villopoto started in fifth place and made his way into second on lap three.
On lap six Villopoto moved past Hill after the whoop-de-doo section and rode to victory in front of his hometown crowd. Lawrence, who was riding in fourth place, moved past Josh Grant (Honda) and Hill, to secure second place. Lawrence held onto second and Hill finished third.
Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) / Photo by: AMA Motocross
Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) / Photo by: AMA Motocross
"It was great to ride in front of this great crowd," said Villopoto. "I have a lot of family and friends in the stands tonight, and I want to thank them and everyone that has been behind me this year. I am looking forward to Las Vegas next weekend for the East/West Shootout."

Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Event Results, Seattle:

  1. James M. Stewart (Kawasaki)
  2. David D. Millsaps (Honda)
  3. Kevin W. Windham (Honda)
  4. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki)
  5. Andrew T. Short (Honda)
  6. Chad Reed (Yamaha)
  7. Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
  8. David Vuillemin (Honda)
  9. Joshua Summey (Honda)
  10. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki)
  11. Paul P. Carpenter (Kawasaki)
  12. Grant Langston (Yamaha)
  13. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki)
  14. Brock Sellards (Honda)
  15. Robbie L. Reynard (Honda)
  16. Joe Oehlhof (Kawasaki)
  17. Kevin W. Johnson (Yamaha)
  18. Bryan K. Johnson (Honda)
  19. Jacob Saylor (Yamaha)
  20. Kyle Lewis (Honda)

Amp’d Mobile Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites Event Results, Seattle:

  1. Ryan D. Villopoto (Kawasaki)
  2. Jason D. Lawrence (Yamaha)
  3. Joshua R. Hill (Yamaha)
  4. Jake T. Weimer (Honda)
  5. Christopher Gosselaar (Kawasaki)
  6. Michael J. Lapaglia (Yamaha)
  7. Troy K. Adams (Suzuki)
  8. Dusty Klatt (Yamaha)
  9. Kyle B. Cunningham (Yamaha)
  10. Joshua Hansen (KTM)
  11. Adam B. Chatfield (Yamaha)
  12. Ryan Grantom (Yamaha)
  13. Vernon A. Mckiddie (Yamaha)
  14. Gray Davenport (Kawasaki)
  15. Michael L. Willard (KTM)
  16. Jerry Lymburner (Yamaha)
  17. Bradley R. Graham (Kawasaki)
  18. Tyler A. Keefe (Kawasaki)
  19. Joaquim Rodrigues (Kawasaki)
  20. Joshua M. Grant (Honda)
  21. Chris Blose (Yamaha)
  22. Matthew J. Lemoine (Yamaha)

Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series Season Standing:

  1. James M. Stewart (Kawasaki), 360 points
  2. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 312
  3. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki), 261
  4. Kevin W. Windham (Honda), 220
  5. David Vuillemin (Honda), 182
  6. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki), 179
  7. Michael Byrne (Suzuki), 178
  8. Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki), 160
  9. Heath D. Voss (Honda), 148
  10. Paul P. Carpenter (Kawasaki), 135
  11. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 114
  12. Travis A. Preston (Honda), 98
  13. Joshua Summey (Honda), 90
  14. Nicholas A. Wey (Honda), 80
  15. David D. Millsaps (Honda), 78
  16. Nathan Ramsey (Yamaha), 67
  17. Grant Langston (Yamaha), 64
  18. Andrew T. Short (Honda), 61
  19. Eric Sorby (Kawasaki), 57
  20. Cole T. Siebler (Honda), 51

Amp’d Mobile Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites Season Standings:

  1. Ryan D. Villopoto (Kawasaki), 197 points
  2. Jason D. Lawrence (Yamaha), 157
  3. Joshua R. Hill (Yamaha), 128
  4. Jake T. Weimer (Honda), 120
  5. Christopher Gosselaar (Kawasaki), 111
  6. Joshua Hansen (KTM), 98
  7. Joshua M. Grant (Honda), 91
  8. Matthew J. Lemoine (Yamaha), 85
  9. Troy K. Adams (Suzuki), 84
  10. Kyle B. Cunningham (Yamaha), 77
  11. Martin Davalos (KTM), 64
  12. Michael J. Lapaglia (Yamaha), 64
  13. Steve Boniface (Kawasaki), 60
  14. Kyle Partridge (Honda), 56
  15. Dusty Klatt (Yamaha), 54
  16. Christophe Pourcel (Kawasaki), 47
  17. Justin F. Keeney (Kawasaki), 31
  18. Adam B. Chatfield (Yamaha), 28
  19. Michael L. Willard (KTM), 28
  20. Dennis G. Jonon (KTM), 22

Amp’d Mobile World Supercross GP Season Standings:

  1. James Stewart (Kawasaki), 379 points
  2. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 342
  3. Tim Ferry (Kawasaki), 284
  4. David Vuillemin (Honda), 224
  5. Michael Byrne (Suzuki), 198
  6. Ivan Tedesco (Suzuki), 186
  7. Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki), 185
  8. Paul Carpenter (Kawasaki), 183
  9. Heath Voss (Honda), 175
  10. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 164
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