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06.04.2008 AMA Supercross Series in Irving (USA) - Results

Chad Reed flies to win at Monster Energy Supercross in Irving

Yamaha’s Chad Reed picked up his eighth win of the season at tonight’s Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship before 46,656 fans at Texas Stadium. Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto, won the AMA Supercross Lites class main event.
Chad Reed (Yamaha) / Photo by: Yamaha Racing
Chad Reed (Yamaha) / Photo by: Yamaha Racing
Kawasaki’s Travis Preston won the US$ 1,500 Progressive Direct Holeshot Award but it was the Yamaha’s of Reed and Josh Hill, of Yoncalla, Ore., who took over the top two positions on lap two. With Reed slowly pulling away, the battle was left to Hill and the Honda’s of Davi Millsaps and Kevin Windham. The trio would battle to the finish, with Hill taking second and Millsaps edging out Windham for third.
The win was Reed’s fourth at Texas Stadium and 34th AMA Supercross victory of his career.
"I feel like I’ve given a lot of wins away this year so I just wanted to go out here and put in a good ride," said Reed. "I tried to get to the front as quick as possible and let those guys fight it out. This was a track that you had to stay on your toes and watch to not make mistakes."

AMA Supercross Series Event Results, Irving:

  1. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 25 points
  2. Joshua R. Hill (Yamaha), 22
  3. David D. Millsaps (Honda), 20
  4. Kevin W. Windham (Honda), 18
  5. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki), 16
  6. Andrew T. Short (Honda), 15
  7. Charles J. Summey (Yamaha), 14
  8. Paul P. Carpenter (Honda), 13
  9. Troy K. Adams (Honda), 12
  10. Travis A. Preston (Kawasaki), 11
  11. Nathan Ramsey (Yamaha), 10
  12. Heath D. Voss (Honda), 9
  13. Jason W. Thomas (Honda), 8
  14. Nicholas A. Wey (KTM), 7
  15. Eric Sorby (Honda), 6
  16. Dusty Klatt (Kawasaki), 5
  17. Antonio Balbi (Honda), 4
  18. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 3
  19. Bryan K. Johnson (Honda), 2
  20. Keith R. Johnson (Yamaha), 1

AMA Supercross Series Season Standing:

  1. Chad Reed (Yamaha), 287 points
  2. Kevin W. Windham (Honda), 260
  3. Andrew T. Short (Honda), 205
  4. David D. Millsaps (Honda), 204
  5. Joshua R. Hill (Yamaha), 173
  6. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki), 167
  7. Nathan Ramsey (Yamaha), 147
  8. David Vuillemin (Suzuki), 123
  9. Paul P. Carpenter (Honda), 120
  10. Nicholas A. Wey (KTM), 117
  11. Charles J. Summey (Yamaha), 107
  12. Heath D. Voss (Honda), 89
  13. Troy K. Adams (Honda), 72
  14. Eric Sorby (Honda), 70
  15. Mike A. Alessi (Suzuki), 69
  16. Travis A. Preston (Kawasaki), 66
  17. Jacob Marsack (Honda), 65
  18. Jason W. Thomas (Honda), 64
  19. Ivan Tedesco (Honda), 53
  20. Ryan M. Dungey (Suzuki), 51
  21. James Stewart (Kawasaki), 47
  22. Joshua Hansen (Yamaha), 46
  23. Jeff Gibson (Kawasaki), 40
  24. Grant Langston (Yamaha), 38
  25. Bryan K. Johnson (Honda), 32
Honda’s Josh Grant grabbed the US$ 1,000 Progressive Direct Holeshot Award to start the 15-lap AMA Supercross Lites main event, while Villopoto gave close chase in second. Grant held the lead for the first two laps before a bobble handed over the lead to a charging Villopoto. Once out front, Villopoto avoided lapped traffic and cruised to victory, his second of the season. Grant was second and KTM’s Martin Davalos was third.
Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki / Photo by: AMA Motocross
Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki / Photo by: AMA Motocross
Points leader Trey Canard got tangled up in first-lap traffic and dropped to the back of the pack. He quickly remounted and turned in a championship-saving ride en route to a remarkable fourth place finish. He now holds a XX-point lead over Villopoto.
"Josh and I had a good race going there for a while and I think he stalled his bike in the corner there and I got around him," said Villopoto. "(Trey) had a whole race lead on me (in the points coming into this race). I was hoping for that mistake. He didn’t have a very good race tonight and that’s what I need. I need some help to get back in this points race. I have try and win, get good starts and try and make that points gap smaller heading into Detroit."

Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites Event Results, Irving:

  1. Ryan D. Villopoto (Kawasaki), 25 points
  2. Joshua M. Grant (Honda), 22
  3. Martin Davalos (KTM), 20
  4. Trey G. Canard (Honda), 18
  5. Tyler T. Bowers (Yamaha), 16
  6. Ryan Morais (Yamaha), 15
  7. Nico A. Izzi (Suzuki), 14
  8. Branden L. Jesseman (Kawasaki), 13
  9. Matthew C. Goerke (KTM), 12
  10. Billy R. Payne (Honda), 11
  11. Gray Davenport (Kawasaki), 10
  12. Travis L. Sewell (Suzuki), 9
  13. Kyle P. Chisholm (Kawasaki), 8
  14. Justin M. Sipes (Suzuki), 7
  15. Roberto Castro (Kawasaki), 6
  16. Jack Carpenter (Honda), 5
  17. Justin Buckelew (Kawasaki), 4
  18. Zach T. Ames (Honda), 3
  19. Kyle D. Keylon (Honda), 2
  20. Sean L. Hackley (Suzuki), 1

Eastern Regional AMA Supercross Lites Season Standings:

  1. Trey G. Canard (Honda), 111 points
  2. Ryan D. Villopoto (Kawasaki), 94
  3. Martin Davalos (KTM), 73
  4. Joshua M. Grant (Honda), 69
  5. Nico A. Izzi (Suzuki), 68
  6. Ryan Sipes (KTM), 67
  7. Tyler T. Bowers (Yamaha), 61
  8. Ben Coisy (Honda), 53
  9. Billy R. Payne (Honda), 53
  10. Branden L. Jesseman (Kawasaki), 52
  11. Ryan Morais (Yamaha), 46
  12. Matthew C. Goerke (KTM), 34
  13. Matt Boni (Honda), 30
  14. Kyle P. Chisholm (Kawasaki), 30
  15. Jake Moss (Yamaha), 28
  16. Kyle Partridge (Honda), 27
  17. Jimmy Albertson (Suzuki), 26
  18. Travis L. Sewell (Suzuki), 25
  19. William A. Browning (Suzuki), 17
  20. Ricky L. Renner (Kawasaki), 16
  21. Phillip J. Nicoletti (Kawasaki), 15
  22. Shane M. Sewell (Kawasaki), 13
  23. Justin M. Sipes (Suzuki), 11
  24. Gray Davenport (Kawasaki), 10
  25. Nathan H. Skaggs (Honda), 9
Source: Press release
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