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15.10.2007 U.S. Open in Las Vegas (USA) - Results
Last weekend the Supercross U.S. Open took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (USA).

Chad Reed scores Friday night victory

Yamaha’s Chad Reed won the opening night of the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena, leading all 20 laps in the main event. Reed jumped out to an early lead, winning the Progressive Holeshot Award, part two of the Trifecta bonus program. Following Reed was Yamaha’s Grant Langston and Kawasaki’s Tim Ferry. On lap 4 Honda’s Andrew Short worked his way into the third place position. Langston finished second and Short finished third.
"I learned a lot in my heat race," said Reed. "I pushed my way through the first turn and that made the race easy for me. The holeshot is very important, and I worked hard to get up there. I am looking forward to tomorrow night. I came here to win, and that is my plan."
Chad Reed (Yamaha)
 Photo by:
Chad Reed (Yamaha)
Photo by:
Monster Energy Kawasaki rider James Stewart withdrew after taking part in Friday practice. Stewart felt it would be best to sit out this weekend's race rather than risk re-injuring himself. Stewart cited a lack of adequate prep time after just recently recovering from injuries incurred over the summer.

Open Class Results, Friday:

  1. Chad Reed (Yamaha)
  2. Grant Langston (Yamaha)
  3. Andrew T. Short (Honda)
  4. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki)
  5. Mike A. Alessi (Suzuki)
  6. Josh R. Demuth (Honda)
  7. Dan Reardon (Honda)
  8. Justin D. Brayton (KTM)
  9. Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
  10. Jake T. Weimer (Honda)
  11. Jason W. Thomas (Honda)
  12. Billy R. Laninovich (KTM)
  13. Bryan K. Johnson (Honda)
  14. Heath D. Voss (Honda)

Grant Langston wins Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open US$ 100,000 Check

Friday night’s champion, Chad Reed, needed to win the Progressive Holeshot and the main event Sadurday night to win the US$ 250,000 Trifecta Bonus Award. Earlier in the evening, he captured the superpole, which put him one step closer to the jackpot.
When the gate dropped, the field of 14 riders sprinted to the first turn. Reed, Langston and Tim Ferry tangled in turn one, ending all hopes of winning the US$ 250,000. Weimer won the Progressive Holeshot with fellow Honda rider Josh Demuth in tow.
"I never gave up after that crash," added Langston.
On lap 11 Reed and Honda’s Andrew Short collided and crashed. Upon re-entering the race, Reed crashed again with Langston. Weimer held on for the win, Demuth finished second and Suzuki’s Mike Alessi finished third.
"That was an awesome race," said Weimer. "I crashed last night and made up for it tonight with a great start."
"I was going for the holeshot and went down," said Reed. "Timmy (Ferry) had a bad night last … we race with a lot of emotion and things happen."
Grant Langston (Yamaha)
 Photo by:
Grant Langston (Yamaha)
Photo by:
Although Langston and Reed tied in overall points, Langston was awarded the victory due to his fifth-place finish over Reed’s eighth-place finish tonight. In the two-race format, the results of the second race take precedence over the first race. He won the Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open and winning US$ 100,000.

Open Class Results, Saturday:

  1. Jake T. Weimer (Honda)
  2. Josh R. Demuth (Honda)
  3. Mike A. Alessi (Suzuki)
  4. Dan Reardon (Honda)
  5. Grant Langston (Yamaha)
  6. Justin D. Brayton (KTM)
  7. Andrew T. Short (Honda)
  8. Chad Reed (Yamaha)
  9. Heath D. Voss (Honda)
  10. Jason W. Thomas (Honda)
  11. Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
  12. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki)
  13. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki)

Open Class Results Overall Results:

  1. Grant Langston (Yamaha), 38 points
  2. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 38
  3. Josh R. Demuth (Honda), 37
  4. Jake T. Weimer (Honda), 36
  5. Mike A. Alessi (Suzuki), 36
  6. Andrew T. Short (Honda), 34
  7. Dan Reardon (Honda), 32
  8. Justin D. Brayton (KTM), 28
  9. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki), 27
  10. Michael Byrne (Suzuki), 22
  11. Jason W. Thomas (Honda), 21
  12. Heath D. Voss (Honda), 19
  13. Bryan K. Johnson (Honda), 15
  14. Billy R. Laninovich (KTM), 9
  15. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 8
  16. Joe Oehlhof (Kawasaki), 0
  17. Eric Sorby (Kawasaki), 0
  18. Tyler Bowers (Yamaha), 0
  19. Jacob Marsack (Honda), 0
  20. Chris Blose (Honda), 0
  21. Kevin W. Johnson (Yamaha), 0
  22. Branden L. Jesseman (Suzuki), 0
  23. Brock Sellards (Kawasaki), 0
  24. Tyler D. Medaglia (Suzuki), 0
  25. Thomas L. Hofmaster (Yamaha), 0
  26. Jim Neese (Suzuki), 0
  27. Leighton T. Lillie (Honda), 0
  28. Ryan D. Clark (Honda), 0
  29. Jeff Alessi (Honda), 0
  30. Jerry Lymburner (Yamaha), 0
  31. Kyle S. Tobin (Honda), 0
  32. Kyle B. Cunningham (Honda), 0
  33. Cole T. Siebler (Honda), 0
  34. Christopher Gosselaar (Honda), 0
  35. James M. Stewart (Kawasaki), 0
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