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18.01.2009 AMA Supercross Series in Anaheim (USA) - Results

Stewart races to second win in a row as Reed moves into points lead

Before 43,009 fans at Angel Stadium, Team San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart won his second consecutive Monster Energy® AMA Supercross race. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Chad Reed moved into the AMA Supercross class points lead with a valiant come-from-behind race where he started in 20th and finished second. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey won his second consecutive Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites class race.
James Stewart (Yamaha) / Photo by: AMA Supercross
James Stewart (Yamaha) / Photo by: AMA Supercross
GEICO Powersports Honda’s Kevin Windham led the AMA Supercross class through turn one as he picked up the holeshot award. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Mike Alessi and JGRMX/Yamaha/Toyota’s Josh Grant followed in second and third respectively. Defending champion Reed started in 20th place after a first turn crash and Stewart was near the middle of the pack.
"I was somewhere in the top five off the start and someone took me out," said Reed.
After two laps, Stewart made his way into fourth place, and by lap six his was in third place. By lap eight Stewart held down second place and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto was third. Out front, Windham was unable to hold off Stewart, who made the pass for the lead on lap 10.
"I didn’t get the greatest start," said Stewart. "It was a freight train out front, but I was able to get around (Kevin) Windham and Ryan (Villopoto). I came up short on the triple jump and lost my back brake for a few laps."
Podium Class Supercross / Photo by: AMA Supercross
Podium Class Supercross / Photo by: AMA Supercross
On lap 18 Reed moved into second place and chased down Windham on the last lap to finish second.
"I tried to play damage control tonight," added Reed. "It was a super difficult track to pass on. We have the points lead now, so I am so excited. Our team has been working their butts off, and I am confident. I tried to be smart for 20 laps. I knew these guys would get tired, so I kept my head down and charged hard."

AMA Supercross Class Results, Anaheim:

  1. James M. Stewart (Yamaha) 25 points
  2. Chad Reed (Suzuki) 22
  3. Kevin W. Windham (Honda) 20
  4. Ryan D. Villopoto (Kawasaki) 18
  5. Joshua M. Grant (Yamaha) 16
  6. Andrew T. Short (Honda) 15
  7. Ivan Tedesco (Honda) 14
  8. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki) 13
  9. Mike A. Alessi (Suzuki) 12
  10. David D. Millsaps (Honda) 11
  11. Paul P. Carpenter (Kawasaki) 10
  12. Joshua R. Hill (Yamaha) 9
  13. Nicholas A. Wey (Yamaha) 8
  14. Heath D. Voss (Honda) 7
  15. Troy K. Adams (Honda) 6
  16. Steve Boniface (Honda) 5
  17. Ben Coisy (Honda) 4
  18. Sean D. Hamblin (Yamaha) 3
  19. Robert S. Kiniry (Kawasaki) 2
  20. Matt Boni (Honda) 1

AMA Supercross Class Season Standings:

  1. Chad Reed (Suzuki), 64 points
  2. Joshua M. Grant (Yamaha), 61
  3. Andrew T. Short (Honda), 53
  4. James M. Stewart (Yamaha), 52
  5. Ryan D. Villopoto (Kawasaki), 48
  6. Ivan Tedesco (Honda), 47
  7. Timmy M. Ferry (Kawasaki), 43
  8. Kevin W. Windham (Honda), 41
  9. Mike A. Alessi (Suzuki), 32
  10. David D. Millsaps (Honda), 31
  11. Paul P. Carpenter (Kawasaki), 29
  12. Joshua R. Hill (Yamaha), 27
  13. Nicholas A. Wey (Yamaha), 26
  14. Heath D. Voss (Honda), 21
  15. Ben Coisy (Honda), 17
  16. Charles J. Summey (KTM), 10
  17. Robert S. Kiniry (Kawasaki), 10
  18. Matt Boni (Honda), 9
  19. Steve Boniface (Honda), 9
  20. Cole T. Siebler (Honda), 8
  21. Troy K. Adams (Honda) 8
  22. Travis A. Preston (KTM) 7
  23. Joshua Hansen (Honda) 4
  24. Sean D. Hamblin (Yamaha) 3
  25. Daniel M. Blair (Honda) 3
Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Ryan Morais jumped out of the gate to win the holeshot award in the AMA Supercross Lites class main event. Following in second and third place were GEICO Powersports Honda’s Dan Reardon and Dungey respectively.
Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) vs. Ryan Morais (Kawasaki)
 Photo by: AMA SUpercross
Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) vs. Ryan Morais (Kawasaki)
Photo by: AMA SUpercross
Dungey, who came into tonight’s race with the points lead, made his move around Reardon on lap two and set chase on Morais. At the start of lap four Dungey secured the lead and rode to victory and extended his points lead to six points. Morais finished second and his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammate Jake Weimer finished third.
"It was a great ride," said Dungey. "I heard the fans every step of the way. The track played out really good for us. This is really enjoyable. We have a two week break in the Lites class, so we can go back and work hard and show up prepared for the next race."

Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites Class Results, Anaheim:

  1. Ryan M. Dungey (Suzuki) 25 points
  2. Ryan Morais (Kawasaki) 22
  3. Jake T. Weimer (Kawasaki) 20
  4. Jason D. Lawrence (Yamaha) 18
  5. Chris Blose (Honda) 16
  6. Dan Reardon (Honda) 15
  7. Justin D. Brayton (KTM) 14
  8. Kyle B. Cunningham (Kawasaki) 13
  9. Michael L. Hall (Yamaha) 12
  10. P. J. Larsen (Kawasaki) 11
  11. Ryan Sipes (KTM) 10
  12. Jeff Alessi (Honda) 9
  13. Eric J. McCrummen (Honda) 8
  14. Ben D. Evans (Honda) 7
  15. Ryan D. Clark (Honda) 6
  16. Michael J. Sleeter (KTM) 5
  17. Scott C. Champion (Honda) 4
  18. Shaun J. Skinner (Honda) 3
  19. Michael J. Lapaglia (Suzuki) 2
  20. Sean T. Collier (Yamaha) 0

Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites Class Season Standings:

  1. Ryan M. Dungey (Suzuki), 70 points
  2. Ryan Morais (Kawasaki), 64
  3. Jake T. Weimer (Kawasaki), 63
  4. Justin D. Brayton (KTM), 50
  5. Chris Blose (Honda), 50
  6. Ryan Sipes (KTM), 39
  7. Jason Lawrence (Yamaha), 34
  8. Ben D. Evans (Honda), 31
  9. Dan Reardon (Honda), 28
  10. P. J. Larsen (Kawasaki) 26
  11. Jeff Alessi (Honda), 22
  12. Cedric Soubeyras (Yamaha), 18
  13. Ryan D. Clark (Honda), 17
  14. Adam B. Chatfield (Honda), 17
  15. Eric J. McCrummen (Honda) 16
  16. Shaun J. Skinner (Honda), 16
  17. Michael J. Sleeter (KTM), 15
  18. Kyle B. Cunningham (Kawasaki) 14
  19. Michael L. Hall (Yamaha) 12
  20. Christopher Gosselaar (Kawasaki), 11
  21. Cole Seely (Suzuki) 10
  22. Sean D. Borkenhagen (Honda), 9
  23. Trey G. Canard (Honda), 7
  24. Alex J. Martin (Honda) 5
  25. Scott C. Champion (Honda) 4
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