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National MX News : AMU Continental Chamionship
03.06.2009 Full Throttle AMU MX-Championship of African Nations

Introducing riders from Morocco, Uganda and Kenya

The regsitration of riders is finished and the WMCC (Windhoek Moto Cross Club) is proud to announce that more than 100 riders from 9 different nations, racing under 7 different flags, will participate in the 2009 continental Championship, to be held in Namibia. The event at Gallina Motocross Park starts on 27th June with the time practising on the newly designed racetrack. Here the spectators can watch real racing already in the MX 1 and MX 2 Class, afterwards the well known party starts, some will say afterwards "the hell broke loose", when live band "Final Chapter" will rock the fans, supported by Gallina’s very own DJ-CoCo afterwards. This is an excellent chance to meet riders under the beer-barn at Gallina.
Today we start to introduce some of the riders. The organiser made it very easy to sign the contract, all the riders had to do was to fill in the questionaire. Most did, unfortunatel not all. The riders from Morocco left us with the following information:
In the MX 2 Class the following riders will race in Namibia Soulaymani Halim, born 1973; and Achraf Mbarek, born 1978. Greetings Laraichi Abdallah. Sorry, that is all we know about the representatives from Morocco.
Soulaymani Halim
Soulaymani Halim
And here is what we received from Uganda: Tamale Ahmed is 20 years old has been riding with the Uganda Moto-X Club for about 4 years. He rides in the MX 2 Class and is currently standing 1st overall in the Uganda National Motocross Championship. His hope is to get a bike that doesn’t break down so much, so he could come first in the Championship. Here the WMCC promises, that Ahmed will get a 100% tuned bike, don’t worry, it won’t break!
Ahmed gets accompanied by Fatuh Kiggundu. Kiggundu is eleven years old and has been riding with the Ugandan MX-Club for about 3 years. He rides in the 65cc Class and is currently standing 2nd overall in the Uganda National Motocross Championship. His ambition is to become the African James Stewart (The Afro-American Supercross Worldchampion 2009).
Kenya gets represented by Tutu Maina from Nairobi. Tutu was born on 23rd January 1995 and carry’s a “rucksack” of achievements. He was national Champion in the 50cc Class, 65cc Class and 85cc Class and is currently standing in 2nd position in the Kenyan National Motocross Championship. He will represent his country in the 85cc Class.
Only one of the aforementioned countries supplied the organiser with the requested photos, unfortunately. Nevertheless we welcome these riders from far and guarantee an unforgetable mx-experience in beautiful Namibia.
Author: Bernd Kroemer ... [back]
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